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Gerard's parents come over for dinner, and Gerard learns something about Nicole

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I awoke in Gerards arms, god he was so warm, i just looked into his eyes and took in his features, he had the nicest lips, cutest nose,amazing jaw structure and he had a gorgeous body, and then i just stared outside the window, i was thinking whether i should tell him i was a virgin, thats it when he gets up i'm going to tell him,i have stressed over this so much.
"babe, whats wrong, you look scared?" he was yawning,'so sexy'
"i uh, have to tell you something, and please when i tell you, your not gonna freak out and leave me"
"okay, you have me scared"
"i'm uh,uhm Gerard i'm a virgin still" he looked a little shocked, but i think he understood,
"hey, its alright you know, your only 15-"
"gerard, but your not"
"hey, izabella was only using me for the sex, and she thought it would be a good idea for us to do it, but now i wished i never had done it" He snuggled close into me and moved my hair out of my face,
"is that what you wanted to tell me, and you were stressed out about?"
"well yes"
"hey, when we choose to have sex, i will make it worth your while,and i will try not to hurt you, okay?"
"well thats sweet, hey you now how i'm meant to be having having dinner at your house tonight, i suggested to my mum, that your family could come around for dinner and my mum can connect with you"
"aww, cool"
"well,i cant be bothered going for a shower so can we just lay here for a while"
"well i only have the clothes from last night, and they are clean,but i think you should have a shower becuase you have been crying and probably sweating"
"you calling me stinky?"
"no, your my stinky"
"thats it, tickle fight" i had hoped on top of him and started tickling him,
"ple-" i had now fully tickled his stomach, he was squirming, and it was funny watching him,
"babe, stop"
"whats the magic word?"
"i dunno"
"say it"
"PLEASE!" i had now gotten of him, and searched my drawer for something to wear, i had pulled out a pair of denim skinny legs and a spotty yellow shirt.
" did you know that, i really love your underwear" i had just remembered that i was in bra and undies,
"well thank-you, but i have to get some new ones"
"lets go shopping tomorrow, and spend the whole day together"
"cool, sonds like a plan, but all day sunday i have to do homework, got a load of it"
"okay, but first we need to get through this day of school"
"yes, now i'm going for my shower, dont go downstairs without me, cause my mum and Craig will flip"
"oki dokey"

I walked into my bedroom, and found gerard had made my bed, and cleaned my room,plus he was now fully dressed.
"you know you didnt have to make my bed and clean my room"
"well i was waiting and got bored"
"come on, lets go downstairs and you can call your mum and ask about tonight, cause mum will be out there aswell,"
We walked downstairs and found no mum neither craig, which was awesome, so no-one knew gerard had slept the night,
"Nicole,Gerard morning" i turned around to see Lisa sitting in the lounge room,
"morning, wait, arent you meant to be at school?"
"oh, school got canceled for today, so Jess and I are going shopping, and mum told us to be home around 6, because we are having company, i turned around and gave gerard the thumbs up, he just giggled.
"what, whats going on tonight?"
"oh, The Ways are coming over for dinner"
"haha,trying to get mum to like Gerard"
"its the only plan i have thought of"
"well its a good idea, wish you luck"
"thanx, Gerard the phone is over there you can call your mum if you want"
"where is mum and graig?"
"mum is getting dressed her and graig are going out for today with franks mum and dad, what are you too love birds doing?"
"well, we have no idea now, i think i might be catching up with my homewor-"
"come on nicole, dont be a nerd, go out today, do homework sunday its what its built for"
"fine then" i heard Gerard say bye on the phone, and walked over to him and gave him a hug,
"what did she say?"
"she said that would be okay, and she asked what to bring and what time"
"oh well i'm sure we will see her later and i can give her the time and she doesnt need to bring anything, but herself"
"cool, i'm really hungry"
"uhm, we can have toasted cheese ?"
We were sitting at the table discussing what to do today,
"maybe we should go shopping and get some new underwear for ya?"
"well thats a good idea, and tomorrow we could catch up with the guys, like spend time at the beach or something?"
"yes, you are smart"
"why thank you" Just then mum and craig walked through, and they both looked in a good mood,
"good morning Nicole, Gerard, so i guess you know school is cancelled"
"yes mum, we know"
"thats good, and Lisa has told you that Gerard's parents are staying for dinner"
"yes, and thank you"
"your welcome, well craig and i have to go now, be home before 6 okay?"
"that goes for you too lisa"
"yes mum, i'm going shopping with jess, but first i have to have a shower"
Mum and craig had walked out the door, and gerard and i were on the way to the shops, We arrived at 11:30am, and gerard had guideded me to Bra and Things, and we looked at all the stuff in there,
"hey babe, these are hot" he had pointed to a pair of Elmo bras,
"haha, maybe i should try them on"
"hey, you need a whole collection" He had chosen 3 more bras, and some matching underwear, i came out of the change room, and saw gerard waiting for me at the counter, We payed for our stuff, and i had found a photobooth,
"gerard lets get out pictures taken, please"
"okay" we walked into the booth, and i payed for the first lot, on the first photo i was kissing Gerards cheek,the second photo gerard and i were hugging really close, on the one that gerard had paid for, we chose to do silly ones, Gerard and i had both our tongues out, and the other one we were back to back and our hands were like guns.
"these look great,you know you are beautiful"
"why thank you, you are gorgeous aswell"
It was now 4:30 and we had gone back to gerards house, and told his mum about the details, and gerard wanted to have a shower,
"hello Donna"
"oh, hello Nicole, wasnt expecting to see you till tonight"
"haha, well gerard wanted a shower, and i thought i would come around and give you the address and details"
"well mum, i'm going to have a shower, and i will see you later nicole"
"bye" i walked over to sit at the table to were Donna was sitting
"so, oh yes, details you dont need to bring anything, and mum said to come around 6 or earlier"
"thats good, and gerard knows where you live, so he'll just tell us where to go"
"cool, well i might go now, as i have to get ready and help mum with dinner"
"okay love, bye"
"see you, oh and could you ask mikey to bring his ipod around, cause i havnt seen him all day?"
"yes will do, see you"

