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Its all coming back to me now...

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Serena meets a very old friend

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No One Loved Me Until You Came Along

By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox


"Serena!" Someone called from the distance. We both looked up to see a blue hair girl wearing a white and blue outfit, with a blue bow.

"Who are you suppose to be? You do realize that Halloween isn't for another few months right?" I asked.

She sighed, "I am not dressed up for Halloween. I am Sailor Mercury. I thought you remembered the night we fought Jordan's dad."

"Oh, right!" I pretended to remember.

"Enough of this reunion. I have a job to do, and I ain't one to fail!" Sabrina huffed.

"Maybe, you might want to take English again." I told her and started laughing. She glared at me, came closer and blew a white powder into my face. And that's the last thing I remember.

"Serena!" Ami Screamed.

Sabrina laughed cruelly, "Ta-ta for now. Tell my dear brother he knows where to find me." Sabrina left, with Serena on her shoulder."

"Not again!" Darien muttered.

"Yeah, what are we going to tell Jordan?" Lita asked.

"I don't know. Come on, let's go back to the temple. It's getting chilly out here. Darien grab Jordan." Darien was about to complain, when he seen all five evil glared and thought better of it.

"Well what do we do now?" Mina asked later that night at the temple.

"No clue. I mean, we don't even know where she is. The only person who does is unconscious." Ami stated matter-of-factly.

"Yup, that sure doesn't help us." Darien replied coldly, he stared at the limp form of Jordan.

"Darien.." He pried his eyes off of Jordan and turned to look at Lita. "Must you always be so rude? I mean ever since you found out Jordan is madly in love with Serena-"

"That's an understatement." Darien muttered.

Lita growled loudly, "you have been nothing but a idiotic jerk."

"Now Lita, you shouldn't be so truthful, after all he is our friend." Ami lectured.

Darien snorted, "I am out of here." He got up to leave but Lita and Rei stood between the door way. "Move!"

"What about Serena? Are you just going to give up?" Rei glared hard at Darien. It's true that Rei loves Darien, but she had to get over it, for it wasn't meant to be.

"That's exactly what I am doing! Let that pompous ass have her." He pointed a finger at the passed out Jordan.

"I thought you loved her.." Mina started.

"I do! But ever since she lost her memory, she thinks nothing of me. Serena is a blond dim wit with no future. And no future with me!" He yelled, and pushed the two girls aside and stomped to his car.

"Well that went well." Ami muttered. All three girls turned their heads to her and looked at her with shocked faces. "Sarcasm." She rolled her eyes and continued to look at her computer.

"Have any of you guys seen Artimis or Luna anywhere?" Mina asked suddenly, "I mean we haven't seen them since they ditched us earlier. Surely Luna must know that Serena was kidnapped... again."

"Maybe they are out looking for her now?" Lita suggested. Rei sat down slowly, and sighed. Everyone looked at her sadly then started talking, wondering where to start first.

"Well we could go back to that little island that Serena was kidnapped on, couldn't we?" Mina suggested.

"Yeah, but what good will come of that?" Ami asked. "Even if there was something it still wouldn't be able to help us."

Lita snapped her fingers all of a sudden, "how about Anne and Allan?" The two girls stared at her like she was mad. "They were evil once, maybe they could help us."

"They weren't evil!" Mina argued, "they were only doing that so they could survive."

"What difference does it make? They still stole, and besides we could use all the help we can get."

"Ok, so what if they decided to help us? They wouldn't be able to reach us in time, they are flying somewhere in space!"

"How about Catsy and her sisters?" Ami suggested.

"No, they won't be any help." Lita said. "Sure they were evil, but when Serena healed them, their powers got taken away."

"Oh, right."

"So Anne and Allan it is then!" Lita yelled, happy she won the fight.

"Sure, how do we get them to come here?" Mina asked raising her right eyebrow curiously.

"We shouldn't have to. Serena and Anne or Allan has a secret bond together." Ami applied. "They should be here soon." As if on cue Anne and Allan appeared from the thin air.

"You called?" Anne asked coldly. Anne was tall for her age, she looked about seventeen but everyone knew she was older. She has pink hair and two blue streaks in the front; she was wearing a red tight suit, almost like a jumper. At the top of the suit she was wearing a yellow and purple vine short vest.

"No we didn't call you, but I am pretty sure you came from free will." Lita smirked.

"That's not true!" Anne huffed.

"Anne, that's enough. These are our friends, remember?" Allan, Anne's boyfriend demanded harshly. Allan looked exactly like Anne except he was wearing a black jump suit and was also wearing a yellow and green vest.

"They sure don't act like it." Anne muttered.

"Hey!!" Lita roared.

"ANNE!! Please stop!" Allan screamed exasperated. They all heard a small gasp and turned to look at Jordan, who was still unconscious. "What was that?"

They then saw Chad behind a plant in the room. "Chad! How long have you been there?" Rei screamed.

"Not long." He casually got up only to be knocked down again.

"Allan!" Anne screamed, she went to go help him up.

