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Queen Alana and Hidden Secrets

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Secrets of the past are revealed.

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No One Loved Me Until You Came Along

By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox


"Oh would you stop blabbing? I have work to do. Better yet, I will just deystroy you." Serena smirked at their shocked striken faces. "Powers of the darkness, I call upon your power!" Big black eneregy emmited around Serena.

"Serena! Stop!" Sabrina appeared. "You have orders of the Queen to keep them alive!" Serena glared at her. "Now you guys can come forecefully or willingly. Your choice."

"No more fighting." Sailor Mercury muttered softly. "No more fighting!" She yelled, about to burst into tears. "We shall come willingly, we wish not to fight anymore."

"See Serena, that wasn't so hard now was it?" Sabrina smirked at Serena's evil glare. "Getting eviler by the day. You get the girls, I get the boys. Our Queen don't like to be kept waiting." Sabrina commanded harshly.

"Whatever." Serena muttered and came close to the scouts and Anne. "I hope you five are ready to die."

"Serena, why are you doing this? Don't you remeber you are Sailor Moon? The Moon Princess?" Lita tried to get through to her.

"Of course I remember, but I do not wish to be a klutzy goody two shoes anymore. Got it? Now shut up before you get me mad." Lita shut her mouth tight. "Hold on." Serena laughed and they disappeared leaving a cloud of smoke.

"You arn't going to get away with this Sabrina!" Jordan snarled from clenched teeth.

"I believe I already have." Sabrina laughed and they too disappeared leaving a cloud of smoke.

"Where are we?" Rei asked holding her head slightly.

"I don't know, it seems we are in some type of cave." Ami answered smartly.

"Ooo, I don't like caves." Mina wimpered.

"Where's Lita?" Rei asked looking around.

"She's probably with the guys." Ami suggested.

"Yeah, maybe." Rei said, not too convinced.

"Finally you three have awaken. The others have already awoke and were taking to my Queen, you are to do the same." Sabrina appeared and looked at all three of them.

"Oh, I see. How did we change back to normal looking school girls?" Ami inquired.

"Arn't you suppose to be the smart one of the group?" Ami huffed loudly, "no matter. On the way here, we drained your energy so you were only strong enough as a human. Come now, it's time to go." Sabrina started walking towards the end of the cave and the three girls followed.

"Sabrina, there you are!" A cold woman's voice screeched.

"Yes. Sorry my Queen, they are slackers." Sabrina pointed her thumb to the three behind her.

"Where are our friends?" Rei demanded to know.

"They are safe." She swished her hand behind her like she was bored. Behind her, figures started to appear, their bodies were trapped in an ice like substance except their heads stuck out. If this wasn't so serious, it would be quite funny.

"They look like monsters!" Mina giggled then cleared her throat at the evil glare Rei and Ami were giving her.

"Blondes." Sabrina muttered coldly.

"Well, I would love to stay and chat, but we have work to do." The Queen replied, she then turned to Sabrina. "Put them with the rest. Serena come with me."

"Yes mi Queen." They both said. Serena and the Queen left and Sabrina was left.

"What is your Queen's plans Sabrina?" Rei asked.

"Like I would tell scum like you. You will find out soon enough." Sabrina huffed. She than transported the three of them with the rest.

With Serena...

"My Queen, I don't mean to be a bothersome, but why do I have to be here?" Serena asked as they entered a big chamber, where a bright glowing purple crystal hovered above the room.

"Hasn't Sabrina told you our plans?" Serena shook her head. "Well, you are very important to me Serena. Without you, my plan won't work."

"Oh." Serena mumbled and followed her to where a big throne was.

"Sit on there." She pointed to the throne. Serena nodded and headed towards it. Once she sat down, the whole room started to glow pink.

"What's going on?" Serena asked a little scared.

"It's your power my dear. You are the Moon Princess, therefore you have different energy then me or Sabrina." Queen Alana responded. "Your mother, Queen Serenity was a fool. She didn't know your true power."