I was now in my room stressing it was 5:30,'god, what if mum doesn like them, argh this is going to be so complicated' i got up and looked at myself in the mirror, i was wearing a skirt from supre,tights underneath, and a grey loose singlet type shirt that had a few holes in it(it was meant to have holes in it, it wasnt old) i walked downstairs, and found Lisa helping mum,Jess setting the table but there was no Craig.
"mum, where is Craig?"
"well, he has to work late, but he will be here around dessert"
"mum, i really wanted him to get to know them aswell"
"Nicole, he said he was sor-" the phone started to ring, i bolted to it, but tripped on the way, i heard Jess laugh, but i just flipped her off.
'oh hello nicole, its Craig here just ringing to tell you, that i managed to get off work early and will be there shortly'
'yes!' i got a few glares from mum, but quickly told her it was Craig and she understood,
'so, i will see you soon'
'yup bye'
"Jess set another setting for Craig cause he is coming"
"yup, will do"
All of a sudden the door bell had rung, and i ran to it, i opened the door and saw the Way's and even Mikey was there'yay i thought to myself'
"hi they all said"
"come in,"
I walked them to the kitchen, and they all said there hello's and were talking, by now they were sitting at the table, and craig had walked through,
"sorry i'm late, had an emergency at work"
I had told Gerard and Mikey to come up to my room, cause i wanted the parents to bond,
"so, how do you think its going?"
"i think good, well for one Craig is here, he is the main one i wanted them to get to know"
"yer i know what you mean"
"mikey you have been silent all the time, whats wrong?" i had asked him, he looked a little pale,
"i was just looking around your room, i see you and Gee went into the photo booths?"
"yes" we both said in unison,
"listen kiddies, i have to go to the toilet, will be back"
"roger doger" he walked out laughing,Mikey came up and sat on the bed where gerard was just sitting,
"so gerard tells me, you are still a virgin?"
"what,when did he tell you?"
"dont be mad, we share everything, dont worry i am still aswell"
"oh okay"
"listen please be careful with him, Since you have been going out with him, i've seen Izabella look at him, i think she wants him back, but dont worry cause frank has been keeping an eye on her, and every time she trys and talks to him, he tells her to fuck off, because he doesnt have time for crap like you"
"aww, sweet"
"we have your back girl"
"cool" Gerard had walked in, and told us that dinner was ready and we had to go downstairs, we walked downstairs and found our place settings,
"how are you guys getting along?" i had to ask, it was stressing me out,Mum was the first to speak,
"well we are having lunch tomorrow,so you can relax now"
"hey, how did you know i was stressing,?"
"nicole you are my daughter" Lisa and Jess were just laughing, i kicked them under the table and they shut up,Things were well, i helped cleaned the table, and let Gerard and Mum get to know eachother, it was going really good, i think mum had asked him if he would like to stay the night, and i was looking throught he glass to see Donna's face, she seemed cool with it, and he said yes,
"SCORE!" 'shit i just said that at loud' everyone was looking at me,
"i just remembered i had some extra money, in my pink bag"
"okay honey, why were you thinking of money?"
"i just needed some money, cause i had put some stuff on lay-by today"
"okay then" i was still looking through the glass, i had a funny feeling mum knew what i was talking about.

It was now 10:00pm and everyone had left, except for gerard and we were now in my room laying on the bed talking about dinner, i just remembered i had to ask mikey for his ipod
"oh crap"
"i forgot to ask mikey if i could borrow his ipod"
"oh yer, he gave it to me, during dessert" he reached in his pocket and grabbed it out,
"here it is"
"aww thank you" i grabbed it out of his hands and put it in my speakers, to let it charge,
"arent you gonna look at his music?"
"i shall do it tomorrow"
"okies" Gerard had grabbed his pj's from his mum, when she dropped them around before,and he changed into them,
"awww, no boxers tonight"
"well i can for you?" he gave me a smirk,
"did you really have to ask?"
"he got out of his pj's and just left his boxers on,
"now that i'm in my boxers, you change into yours?"
"oh, should i wear my new underwear you chose for me?"
"yes please"
"right, turn around mr and let me change" He turned around and i quickly changed into my elmo bra and undies.
"they look awesome" he turned around and chucked a pillow at me,
"owww, that hurt"
"come here,let me kiss it better" i walked over to the bed and let him kiss my nose,
"hey Gee, when will we have sex?"
"mmm, well not tonight i'm too tired"
"yes me too, but when?"
"you really want to dont you?"
"nah, just wondering, maybe the weekend, i dunno, when the mood hits"
"okay then"
Once again i fell asleep in gerard's arms and we were snuggled together.

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