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By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox

Chapter 23

Recap:"You just left me with Daddy and them." She jumped off my bed , and walked towards my computer chair and sat down.

"Oh, I am so sorry Rini." I paused. "Wait- Daddy??"

She sighed, "Do I have to explain everything to you?" I nodded, "Fine. Darien is my dad, and you are my mom."

"Are you serious?" I started laughing and she hit me on the head again. "Ouch! Brat."

She smirked, "And yes, I am serious. I am your future daughter, in the 30th century you will be Neo-Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo."

I gaped at her. "No way!" She nodded. "Wait- how can I run this Crystal Tokyo place? I am barely passing school!"

"You'll find a way, Serena." As of that she walked out the door. Great! More things to think about now. Ugh, that brat!

BEEP!! I rolled over tiredly, and shut off my annoying alarm clock. My eyes shut again as soon as my head touched the pillow. No, I got to get to school. No slacking today. I groaned and pushed myself out of bed. I looked around my baby blue room and found what I was looking for. I grabbed it and put it on, it was blue sweat pants and a pink t-shirt. I brushed my hair and put it into two long braids and ran downstairs.

"Morning Serena." Mom called from the kitchen.

"Hey mom." I murmured

Just then Sammy ran into the kitchen, and back out again. "Bye mom!" He called. He got to the door and stopped. "Serena, there is someone here for you." He called and ran outside.

Confused I walked towards the door and opened it. "Jordan?" He looked up and smiled.

"I thought you could use a ride to school." I nodded.

"Bye mom!" I shouted and headed out the door.

I got into the car, and we headed towards the school. "Are you okay?"

I nodded, "Yeah, everything's fine. Why?" I looked at him.

"No reason. It just looks like you have alot on your mind."

"Oh." I really do, Jordan. "Nope, nothing is on my mind," I can't believe I lied to him like that.

"Okay." He risked one glance at me, and we never said anything all the way to school.

"Thanks for the ride Jordan." I smiled. "Walk with me?" He nodded.

"Whose that?" He asked, I looked over to where he was staring at and shrugged.

"I don't know. How about we go find out?" He nodded and we walked towards the front of the school. "Hi," I replied once we got there.

A short girl, with red hair and glasses turned around. "Hi." She smiled shyly.

"Are you new here?" She glanced at Jordan and he winced.

She nodded. "Yeah, I just moved here."

I smiled, "Well I am Serena, and this is Jordan."

"My names Sabrina. Rina for short." She smiled back.

"Well Sabrina, how about I show you around and get you settled?" I looked over at Jordan who smiled approvinly.

"Okay, that would be great." I unlinked my hand with Jordan and linked my arm with Sabrina's and we headed inside.

"Who was that?" Darien asked, coming up toward Jordan.

"Someone you don't want to know." Jordan snapped.

Darien looked at him questionly, but shrugged. "Why? She seems nice."

Jordan glanced at Darien, "To the untamed eye. Watch out for Rena for me will you Dar? I know her, and she is not one to be trusted." Jordan walked away and Darien stared at his retreating back.

"Dar, who is that girl walking with Serena?" Mina came up to him, followed by everyone else.

"I don't know. Jordan said he knows her, and she is not to be trusted." Darien sighed. Jordan really did like her, how was he suppose to get Serena back?

"Oh. Should we go catch up with them?" Ami questioned.

"I think that is a brillant idea Ami." Rei smirked. "It would make an excellent chance for me to grab a piece of her hair." Everyone stared at Rei bewildered. "Ugh, for me to ask the fire about her."

"Ohh." Everyone replied. The four girls, ran to catch up with Serena and the mysterious girl.

"Serena!" Mina screamed, and I turned around and sighed.

"Friends of yours?" Sabrina asked.

"Not really." I sighed and waited for them to catch up.

"Whose your new friend?" Lita pointed to Sabrina.

"Sabrina. Rina for short." She smiled and shook everyone's hands.

"Nice to meet you Sabrina." Rei smiled, "wow! What beautiful hair you have." Rei went to go touch it, and Sabrina pulled away quickly.

"Sorry, my pride." She smiled and started twisting her hair in her fingers.

"Oh. Any way, shall we show you the rest of the school?" Rei asked.

"Well, actually Serena was showing me the school." She looked at me and winked. "Shall we go Sere?" I nodded and we started walking again.

"Well, that went well." Mina smiled sarcastically.

Everyone turned and glared at her. "We arn't suppose to leave those two alone." Ami mumbled.

Rei started laughing maniacally, and everyone stared at her. "What is so funny Rei?"

She stopped laughing abruptly and lifted up a piece of red hair. "So what? It's just hair, what is funny about that?"

"Its not just hair my blonde friend. Its Sabrina's hair." Rei smiled in triumphently.

"Oh, shall we go say what the fire says?" Rei shook her head, "Why not?"

