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its a party over at the ways!

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It's now Saturday,and Nicole was asleep with Gerard, she couldnt be more happier she was with the guy she loved, until her mum woke them up,
"Nicole,Gerard breakfast is ready if you want some"
"eh! we'll grab something later"
"okay, dont be too long, wake up your sisters when you decide you decide to get up, oh and Craig and i are going out, so call me around lunch time, if you are going out"
"okay mum, bye" she walked off, and i turned around to face Gerard, he just stared at me,
"what,whats wrong"
"oh nothing, just admiring you"
"why thank you" He pulled me close into him and we just snuggled, i couldnt see the sun through the blinds so it must be cloudy,
"Gee, let me open the blinds"
"cause i like looking outside in the morning"
"ok" I got up and opened them, it was raining, it looked like we were gonna get a thunderstorm,
"babe, you look gorgeous"
"your just saying that" He started patting the spot that i was sleeping on,
"no i'm not, now come here" I walked over to where he was and sat down,
"you are beautiful,i'm sorry babe but today i gotta go home, and get the party ready"
"what party?"
"didnt i tell you, well the guys are coming around say lunch time and we are going out, then coming back to my house,and drinking watching some movies and shit like that"
"oh, just the guys?"
"dont you wonna come?"
"well when you said the gu-"
"i meant you aswell" as he said that he pulled me into a hug,
"hey before you go can we talk about David, and what he did, the only people who know are my sisters i was way to scared to tell my mum she would've gone up to him and started abusing him"
"okay, you have to start from the start, cause i need to know what he did to you"
"well it all started back in Australia, when i was year 7, this guy David was in my class and we were really good friends,best friends if you want to put it like that,anway we were walking home one day and decided to take adv-" i couldnt look gerard at this point, it killed be even tell this story to my sisters but i had too, he needed to know,
"go on" he edged me to go on, i could tell by his eyes,
"well as i was saying he took advantage of me, he pushed me into the bushes,and started kissing me, i just thought it was a kiss until he pushed me to the floor,and then he was on top of me my school shirt was ripped, i tired yelling but h just slapped me,he started licking my stomach, i felt his hands on my jeans he was unbuttoning them but i was able to knee him in the crotch and he rolled over, i quickly did up my jeans and ran as fast as i could home,i waited for Lisa to get home,and i told her everything and she was so understanding i never underestimate her" gerard was just looking at me, almost in tears,
"i cant beleive that"
"and then when Lisa metioned the note i thought it was for him saying sorry, but it wasnt, i really hope he sufers as much as i did" he pulled me into a hug again and,grabbed the end of my chin so i was facing him, he kissed my lips,
"babe, if i ever found that fucker he will die for what he did"
"yer, and when Harley was following frank and i the other day, all i could keep thinking off was David"
"well you have extra protection around here, cause you have us guys, i'm sorry to run out babe, but i really do have to go"
"okay, call me when you want me to come around" i watched him change into his clothes, i walked him to the front door,and said our goodbyes,
"oh frank will pick you up okay, and dont forget mikeys ipod?"
"dont worry, i wont, i shall have a look at it after i've had a shower"
"see you later" i watched him leave, and went into my room, it was such a mess, i cleaned it the best i could,had some breakfast, showered and i was on the computer going through my music, until my mobile started going off, i ran into my room to get it, it was my mum,
"hey honey"
"hey mum"
"is gerard still there?"
"nope he left an hour ago,"
"why so early?"
"oh hes having the guys around,and he had to leave early"
"oh okay then, well what have you got planned today?"
"oh crap, mum i forgot to wake Lisa and Jess up, let me just go wake them up"
"you WHAT!"
"i'm sorry, i was just too busy cleaning my room, i will do it now"
"at least you were doing something and not on the computer" i put the mobile down, and went to wake up my sisters, i knocked onto Jess's door first, no answer, i just walked in, not going through what happened the other day,
"wakey wakey" i opened the blinds up, and she was curled up in a ball in her bed,
"GET UP!" i pushed her and got the pillow and was about to bash her with it,
"dont you even dare, i'm up"
"okay, i shall go wake Lisa up" Lisa's room was awesome she had posters everywhere, and her room was medium size, with dark purple walls,
"lisa you up?"
"now i am, can you open the blinds, i want to see what the weather looks like?"
"yup" i opened them up for her, she got blinded though,
"okay thanks chicken" i walked back to my mobile, mum was still on the line
'i'm back'
'what you got planned for today?'
'well i was planning to go to the party at gerard's'
'i dont see why not, you coming home?'
'i dunno, i will call you at say 4'
'okay bye' she had hung back, i went back into the computer room to finish what i was doing,
'what are you doing Nic?" asked a very sleepy Jess,
"i'm just going through some music, and my myspace"
"okay, leave the computer on, i wonna use it after you"
"k, bye"
I was finished on the computer when a knock was at the door,
"hey" it was frank,
"hey hey, party is gonna start soon, you coming?"
"yup, my mum said yes"
"yay, lets go"
"let me grab my stuff, come in"
"okay" he had walked in and followed me up to my room, and looked through my stuff,
"ah! i see you and gee went to the photobooth"
"yer it was awesome"
"haha,you took him shopping"
"cool,was it fun?, oh wait did you tell him about you still a virgin?"
"yes it was fun, and yes i told him, and he was cool with it, he said it was normal for girls my age, and he was very supportive and told me about Izabella, basiclly the stuff you told me"
"well thats good to know, have you 2 done it yet"
"shhhh, my sisters are still in the house"
"oh sorry, but have you?"
"no, not yet, he says he wants to be perfect for me"
"awww, that sounds like him"
"haha, i'm ready lets go"
"otay!" we walked downstairs i left a note for lisa and Jess to tell them where i was, and told them to call me on my mobile, if there was any troube.

