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Frieza's Warning

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Did the Boys Survive Frieza's attack. And were is Vegeta and Goku

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DBZ Mine? .....Definetly No.

Ch3 Frieza's Warning
As the boy's picked them self's up. Frieza shot another blast at them, which sent them flying in to the rubble were Gohan had been found earlier.

" I suggest you find Goku and that joke of a prince Vegeta. I'll be back after I've had some fun. Then your time will be up." Warned Frieza before taking off into the night.

Goten and Trunks got up. The Boy's realized that they were in more trouble then they had thought. "You all right Goten?" asked Trunks.

"Yea I'm fine. Where's Gohan, we've got to get him home and find Vegeta and my father" said Goten.

"Here he is!" shouted Trunks

"Come on let's go home Gohan." Goten said to Gohan, But he couldn't here him.

Bang, Bang! "MOM, VIDEL OPEN UP!" Shouted Goten.

"Goten, Trunks Thank heaven." Say's Chi Chi opening to the door.

"OH MY Gohan!" exclaimed Videl.

"What happened! Chi Chi demanded.

They laid Gohan on the couch, Chi chi laid a wet cloth on her sons head as the boy's explianed what had happened.

Gohan starts to regain consciousness. He realizes that he's safe at his mother's, sit's up and removes the cloth.

"Gohan!" Videl shout's running to her husband and hugs him. "Oh thank goodness your alright!" she say's.

"Goten were's Frieza?" Asked Gohan.

"Not here!" Goten Answer's

"Well I can see that.' Gohan replies.

"Were not sure, he's gone for now but he'll be back." Trunks cuts in.

Pan wakes up from all the commotion, and comes out of her uncle's room were she had been resting.

"Papa!" She cries running toward Gohan. "Papa maybe I can help." She suggest's.

"No Pan, you would have only gotten hurt." Gohan answered.

"What?" Pan was surprised that her father would say such a thing.

"Pan your father's right! If Gotenk's didn't have a chance against Frieza. There's no way you could have." Trunks told her.

"Yea about that, didn't you here me try to warn you about Frieza energy level?" asked Gohan.

"No we didn't." They answered him.

"D-Did you say Frieza?" Chi Chi asked Stammering.

"Yea mom. We need to find dad and Vegeta. answered Gohan and Goten.

"You guy's are lucky to be alive." Gohan Commented. "He was going to kill me. Until your power levels showed up on his scouter. He thought you were Dad so he hid and masked his power level." Gohan explained.

"Pan bring your father the can on the cupboard. I have some senzu beans in there. Korin say's these new beans are suppose to be stronger than the originals. said Goten.

"Hey Goten, I'm, gonna head home and find my father.: said Trunks walking out the door.

"Father!" yelled Trunks coming through the front door. "What is it Trunks? Asked Bulma.
"Were's Dad I need to talk to him. and find Goku." said Trunks.

"Kakarrott, why on earth do you need him." Vegeta asked coming out of the Gravity room. "Frieza attacked Gohan and Videl earlier." Trunks explained.

"FRIEZA!" Shout's Bulma Going into a panic. "What does he want? Is Gohan ok? What are you"

"QUIET WOMAN! So Frieza has returned. Maybe Gohan could have handled it if he hadn't whimped out on his training and became soft. Sneered Vegeta. Kakorrott, ha you don't need him I'll take care of Frieza myself."

"Father no. The Frieza you knew was entirely different. I've felt his power, you can't do it yourself. He overpowered Gotenk's he's to strong you'll get your self killed." Said Trunks.

"Nonsense Boy, I'm the prince of Sayian's. You, Kakarrott, and his kids stay out of my way!" Vegeta warned flying off.

Back at Chi chi's

"Papa how are we going to find Grandpa?" Asked Pan. " I have an Idea hold on." He answered her.

"King-Ki can you hear me?" asked Gohan. "Yes Gohan I can hear you. Glad to see that your alright." King - Ki answered him.

Right then trunks arrived back at Goten's.

"Gohan normally I would tell you not fight Frieza. But seeing that he's targeted your family. I guess there's no avoiding it. This is what I was afriad was going to happen when I told your father to stay away from Frieza years ago." Said King-Ki.

"Actually King -Ki could you tell us were my father is?' asked Gohan. 'Yes let me see if I can find Goku." answered King-Ki.

"Hey Trunks did you find Vegeta?" Asked Videl "Yes I did. But I think my father's arrogance is going to get the best of him. He told me to keep us out of his way." Answered Trunks.

"He wouldn't be crazy enough to go after Frieza him self would he?" Asked Chi Chi.
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