"Thanks, who ever you are." Chad looked at her then smiled, "you are pretty, but not as pretty as Rei." Anne scoffed at him and let him drop to the floor. "Ow!"

"That's what you get Chad." Rei smirked.

"Um, Rei?" Rei looked at him curiously. "I know who you guys are."

"What do you mean 'who we are'?" Ami asked worried.

"I know you are the sailor scouts." He smiled weakly.

"What? When did you find out?" Rei asked bewildered.

"Well actually today, but that's not the point." Rei glared, "I wanted to help you find Serena."

"We don't need your help Chad." Ami said impatiently.

"No." Rei smirked mischievously. "We can use him as bait."

Chad looked horrified. "Um, on second thought, maybe I will stick to cleaning the temple." He bowed then dashed off to find Rei's grandpa.

There was a laugh at the back of the room and everyone turned to see Jordan sitting and laughing.

"Jordan? Finally you're awake." Ami muttered.

"Of course I am awake. I am bold" He said while puffing out his chest.

"Aw Allan, isn't he so cute!!" Allan rolled his eyes at his love.

"You think everything that has two legs and a heartbeat is cute." Allan snapped.

"That's not true. Hey! Where's Darien?"

"He left." Ami said.

"What? Why?" Anne asked sadly.

"We don't know. Anyway, Jordan you are to tell us where your sister is holding Serena." Ami said.

"What? I am not telling you, I am showing you." He argued.

"No! You are to stay here, you aren't strong enough yet." Ami argued back.

"Jeez, don't you have this feeling that we're in a court room?" Anne wondered aloud and everyone looked at her. "Well everyone has been arguing, so I just thought that maybe we are in a court room. I know what they are you know. I ain't stupid."

"I have to go!" Ami shook her head violently. "I need to Ami, you don't understand!"

"I said no Jordan!" Ami and he continued to argue.

"ENOUGH!" Rei screamed loudly. "Both of you just shut up ok? I know Serena is gone and everyone misses her and is eager to find her but we need to chill."

"Chill? You are asking us to chill?" Mina asked steadily.

"Yes. Jordan needs to come with us Ami. You know we need him." Ami sighed. "Now I can heal you Jordan a bit but not lots."

Jordan nodded, "that would be great Rei."

So everyone sat silently while Rei performed a healing spell. It took a few minutes and he was healed. He still limped but not that much. Everyone sighed in relief and started planning on how to save Serena.

With Darien...

Darien walked sadly towards his apartment, kicking stones all the while. His feet sliding against the pavement, shoulders slouched and he was looking down at his feet. He left his car a few blocks down, due to being too miserable to drive. He sighed, stopped looked around and continued walking.

"I am so stupid! Why would I think Serena would ever love me again?" He yelled to thin air.

"She never will Darien." A shrilly cold voice pierced the silence.

Darien whipped around violently to see Sabrina smirking, "what do you want wench?" He growled.

"Temper. Temper." She whispered.

"Get away from me Sabrina!"

"Aw," She pouted. "How come, and I thought you liked me. You know, you are never going to get Serena back." Darien looked at her suddenly. "Not even my brother knows where she is." Sabrina laughed creepily.

"Your brother?" Darien asked.

"Yeah, you know him. Jordan!" Darien froze at the spot.

"Jordan is your brother?" Darien asked dumbfounded.

"Of course, can't you see the resemblance?" Darien shook his head. "Oh, well to bad."

"What have you done to Serena?" Darien yelled.

"Oh. Her. As we speak she is being brainwashed! She is going to be one of us." Sabrina laughed manically.

"What? No. You can't do that!" Darien fumed.

"Oh I believe I just did. Toodles!" Sabrina waved good bye and disappeared.

Darien swore under his breath and ran towards the temple to tell the others. Jordan or not, he was going to get his Serena back.

With Serena...

Serena woke up, and found she was enclosed in a crystal casket. She touched the glass slowly, and realized she couldn't get out; she tried to scream for help.

"Finally you're awake." A familiar voice said.

"What?" Serena asked puzzled.

"Oh lay off it Serena, you can't possibly still remember everything." Sabrina appeared before her.

"Remember? Of course I remember." Serena fumed.

"Oh well then, I guess you need some more."

"Some more what?"

"Ugh...must I explain everything to you bunny?" Sabrina asked irritated.

"I guess so."

Sabrina sighed, "we are brainwashing you dear."

"Huh? Now why would you want to do that?"

"You will find out soon enough!!" Sabrina muttered and stomped angrily away.

Serena smiled to herself in acomplishment. Then she drifted back to sleep.

With Scouts...

Darien came bursting into the temple, panting and tears in his eyes. Everyone turned to look at him with confused faces.

"Darien?" Ami asked.

"" He panted.

"Well what is it?" Rei asked impatiently.

"Serena...brainwashed." He sank down to his knees and his shoulders were shaking violently. "Serena is getting brainwashed."

"What? How do you know?" Lita asked.

"Because his sister," He pointed to Jordan. "told me."

