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Gotenks Defeat

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When the Goten and Trunks Show up to Back up Gohan. Will a SSJGotenks be enough to subdo the Gohans assult. Or will the boys fall victum.

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Again People DBZ....Not Mine

Gotenks Defeat

Knock Knock! "Chi chi open up!" shouted Videl.

"Videl! Where's Gohan?" asked a surprised Chi chi.

"In a lot of trouble. Where's Trunks and Goten?" She asked.

"Right Here!" the boys answered jumping from the couch.

"What's wrong Mama?" asked Pan scared by the worried look on her mothers face.

"Pan shush let your uncle and Trunks handle this." advised Chi chi.

"What's going on with Gohan, What type of trouble is he in? Asked Goten.

"Gohan and I were attacked coming out of the restruant. It was talking about revenge on Gohan and Goku. Gohan went Super Sayian, but it didn't do any good. He yelled for me to leave, right before he was blasted through a building. He needs your help!" explained Videl as she began to cry.

Pan grew very angry at the thought of some one attacking her father, then burst in to tears.

"Alright let's go Trunks!" Goten shouted.

When the boy's arrived there was proof of a fight. But no sign of Gohan or his attacker.

"Gohan, Gohan!" the boys yelled.

"Cough, Augh!" Gohan groans trying to get up.

"Goten Over here!" Shouted Trunks.

"Gohan what happened?" asked Goten as he pick his badly beaten brother off the ground.

"Goten behind you!" Gohan shouts pushing Goten out of the way, just as one of Frieza's energy disc's whiz's right through were Goten had been standing and hits Gohan dead on.

"Gohan No!" The boy's cry out in horor.

"Goku is that you?" asked a voice.

"No! I'm Goten, Goku's son. What is it you want with my father and Gohan?" Goten answered him in a calm but slightly pissed off attitude.

"I just wanted to thank and return the humiliation your father and brother brought upon my family." Replied the voice.

"Well I'm sorry to disapiont you, But my father's NOT HERE and your Not GETTING TO GOHAN!" Stated Goten.

"Maybe we should get my father, Goten." Suggested Trunks. "We may need his help, look what he did to Gohan."

"Yeah your probably right. Were is Vegeta anyways?" Asked Goten.

"Vegeta, Vegeta ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Frieza laughed over hearing the boys plan. "Vegeta's a Joke, what a fool, I killed him years ago!"

"HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY FATHER THAT WAY! HE'S THE PRINCE OF ALL SAYIANS." Shouted Trunks angerly with an enourmous Attitude. "GOTEN'S RIGHT YOUR NOT GETTING TO GOHAN OR GOKU!........ Especially after were done with you." Trunks Shouted confidently. Gotenks should take care of this guy." Trunks sugessted lokking at Goten.

Goten just smiled back eagerly.

"Ready" they shouted. FU-SION- HA!"

"NO DON"T, HE'S TO POWERFUL!" Gohan shouted trying to warn them, before passing out, but it was to late, he wasn't loud enough. Frieza just smiled evily as he watched the two Sayians become one. Gotenks powered up and charged at Frieza.

"KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!" Gotenks already a at super sayian 3 was putting everything into this fight, to make him pay for what he did to Gohan. The fight raged on. Everything seemed to be going Gotenks way. Frieza shot an energy beam at Gotenks, he dodged it and planted a kick in the back of Frieza's head. This pissed Frieza off, and he charged at Gotenks with a hude energy blast knocking him through a wall, causing the building to come down around on top of Gotenks.

"Ha HA HA HA! YOU STUPID SAYIANS, HOW COULD YOU EXPECT TO DEFEAT ME YOU STUPID MONKEYS." Frieza Laughed believing he'd finished off the saiyan. Not sencing any trace of energy, he turns to attack the rest of the town.

Undernieth the ruble of the colapsed building, Gotenks lay there masking his energy,trying to regain some streangth and to buy some time waiting for Frieza to let his guard down so he can attack. He plans to use a simmilar tegnique to what Gohan had used earlier that day.

As Frieza fly's away slowly preocupied with destroying everything and everyone in his path. Gotenks realizes it's now or never, and being low on energy he can only do this once.

Gotenks shoots up into the sky, deciding to try out and Idea he had. Being that the sun had already descended, and the moon being so bright and full, he stands in front of the moon readying himself to shoot off a stronger A Solar Flare using the Moons raise. Just as he was about to attack the unexpecting Frieza. Just then Gotenks froze.

Freiza Turning around at hearing a noise was surprised to see the sayian floating there, and couldn't wait to make the sayian Scream in pain. When suddelny Gotenks power began to raise immensly and began to go through a horrable Transformation. The Creature shouted with a horriable roar, and his eyes became a dark red. His size grew inormously. The giant ape consumed with power and rage began to destroy everything with in its wake, with no knowledge or consideration of Friend or Foe.

Freiza at seeing the size and the secret to the sayains Power stood there in awe of what to do. When the Giant ape grabbed Frieza squeezing him. Frieza struggling to exscape the excreusiating pain from the enormous apes massive hands. Thinking he was in for it frieza remmebered hearing that the secret to the sayians power was consold in there tails. He shot a energy beam at the apes tail to remove it.

In loosing his tail Gotenks shrunk back down to size, and landed on the ground. His power was extremely low and he was no longer in super sayian form. If he was going to take down Frieza he'd have to do it quick. He was going to try and complete his earlier plan, now no longer having the ability to transform. As he tries to quickly reposition him self, Freiza shoots in and punches Gotenks in the Stomach, and kicks Gotenks slamming him in to the ground creating a hudge crater. As Gotenks shoots out of the crater in anger ready to try one last attempt to destroy Frieza, He's disapeared. Gotenks looks around and then is sudden;y blind sided with huge Energy blast that over powered the boy's and the Fusion Seperated..
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