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Revenge Sayian, Revenge!

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Gohan and Videl are enjoying there aniversary. When a Blast from Gohans past proves to be to much for the Sayian to handel. Will Videl Reach Goten and Trunks, and will they make it in time to save ...

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CH1 Revenge Sayian, Revenge!

"Videl were home!" shouted Gohan.

"Hi Mama" Pan greeted.

"How was your day guys?" Videl asked.

"Just fine Hun" answered Gohan.

"Pan are you ready to go." asked Videl.

"Ready to go where Mama?" Pan asked

"You're going to your Grandma's and Uncle Goten's, while your mother and I are out for our anniversary remember." Gohan Reminded.

"Oh yea"

At Chichi's...
Knock Knock "Hey Mom, Hi Grandma' Said Pan and Gohan as they hugged Chi Chi. "Hey mom is Goten here, I need to speak with him?" Gohan asked.

"He's out back sparing with Trunks."Chi chi answered.

"Good, Excusse me a second Videl." said Gohan

"Trunks, Goten!" Gohan shouts at them trying to get there attention. But the boys don't seem to hear him. They are to cought up in there fight to notice. Goten fires a Kamehameha Wave at Trunks, and then disapears behind him. When Trunks jumps out of the way of the energy wave, Goten Kicks him into the ground, which leaves a crater. This pisses Trunks off and he attacks Goten Mercilesly.

Gohan realizes that the boys are both really into this and probably won't be done anytime soon. Gohan really doesn't feel like standing there forever or like keeping Videl Wating to long. After watching the two fighters. He realized that by being to involved in there fight they have left there gaurd down for an unexpected outside attack.

Gohan jumps up in to the air unnoticed. "Solar Flare!" He shouts. The boys cry out in pain from the Blinding bright light. Not being able to see what is going on, they fall right into Gohans attack. Gohan Shoots a Kamehameha wave at Goten that knocks his brother backwards. Then Flies Straight at Trunks as fast as he can and kicks him to the ground. Gohan turns to do one last attack and ambush his brother Goten.

Goten still blinded from the attack, suddenly feels as if he's just been hit by a truck. Struggling to get free from his attaker. Suddenly Goten is dropped and runs straight into the ground. Regaining his sight and ready to attack his assalent, He see's Gohan standing above both boys laughing.

Trunks and Goten look at each other trying to comprehrend what just happened.

"Well that seemed to get your attention!" Gohan stated smiling "I've been trying to talk to you two for about ten minutes now. I need to talk to you, listen have you two felt an energy disterbence's lately. Because There seems to be a strong energy around here all of the sudden."

"It's probably just my father Gohan. He's been training for a while and mom and I haven't seen him for quite some time now." Suggested Trunks

"Well I'm not sure it doesn't feel like vegeta. It sorta ....."

"GOHAN ARE YOU DONE HAVING FUN WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" Videl interupts calling out the back door.

"Anyway just watch out." Gohan says walking away

"Now behave your self Pan." said Videl "Yea don't beat up on Uncle Goten and Trunks to much ok" Said Gohan Jokingly

"Ok Papa" Pan replies
"I think you did enough of thaty enough on your own Gohan." Goten Commented.

"Wow this place is Beautiful Gohan." Said Videl. "Yea I figured it be great for our anniversary." He answered "And the food is really delicious." Videl remarked. "Hey Hun what do you say we have dessert at home with Pan." Suggested Gohan "Yea that's a good Idea" agreed Videl. "Check Please." Gohan asked getting up from the table "Oh great look it's raining Gohan." Videl pointed out. "Well wait here under the awning I'll get the car." Suggested Gohan.

"Just were do you think your going Gohan?' said a strange Voice. Gohan stops dead in his track and turns around. "Who's There?" He demands "You've gotten taller since the last time I saw you, stronger too! But no matter you weren't a Challenge then, and you won't be now." Said the voice.

"Gohan who is it" Videl asked "Not sure Videl, get behind me!" Gohan shouted.

"So Gohan how is your father?" the Voice asked eager to know.

"Gohan how does he know your father?'' asked Videl.

'' Show your Self Now!" Gohan Demanded. "Oh come on now Gohan you don't remember an old family friend." The voice said stepping in to the light and shooting a blast straight at Gohan.

"Gohan!" Videl screamed as she watched the strange voice's energy blast throw her husband through a wall injuring him.

"Videl run Now! Get out of here!" Yelled Gohan standing up, Videl just stood there frozen with fear .

"So Gohan were's the Super Sayian Now?" asked the voice "Right here" He answered powering up. "I'm not sure what your up to Frieza but it's not gonna happen." Said Gohan. "Revenge Sayian, Revenge!" Frieza Answered. "KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!" Gohan shouted Firing off a blast. "Death Disc!" Freiza Shouted.

"Gohan" Videl Screamed as the disc sliced through Gohan's Kamehameha wave hitting him, and knocking him backwards into the the ruble that use to be a standing building. Videl breaking free from her fear turned and ran as fast as she could hoping to reach Goten and Trunks in time.
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