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The Deal

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Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Ami (Mercury), Haruka (Uranus), Makoto (Jupiter), Michiru (Neptune), Minako (Venus), Pluto, Rei (Mars), Saturn, Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi (Moon), Other - Published: 2007-05-14 - Updated: 2007-05-15 - 1216 words

No One loved Me Until You Came Along

By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox

Chapter 21

RECAP: "My children, we shall not defeat them yet." He smiled. "Give me the girl! I wish to speak to her. As for those brats, kill them, but make it exciting to my eyes." He grabbed me, and we went through this dark void.

"With pleasure my lord." Jordan bowed.

"What do you want with me?" I screamed at the overly large figure in front of me.

"I want to make you a deal, Serena." I looked at him, fire burning in my eyes.

"I don't want anything to do with you. Take me back to the forest, you monster." I pulled at the chains that binded me to the wall.

"But it's about your friends." I shot up worriedly.

"What friends?" I asked. Him obviously getting frustrated, made this purple electric bubble, which showed, I think the sailor senshi.

"Those friends." He smirked cruelly.

"Um yeah, I have no idea who those people are." I smiled, knowing I was getting on his nerves.

"Take off their costumes and what do you have?" He removed their Sailor costumes and they became ordinary people, which went to my school.

I swallowed hard, "What makes you think I am friends with them?" I regained confidence.

"If you weren't they wouldn't have come to save you, fool!" He was really getting mad.

"I Lord Snickelfritz (A/N: Soo awesome!), "He stopped abruptly, cause I started laughing hard. "What is so funny, girl?"

"Snickelfritz? Why would you name yourself that??" I hollered while laughing.

"I- I don't know, my mother named me last name, Snickelfritz." He muttered.

"Oh, how sad. I would hate to have been you, Lord." He shot up angrily.

"Enough fool! I never brought you here to patronize me!" He yelled. "Although, you might make a very good bride." My eyes went wide.

"Why would you want me to be your bride? I am just a teenager girl. A pesky one too." I smiled innocently.

"Right, so you have said, but Algahley sure has a thing for you, so in time I will to." He smiled, and then went to his little crystal ball thingy. "Tonight, you will see your new friends die!" He laughed cruelly.

"No!" I then lit up in this golden color, and a gold crescent moon shone on my head. What's going on? Why does this feel so familiar?

"What's going on?!?!" Snickelfritz roared.

With Algahley and Scouts...

"You are going to pay for what you have done to Serena!" Sailor Mars screamed. "Mars Fire Ignite!" A blast of fire hit Algahleys'arm.

"Ahhhh!!! You little fool! You think you can defeat me?" He screamed at them.

"No, but all of us together will" Sailor Jupiter screamed.

"How are you gonna do that without your precious little princess. We don't even know where she is, what makes you think that you know where she is?" Algahley laughed hard and stupid.

"Well I guess the negamoon is really dumb." Sailor Mercury laughed, "For you guys have our princess, she is Serena! And she will stop you!" Algahley was stuck in shock. "Now!"

"Mars Fire Ignite!"

"Mercury Bubble Blast!"

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

"Jupiter Thunder Dragon!"

"Dead Scream!" Sailor Pluto screamed.

"Deep Submerge!" Sailor Neptune screamed.

"World Shaking!" Sailor Uranus screamed.

"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" Sailor Mini Moon screamed.

All the attacks hit Algahley head on, "Ahhh!! Lord, help me!!!" Algahley disappeared; all that remained was dark dust, and the sign of the Negamoon.

With Me and Lord Snickelfritz...

"Algahley!!" I screamed mournfully.

"My son, may you rest in peace! Corbin, get rid of the Sailor Senshi!"

"Yes, my Lord." A dark voice replied then disappeared.

I long passed out, and now the Lord, was taking me somewhere. I know this because he told me when I woke up. (A/N: So weird, and it doesn't make sense, but oh well.)

"Serena, are you the princess of the moon? Princess Serenity?" I looked at him awkward.

"Me a princess? You have got to be joking."

"My dear, the masked ball is about to start. Aren't you going?" A tall woman asked, she was wearing a tight white dress and her hair was silver.

"Yes mother." A girl, a little shorter than her mom said. She had blond hair, and a white puffy dress, with moon earrings and a bracelet. "But I want to see my dear Prince Endymion before he goes to Earth."

"I understand. Maybe he will wish the same thing." The girl nodded and she left.

The ball was beautiful, many moonians dancing and having a wonderful time. I walked down a flight of stairs, and someone caught my hand in theirs.

"Shall you have this dance with me, princess?" A tall man with a cape and black on.

"Yes, my prince." I smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, my dear Serena, time has come. The Negaverse is getting stronger, and are preparing to strike. I have told the queen I was staying here to look after the Moon Kingdom.

"Oh, my dear prince, please no. Return to Earth, your people need you there." He shook his head. "Please Darien, please."

"I want to stay here and protect you. Even if I die." A tear went down my eye.

"Then I shall die with you." I hugged him close.

30 mins later...

"QUEEN BERYL HAS ARRIVED! BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE!!!" The intercom thing screamed. All men and the sailor Senshi ran to their battle stations, as the women and children ran for cover.

"Be ready scouts!" Queen Serenity replied.

"Right!" They all agreed in unison.

"Queen Beryl, give up! You will not be able to defeat us and we will never surrender to you!" Queen Serenity screamed. Rage obviously in her voice.

"My dear Serenity, you have judged me wrong.' Queen Breyl smirked. "I have been in hiding for many years, waiting for this day to come. And I promise you, you will die by the end of this!"

"Beryl, you have betrayed us, so our anger and hurt is strong then cold black magic anyday!" I screamed. She looked at me, fire-ice eyes, warning me to stay out of it.

"Serena! No!" Serenity yelled.

Several Hours Later...

Queen Serenity was laying on her back, helpless. They have lost the battle but they have not lost the war.

"Queen Serenity, what are we going to do?" Luna, the black cat asked.

"What I should have done a long time ago, Luna. I wish you all a farewell and I'll miss you all." A tear went down her cheek. "Goodbye My Serena!"

"No, Queen Serenity!" Luna and Aretmis cried.

"Moon Crystal Power!" Everyone, the Queen knew, were in bubble type substances, on their way to earth. "Farewell everybody." Then the Queen died peacfully, but painfully. Worried about her little princess.

"My mom was the queen of the Moon?" I asked, as the crystal ball stopped glowing.

"Yes, motherly love. She used the last ounce of her power to save you all." Lord Snicklefritz replied.

"No, why would she do that?" Tears were starting to come down my eyes.

"Motherly love I told you!" He stomped his foot angrily. "Now, I have to kill your little friends. Excuse me, my queen.

A/N: Well thats chapter 21!! Hope you liked it!!
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