"Because we need everyone there, except for Serena, cause she won't believe us."

"Right." All the girls said in unison.

After school finally came and Jordan took Serena to occupy her. The others went to Rei's temple to find out more about this mysterious girl.

"How long will this take Rei? I have to be somewhere." Ami asked.

"At least thirty minutes." Ami sighed, "now everyone has to be quiet or else it won't work." Everyone nodded.

Everyone sat patiently, watching Rei's every moment. She took Sabrina's hair and threw it into the fire, putting her hands in a pray type mode, she started saying a chant. The fire getting bigger and bigger everytime she chanted. Rei sat there a few minutes, like she was listening to something. The others were starting to get impatient. Mina was just about to get up when Rei gasped and fell backwards.

"Rei, are you okay?" Darien helped her up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks."

"So? What did the fire say Rei?" Lita asked, reading everybody's mind.

"Well, she is evil because she is put under some type of spell. She is really good, the person who put her under the spell is more powerful then all the others we have fought." Rei stated.

"Can't Serena heal her with the moon wand?" Mina asked.

"Yes she can" Luna appeared from the corner, scaring everyone. "Sorry. She can heal Rina, but it will be alot harder. If Serena uses to much of her strength trying to heal her, it could be the end of her." Everyone gasped, and Darien almost fainted. "Of course, we don't know that for sure."

"How do you know Sabrina? We didn't even say her name." Darien asked wonderingly.

"I know her, because she was one of Queen Serenity's guards. Not a sailor scout, but a sailor warrior."

"What's the difference?" Ami inquired.

"Many differences occur for these words." Artemis appeared from the doorway, scaring everybody again.

"You cats need to learn to stop doing that." Mina screamed, well holding her heart.

"Sorry." He coughed slightly. "Hundreds of centuries ago, before the Earth and Moon became two planets instead-"

"The Earth and Moon were once connected?" Rini asked shocked, as the rest of them.

Artimis looked fustrated. "Yes. Now as I was saying, Queen Serenity and her King ruled Earth and Moon. They trained young girls to become Sailor Warriors. But only some actually had the talent and will to become the best. Sabrina was one of those girls. She was actually the best, Beryl was also one of the best." Everyone gasped. "Beryl went to the dark side, and Rina stayed loyal. Centuries passed, and more people wanted to take the throne of the Queen, so she seperated the Earth and Moon. A few more centuries passesd, and Queen Serenity gave birth to a blonde white baby. Thus when the Sailor Scouts were born. Born with powers, of Love, Fire, Water, Lighting, Time, Destrction, Unranus power, and the Moon Crystal. The Sailor Warriors were jealous of you and wanted to destroy you."

"Let me take over Artimis." Luna suggested and he nodded. "Of course, they would never be able to do it; for you eight of you were strong. So most of them decided to leave, go to Earth and live a normal life. Some went to Beryl and some stayed on the Moon. Sabrina stayed, but soon disappeared a few weeks after Serena's tenth birthday. We thought she went to Earth like the others, but soon after we found out she was brainwashed, put under a spell of Beryl's Master. The day of the attack, Sabrina was standing by Beryl's side. She protected Beryl and respected her, but in her eyes you could see the pain of killing her friends. Queen Serenity sent her to Earth with the rest of us, but when she was nine someone took her again, put a even more powerful spell on the helpless girl" Luna took a deep breath and continued, " And now, I guess she has a mission to deystroy Serena."

"How would they have known it was her though?" Darien asked.

"Check it out, Jordan is Sabrina's brother." Rei stated.

"Do you think he did it?" Mina asked Luna.

Luna was about to reply when Darien cut in, "No! He wouldn't have done that. He...he loves Serena."

"How can you be sure? He could just pretend he is to hurt her." Lita cooed.

"It's not possible. He looks at her with a soft emotion, that can only mean love. He looks at her the same way I looked at her so long ago."

"How about Jordan's father? He knew who it was." Ami Suggested.

"That's a possibility, but Serena was with him the whole time, and she never told any of us that he told someone of her identity."

"That's because she didn't know it herself." A voice came from behind.

"Sabrina!" Everyone gasped.

"Yeah, that's my name. Don't ware it out." She looked at Luna then. "Luna, how nice it is to see you again." She smiled cruelly. "When did you turn into a cat? No matter, where is Serena?"

"We don't know. Jordan took off with her." Mina told her.

"Did he now? Interesting." She smiled. " Well Luna, Artimis we should catch up on lost times." She laughed loudly then disappeared.

"Oh no! We have to warn Serena!" Lita hollered. All of them ran towards the door, a powerful throwing them backwards. "What was that?"

"She must have put a barrier up." Luna examined.

"Rei? Rei, where are you?" Chad came up to where they were and walked through the door. "What are you all doing on the floor? Is it that clean?" He asked confused.

