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Vegeta's End

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Where is Goku and will Vegeta's arrogence get him in trouble. And what is the Surprise that Frieza has For Vegeta.

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Chapter 4 Vegeta's End

"Vegeta wouldn't be that crazy to go after frieza himselfe would he?" Asked Chi Chi

" Wouldn't be the first time Vegeta's pride got him in trouble!" Krillin stated walking thru the front door. " Sorry for just walking in but the door was open. I wanted to see what was going on. I figured somthing was up when Gohans power level drop. So as I expected the energy was Frieza then. Krillin Stated

"Yea I'm afriad it's true Krillin. Freiza attacked Videl and I earlier." Gohan Explained.

"He wants to seek revenge on dad and Gohan." Goten told them.

"Let me guess once Vegeta heard, he went after Frieza." Asked Krillin

"Most likely." Answered Trunks

"Gohan." Yelled King Ki

"Go ahead King Ki we can all hear you!" Gohan replied

" Gohan I'm Sorry to report that I cannot find Goku. If I find him I'll let you know." The Ki explained.

Off in the distance........

Vegeta flying off into trouble ponder's on how Kakkorott always shows him up and pulls off what he can't.

"Blasted Kakkorott your always one step ahead of me! How could a lower class sayian such as Kakkorott alway's be one step above me, the Prince of Sayians. They think they need Kakkorott to save the day, well I'll show them. I'm a Super Sayian 4 aswell. I'll obliterate Frieza before Kakkorott has a chance to show up." "Now where is that Blasted Frieza. aaah there he is. How on earth did Gotenks or Gohan allow themself's to be defeated by such an Insafichant power. Kakkorotts kids must be slaking off."

Back at Chi Chi's........
" So what do we do now?" Asked Videl

"One thing Frieza said before he left was that he suggested the we find Dad and Vegeta, because he will return after he's had some fun." Said Goten

"At least that gives us some time to train." Stated Gohan

" Yea but think about this Gohan. With the Dragon Balls gone there will be no way to revive anyone Frieza kills in his fun or fighting. Innocent people are going to get hurt" Krillin Pointed out.

"Goten and I have been training hard together everyday. We've gotten Stronger well just have to hope Freiza doesnt have to much fun." Trunks Explained.

"Well at least there's one good thing about the DragonBalls Disapearing with Dad." Gohan Said "I over heard Freiza Mumble Somthing about Earths DragonBalls, So I figure He was going to try and wish for Immortality again."

In South City....
"Where are those Blasted Balls." Freiza thought

"YOU THERE COME HERE!" Freiza calls to a little boy.

"Y-Yes S-Sir" The boy answers him trembling

Frieza picks the boy up from the ground by the collar of his shirt to threaten the boy.

"Hey put him down!" Demanded the Boy's Father.

"And if I don't?" Frieza Challenged " I'll put the boy down if you tell me about the dragon Balls."

"What I don't know what your talking about." he answered.

"Don't lie to me, It's my understanding that Earth has a set of Dragon Balls and that you earthlings get a wish if you collect all seven of them, tell me where they are." Frieza Yelled his pateints growing thin.

"I tell you I don't know what I'm talking about." The boys father stated.

"Fine then I'll find them Myself!" Freiza answered angerly throwing the boy into his father.

Freiza shot up into the air and Charged and huge Energy ball . Just then Frieza was blindsided by and energy attack. Frieza's energy Ball went sidways away from the buildings. Frieza getting over the Surprise and wipes his face. As the dust starts to clear He hears laughter.

"HA HA HA HA HA is that all you can take Freiza."


"Am I Now! I wouldn't be to sure of that If I were you. For I am no ordinary Sayian. For I have assended beyond the powers of an ordinary Super Sayian. Behold the Power of a SUPER SAYIAN 4." Vegeta Announced.

Vegeta powers up and the fight begins. As the fight rages on, It seems that Vegeta would be winning, and with that the more cockyer and arrogent he becomes. But little does he know Freiza has a secret of his own.

People Fled the Towns as Building began to crumble and fall. Vegeta maneged to get an edge over frieza and belives he is winning.

"Trunks do you feel that?" Asked Gohan

"Yes it's Father, He went after Frieza." He answered

"Vegetas a fool." Krillin stated "He'll get him self Killed."

"From the feel off this battle Dad's winning, but he's not being smart about this, he's not thinking clearly. he's letting his pride overcome him. Frieza has much more power that he's letting on." Trunks said

"We need to go" Said Gohan

The others agreed and took off.


Freiza knew Vegeta's Power running low. He decided it was time.

"YOU STUPID SAYIAN YOU NEVER HAD A CHANCE!" Freiza Told him. " You see I have a new transformation, and my new form is much more stronger." Freiza Powered up and his the transformation began.

Freiza's muscles grew out more. The purple mark on his grew up and out, he grew taller. This transformation is similar to his brother coolers. Freiza's power rose by an enourmous amount. As his transfermation completed. It blinded Vegeta and anything with in a thousand miles of the city with a bright light.

Suddenly Vegeta found himself being thrown through a pile of ruble. Vegeta still blinded picked himself off the ground, only to have himself kicked around. As hard as Vegeta tried he couldn't regain his edge over Frieza.

As the fighters try and regain their sight, Trunks notices a small problem.

"You guys feel that?" Asked Trunks

"Vegeta's power level is dropping were not gonna make it." Gohan answered.

"Father let himself fall right into Freiza's Trap." Trunks stated as the Fighters Spead up as fast as they could.

Vegeta lying on the ground realized that he was in trouble, his son was right. He had let his arrogence get the best of him and his jugment. He could barly move anymore, for the first time in his life Vegeta gave up and excepted his death. Freiza Powered up to deliver the Final blow and put an end to his life long enemy.

Just as Gohan. Krillin, Goten, and Trunks Arrive, Freiza let his attack go.

"FATHER!" Trunks Screams as the deadly ball of energy acends upon his father.

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