"My true power?"

"Yes my dear." Queen Alana started mumbling, the purple crystal started humming. "Your true power, you would have been the most powerful Queen to ever have ruled the Moon Kingdom. Of course, even if your mother knew this, she wouldn't have told you. When Queen Beryl attacked the Moon Kingdom she wanted to deystroy it, to get to you. But Queen Serenity used the last ounce of power to send you to Earth, and there you have lived. Unknown to your responsibilities."

"So your saying, my power can help you take over the universe?" Queen Alana nodded. "But what would happen to everyone on Earth?"

"They would become my servants."

"Oh." Serena mumbled. What have I done? Serena thought. I messed up everything, again.

"Serena, your 'friends' will be here soon." She used air quotes on friends then went back to whatever she was doing.

"Right." Suddenly purple smoke clouded the room. Once it disappeared, Sabrina stood there as long as the rest of my so called friends, shackled.

"Are we set Queen Alana?" Sabrina asked.

"Almost. Almost." She waved her hand. "Just a few more minutes, and then we can get started."

"Wait a minute!" Ami yelled all of a sudden, everyone turned to look at her. "You are Queen Beryls sister."

"Wow, you are very clever. But I would have thought you would have gotten it sooner." Queen Alana smirked.

"Sister?" Serena asked from the throne.

"Yes my dear. Queen Beryl was my older sister." Everyone gave shocked gasps. "The first rulers of the Negaverse were my parents. They had two daughters and four sons. Two of the sons died a year later. So it was just me, Beryl, Diamond and Sapphire. My parents never wanted sons, so they gave my brothers to the Dark Moon family. When my parents died, my sister took over. She did great things. Once she died, I swore to be even greater than she, and so far I am proving that." She paused. "For all the sailor scouts, you are all princesses, but were sent to the Moon Kingdom to protect the princess that mattered most. But I tell you, you failed." She laughed, well more cackled at the four girls.

"You are a pig Alana!" Lita spat.

"Oh am I? I am the greatest Queen to rule in centuries and I intend to keep it that way. With Serena as my princess I will be unstoppable!" Sabrina's face cringed in pain, then went back to normal. "Sabrina take our prisoners to the dungeons, I am not ready yet."

Sabrina bowed. "Yes your Highness." They all disappeared, once again.

With Sabrina and others...

"Sabrina? Are you okay?" Mina came up to the bars as Sabrina was about to vanish.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Sabrina snapped, making Mina tumble backwards.

"Rina, are you sure?" Jordan came up next. "You seemed hurt once Alana said that Serena was going to be her princess."

Tears swelled up into Sabrina's eyes. She unlocked the gate, and ran to her brother. He accepted her into his arms and he hugged her tightly. "I was suppose to be her princess!" She sniffed. "Me, not Serena. She told me herself, that once I did everything she asked, I would become the next ruler of the Negavese." Sabrina came stiff. "She lied. All of it was a lie."

"Rina, calm down." Jordan soothed, but it wasn't enough. Sabrina bursted with anger. Power shedded from her, like a snake and she grew angrier and angrier.

"Jordan, get back!" Ami squealed. Jordan moved quickly, and Sabrina made one more blast of energy before she collapsed.

"Sabrina!" Jordan yelled and ran to her. "Are you okay?"

Sabrina opened her eyes slowly and smiled sadly. "You have to help me brother."

"With what?"

"To kill her."

"Her? Whose her?" Jordan feared it was Serena.

"Queen Alana," Sabrina whispered.

"Yes my sister. I will help you."

"We will all help you." Rei said, holding out her hand towards her. She accepted and got up.

"Thank- you." She whispered into Rei's ear.

Authors Note: Well there's the end. haha. I know it was short. But I had to make a cliffie. So I hope you can forgive me. Well this is chapter 25, ooo only four more chapters until I am done with this one. Hee yaa!! Lol. Hope you like it. Read and Review.

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