"It must be a spell for only magical people." Darien replied. Ami checked it out on her computer.

"Yes, it's a barrier. But only humans can go through it."

"We are all humans dimwit."

"I meant humans with no power." Ami stuck her tounge out at Lita.

"Now what are we to do?"

"I don't know, I am trying to figure out a plan, but you people could help!" Ami looked at everyone.

"How about we figure out where the barrier's weakest point is, then maybe we could break it." Darien suggested.

"Yeah, "Ami got her computer out. "That just might work." She started typing away, studied it and went back to typing.

"Well?" Everyone waited impatiently.

"I got it." Ami yelled satisfied."Lita, turn into Jupiter-"

"Uhh, Chad is still in the room!" Rei yelled.

"What's Jupiter? Isn't that a planet?" Chad asked confused.

"Yeah, it is. Guess we still havn't outgrown our childish habits." Rei smiled innocently at Chad. "Now scram!" Chad quickly left.

"He likes you!" Mina cooed.

Rei's ears were steaming, "he does not. Now lay off it."

Lita shook her head and appointed her attention back to Ami, "now you were saying?"

"Right, turn in to Jupiter and throw a lighting bolt at the bottom right hand corner."

Lita nodded tighty. "Gotcha! Jupiter Star Power!" She screamed.

There was bright light, and then Sailor Jupiter appeared before them. "Good, now go for it."

"Jupiter Thunder Crash!" She screamed, bolts of lighting his the guard and the barrier disappeared.

"Yeah!" They all shouted.

"Where would we be without you Ami?" Mina asked.

"I don't know, but right now we need to go find Serena." Jupiter put in.

"Right. Everyone transform. Even you Rini." Everyone nodded.

"Mars Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Moon Crystal Power!"

"Right, let's go!" Darien screamed and everyone ran out of the temple.

"They are the Sailor Scouts?" Chad asked himself. "They can't be." He shook his head, "yeah, I must be dreaming."

With Serena...

"Jordan, this place is so lovely." I muttered to Jordan. We sat under a big oak tree, surrounded by water.

"I'm glad you like it." He paused a moment," Serena." I looked at him, "I don't know how to say this but I-" There was a loud crash behind us, "We're under attack!"

"What?" I asked disappointed.

"Jordan, I thought I would find you here." A dark girl voice replied coldly.

"Sabrina!" He hissed through his teeth.

"Whoa, wait one second!" I screamed and they both looked at me wierd. "You two know eachother?!?"

They both hesitated, then Jasmine replied, "Yeah."

"We are more than just friends, "My heart sank down into my stomache. "We are related."

"Ohhh." I replied relieved.

"Yeah, what are you doing here Sabrina?" Jordan asked.

"I am here for the girl of course." Jordan stood in front of me. "Awwe, you still love her? How cute." She cooed.

"Love?" I sputtered. He looked at me helplessly.

"Ugh, this is disgusting! Jordan you knew the rules when you first started this mission with father. And you have broken every single one in less then a week!" Sabrina hissed, "Blue Fire!!!"

"Ahh!" Jordan screamed, falling to the ground.

"Jordan!" I rushed down beside him. "How dare you!"

"Ah, Serena. Before I kidnap you, I wanted to say thank-you. You were such a nice friend to me since I been here."

I looked at her confused, "You have only been here for tweleve hours."

"Oh, hasn't really been that long?" She asked sarcastically. "Well then, no harm done." She smirked.

"Serena!" Someone called from the distance. We both looked up to see a blue hair girl wearing a white and blue outfit, with a blue bow.

"Who are you suppose to be? You do realize that Halloween isn't for another few months right?" I asked.

She sighed, "I am not dressed up for Halloween. I am Sailor Mercury. I thought you remembered the night we fought Jordan's dad."

"Oh, right!" I pretended to remember.

"Enough of this reunion. I have a job to do, and I ain't one to fail!" Sabrina huffed.

"Maybe, you might want to take English again." I told her and started laughing. She glared at me, came closer and blew a white powder into my face. And that's the last thing I remember.

"Serena!" Ami Screamed.

Sabrina laughed cruelly, "Ta-ta for now. Tell my dear brother he knows where to find me." Sabrina left, with Serena on her shoulder."

"Not again!" Darien muttered.

"Yeah, what are we going to tell Jordan?" Lita asked.

"I don't know. Come on, let's go back to the temple. It's getting chilly out here. Darien grab Jordan." Darien was about to complain, when he seen all five evil glared and thought better of it.

A/N: Wow, chapter 23! I am on a roll, well not really. Hehe. So there you have it. Chad know's that they are the Sailor Scouts, what will he do and will the gang find out he knows. And what about Jordan and Darien? Losing the love of their life again. Tune into the next chapter. Coming soon!


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