I was in gee's room, waiting for everyone to arrive, he of was in the shower and had no idea, frank and i were here, i heard the bathroom door open he was walking towards his room, he opened his door and he only had a towel around his waist(HOT!)
"ah, shit! Nic, i didnt know you were here"
"haha, well i'm here"
"cool, let me change"
"sure" i just sat on his bed,
"well turn around"
"there is no fun then?"
"please, i'm freezing"
"okay, but one day i will see you naked"
"yes you will and trust me it will be worth your while, NOW TURN!" i turned around so i was facing his wall, and just layed down.
"all done"
"cool, come on lets see if anyone else has arrived, where are we going today?"
"well its not good whether so i just decided to stay home, much easier"
"okies" I was the first one downstairs and i found Mikey,Frank,Bob sitting on the couch with bags,but there was no ray.
"hey guys, whats with all the bags?"
"well you cant have a party without food and drinks"
"true true"
"hey guys" gee had just walked through
"wheres ray?"
"he shall be here later, just had to help his mum with something"
"oh okay,lets get it started"
"gee what are we gonna do?" i asked him,
"well first we are gonna watch movies,and then maybe play a game or something"
It was now 2:30 we had just finished watching finding nemo,
"haha, dory cracks me up" i had to say that, cause she does,
"yes yes, she does lets watch another movie please gee" asked a very hypo frank and mikey,
"well yes, but first i'm gonna call ray and see where he is"
"okay, i shall come aswell"
Bob and Gee were now in the front room, calling ray, and it was just Frank,Mikey and Me,
"sooo" i looked at mikey and frank when i said this,
"anyone up for more skittles?" Mikey jumped up and raced frank to the kitchen were the skittles were, i decided to cal mum, even though it was 2:30,
'hey mum'
'hey, whats wrong?'
'nothing,just to say that i'm at gerard and mikeys'
'oh okay then, you having fun'
'well you can stay the night if ya want becuase Craig and i are gonna be out tonight aswell, no point you kids staying home'
'cool, i shall just tell gee'
'okay' i went to find gerard and found him,
"hey gee, i can sleep tonight"
"cool, do you want me to come with you?"
"what do you mean?"
"when you go and get your clothes and stuff"
"na!, its okay, i can do it by myself"
"i might go now, okay?"
"okay, be careful"
"will do"
I was now at the front talking to mum, and then she had to go, it was just me alone, walking the streets, when i felt someone following me, i turned around but no-one was there i turned t the front again, and there was Harley,
"what the fuck?"
"sorry, didnt mean to scare you"
"well you did, what do you want?"
"welll...." he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the park, that was near-by,
"what the hell do you think you are doi-"
"i just wonna see you, without gerard being on my back"
"what do you mean" he had pushed his lips up against mine,
"get off me!"
"no, you are so fucken pretty"
"so, dont kiss me!" i tried to slap me, but he had caught my wrist and pushed me to the floor, still having hold of me wrist,
"NO WAY!, LET GO!!" i screamed but no one could hear me, he punched me in the stomach and let go of my wrist,
"oowww!!, THAT FUCK-"
"SHUT THE HELL UP BITCH" he was now on top of me, and i just had a flashback of David and what he did, my cheek was starting to sting real bad he must've slapped me pretty hard, he now had his hands up my shirt feeling around for my bra,
"HAHA!" his laugh sent chills up my spine, in a bad way, he had me pinned down, and he found the hook of my bra and tried un hooking it but i kept moving so he couldnt,
"NO!" he gave up on the bra, i started squirming and he was now undoing my belt and tried pulling my jeans down,
"I DONT THINK SO PAL!" i kicked him in the crotch like i did to David,
i started to run, but he tripped me i fell to the ground, face foward, he quickly got up, and started bashing the shit of me, he had his hands up my shirt again, but this time he had unhooked my bra, and pulled it out from under my shirt,
"MAYBE!, HAHA NOT!" he started feeling my breats,
"FUCK SAKES, GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" i kicked him again twice as hard, i just ran, grabbed my bra, and ran.
I was now at the front of gerards place, i ran into the house, not realising my shirt was torn my belt half undone, i ran into bob's arms,
"NICOLE!, WHAT HAPPENED!" i couldnt talk, i was crying to much, Gerard had just walked through,
"hey bob have you seen the rem-"
"THAT MOTHER FUCKER!" bobs shirt was drenched from my tears,
"honey, you okay" bob was asking my questions as he placed me on the couch, he noticed the bra in my hands,
"he didnt did he, did he rape you?"
"he tried to but i kicked him, twice in the balls" Gerard went to get Mikey and frank, to come and get me to talk,
"nice one, listen i will get him on monday for doing this to you"
"no, it will just make him, want me more" Mikey and Frank entered and saw me on the couch in tears, they all cuddled me and got me to talk, i told them everything, but i fell asleep in bob's arms,gerard just looked scared the whole time through.

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