"She could have been...wait sister?" Ami asked incredously.

Everyone stared at Jordan, waiting for an explaination. "What? I thought you guys knew."

"We thought she was kidding when she said that." Mina said.

"Oh, well she is my sister. My father never knew, he thought he just had me. Once he died I thought it wouldn't of have been a problem. But I forgot about my old Master."

"Who was your old master?" Darien huffed.

"I don't know." Everyone looked at Jordan in bewilderment. "I never actually met him..or her, it was always Sabrina who seen him...or her in person."

"So you don't know if it's a guy or girl?" Mina asked.

Jordan shook his head slowly, "No I don't. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it Jordan, we'll figure something out." Lita assured.

"Well lets go and figure somethng out." Mina exclaimed happily. Everyone looked at her shocked and nodded their head in agreement. They left a few minutes later, heading towards the spot Serena disappeared.

With Serena...

Serena stood in front of her master, awaiting orders. She was in a dark cavern, red fire lit the room so it shone like blood spilled everywhere. In front of her was a black stone throne where her master sat patiently figuring out a plan to get rid of the mangy sailor scouts.

"Serena," the voice of a woman called out to her. Serena moved closer and bowed deeply. "Your first mission is to find the sailor scouts and bring them to me." Serena nodded.

"Yes my Queen." She complied and disappeared.

"My Queen, do you really think it's such a good idea to send her out so quickly?" Sabrina appeared out of the shadows.

"Sabrina my dear, I am very much sure she will do a good job." The voice said quickly. "But just to make sure, I want you to follow her. If her friends figure out she is on our side, they will try anything to get her back. Even Jordan, poses as a problem."

Sabrina nodded stiffly, "yes, my Queen. I'll do my best." Sabrina bowed and disappeared.

With Serena...

"Can't we stop for a minute?? We have been walking for hours!!" Mina complained.

"Well if you didn't wear such big heeled shoes, you wouldn't be in this perdicament." Ami argued.

"Well I didn't think we were going to be walking." Mina urged.

"Why don't you just take off your shoes?" Darien asked, irritated.

"Because, do you know how much dirt and germs are on these sidewalks?" Mina answered in disgust.

"Then stop complaining!!" Everyone screamed at her. Mina cowered and fell behind everyone.

"Isn't this pretty? Everyone is already here, you guys have brought me great time." A loud cackle was heard.

"Serena?" Darien and Jordan asked.

"Of course! Who else would it be? The toothfairy?" Another laugh was heard.

"Something seems off here, don't you think?" Ami asked herself.

"Yeah, didn't Darien say something about her getting brainwashed?" Lita put in.

"Oh yeah!" Rei yelled.

"Stop blabbling fools! I have a job to do, and I plan on getting it right the first time!" Serena comanded.

"Scouts, transform!" Luna screamed, appearing out of the bush with Artimes.

"Right!" They screamed.

"Mars Star Power!" Rei screamed.

"Jupiter Star Power!" Lita screamed.

"Venus Star Power!" Mina screamed.

"Mercury Star Power!" Ami screamed.

Darien pulled out a rose, and pulled it close to his heart. Him and the rest of them transformed, and Serena floated in the air impatient.

"Mercury blast!" Sailor Mercury yelled her attack.

"You missed her!!" Sailor Venus muttered.

"It was suppose to miss her." Sailor Mars murmed sarcastically.

"Oh would you stop blabbing? I have work to do. Better yet, I will just deystroy you." Serena smirked at their shocked striken faces. "Powers of the darkness, I call upon your power!" Big black eneregy emmited around Serena.

"Serena! Stop!" Sabrina appeared. "You have orders of the Queen to keep them alive!" Serena glared at her. "Now you guys can come forecefully or willingly. Your choice."

"No more fighting." Sailor Mercury muttered softly. "No more fighting!" She yelled, about to burst into tears. "We shall come willingly, we wish not to fight anymore."

"See Serena, that wasn't so hard now was it?" Sabrina smirked at Serena's evil glare. "Getting eviler by the day. You get the girls, I get the boys. Our Queen don't like to be kept waiting." Sabrina commanded harshly.

"Whatever." Serena muttered and came close to the scouts and Anne. "I hope you five are ready to die."

"Serena, why are you doing this? Don't you remeber you are Sailor Moon? The Moon Princess?" Lita tried to get through to her.

"Of course I remember, but I do not wish to be a klutzy goody two shoes anymore. Got it? Now shut up before you get me mad." Lita shut her mouth tight. "Hold on." Serena laughed and they disappeared leaving a cloud of smoke.

"You arn't going to get away with this Sabrina!" Jordan snarled from clenched teeth."

"I believe I already have." Sabrina laughed and they too disappeared leaving a cloud of smoke.

Authors Note: I am soooo sorry it took me so long to update!! I have been sooo busy, and then I have was having writers block. You know, those things arn't the greatest things to have. Hehe. Anywho, I don't really think this is a really good chapter. But me tried. Read and Review

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