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68. Someone's Gonna Ask You What It's All About

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in which Elyse and Molly spend some quality girl time together. In which Elyse swoons. In which the p33n is addressed.

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"ELYSE!!!!" Molly screamed across the crowded LAX terminal as she jumped up and down and waved at her friend. The taller blonde, now with blue streaks for a change, waved back and screamed in response. It was now May and Molly had just finished her Spring semester. With two weeks until her summer classes began Molly had invited her best friend out to LA for a visit.
"You look amazing!" Elyse exclaimed. Standing in front of her was a smiling, curvy, short haired brunette.
"Even better, I feel amazing. Come on, we'll talk back at my place. Let's get out of here." Molly grabbed Elyse's arm and dragged her friend off towards the baggage terminal.

"Well that was hellish." Elyse grumbled as the girls walked through Molly's apartment door.
"That's the Los Angeles freeways. I thought driving through downtown in rush hour was bad. I didn't know bad until I got here."
"Yea, I could tell."
"The bus is my best friend. The subway a close buddy. Feel special I actually took my car today to get you." Molly replied as she flipped through the day's mail.
"Anything interesting? And where do I sleep?"
"Nope and straight down that back hallway, second door on the left is the guest room. It's kind of small, and its a futon but I use that as a study too."
"That's fine." Elyse said as she dragged her bags down the hall towards where Molly had said her room was. "What's for dinner?" Elyse asked a few minutes later as she came back out to the kitchen.
"Chicken stir fry. I just have to toss it in a wok and we're good to go. I figured easy would be best tonight."
"You figured right. I'm exhausted."
"Me too. Finals blew."
" didn't fail anything did you?!"
"No, I just did wayyyy too much work this semester."
"Oh. Ok. Good. Let's eat."

"So, what do you think about The Roxy tonight?" Molly asked Elyse as they were leaving her apartment building a few nights later.
"I wanna go dancing tonight dude."
"Dancing..." Molly asked her friend blankly.
"Yea, dancing. Let's go get our groove on."
"Umm....ok? Let me think for a minute." Molly trailed off and thought to herself where they could possibly go.
"Don't worry about it. It's LA we'll find something."
"Right....something." Molly muttered as she followed her friend out to the waiting cab.

"Isn't this AMAZING!" Elyse yelled over the pounding music as she threw back a shot.
"Oh yea...amazing." Molly said laughing at Elyse.
"Dude, have a drink."
"No thanks. I'm good Lyse." Molly replied. "One of us needs to be functioning."
"I'm fine."
"I know you are. But a few more of those shooters and you won't be. So I'll stay sober."
"....very. very. true my friend. very true." Elyse replied poking Molly in the nose before giggling. Molly just rolled her eyes and sipped on a glass of sprite and lime. "ooo...who is that?" Elyse suddenly asked while forcibly turning Molly's head in another direction.
"That's...a boy?"
"But who is it?! You always know the peoples at home."
"I always knew the peoples at home at the band bars...not at the hip/hop clubs."
"Well, I want to meet him." Elyse stated firmly before getting off her bar stool and started swaying her way across the club.
"Oh boy...." Molly said as she grabbed both her and Elyse's purses and hurried after her friend, "Talk about roll reversal."
A few hours later Molly was chatting with the male they had met in the club as he carried a passed out Elyse up to her apartment.
"Thanks for this James." Molly said as she unlocked her apartment door and pointed for him to put Elyse on the couch.
"It's not a problem at all Molly. I had fun with you girls tonight. I'm glad to see that you've worked past your fear that I was going to drug your drinks."
"Well, when I saw your tattoo I figured you might have some morals." Molly replied tapping the inside of his forearm that showed triple x's.
"Yup. Plus, you were bitching about the music as much as I was." He added. Molly laughed at that explanation.
"Do you want coffee or something?" She asked him.
"Nah, I really need to get going. I have to work tomorrow early. But give Elyse this." He responded and held out a business card.
"Absolutely." Molly grinned as she walked him to the door and shut it behind him. Walking back over to the couch Molly covered her friend up and stuck a garbage can under her head. "You have all the luck you know that? Only you could get the number of a gorgeous straight edge recently graduated law student who listens to punk rock while wasted."
"You're staying for HOW much longer?" Molly asked Elyse in shock three days later.
"Til July. James is done with his internship then. He's moving back home to Chicago after that."
"'re going with him?"
"Yea. Can you believe we haven't met before this? It had to have been fate."
"It's had to have been six days."
"So...sometimes you just know. This is it for me Mol. He's the one."
"In the six years I've known you Elyse you have never once seriously dated someone."
"Exactly, I've kissed all my frogs. I found my prince now."
"...the whole world is crazy."
"Don't be like that." Elyse said sitting down across the kitchen table from Molly, "If the whole world was crazy. If I was crazy you would be happily settled down with one of the many boys I've met this week who you are friends with...who are all in love with you, super supportive and caring no less, instead of pining after Patrick Martin Stump."
"That's different."
"How is that different?"
"I've known Patrick since we were kids. You just met James."
"You like him! Don't lie."
"Yea, he's great. But don't put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. James Stratford the Third. What kind of name is that anyway?"
"Ask Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third."
"He's nice Molly. He likes me. Its not like we're getting married or anything. Hell we aren't even moving in together, I just have the time off from work so I figured it'd be nice to spend some time out here with you and get to know him better."
"Alright. Alright. I believe you."
Two weeks later Molly was home alone doing some school work when her cell phone rang.
"Hey stranger, how's life?"
"It could probably be better."
"Yea, well. Certain things are your own damn fault and I'm not sympathetic at all. You know that. I've told you this."
"I know. I still want to throw a little pity party if I could?"
"Pete. I'm still friends with him. I know you. I believe him. Deal with it.I still love you, you're still one of my best friends, but you fucked up a friendship that would have stayed with you until you died and you have no one to blame but yourself."
"....I'm hanging up now."
"Not yet you aren't. Remember what I told you a few years ago?"
"You told me a LOT of stuff a few years ago Molly."
"Ok...well I'll refresh your memory. It's time to check your bullshit at the door Pete. Young Hollywood is calling, please try to avoid answering. I have class in a half hour. I have to go."
"Bye." Pete replied with steel in his voice and hung up. Molly sighed and ran a hand over her face.
"How did everything get so royally fucked? And for once how is it NOT me doing it?"
"Hello? Pete?"
"Did you see?"
"I've seen it before. I'm still not impressed."
"Ha fucking ha."
"What? I figured everyone else was going to freak out so I'd try and make light of the situation. Can I just ask..HOW they got online?"
"I don't know."
"I think someone hacked my can stop laughing at any time now. Do you know what this is going to do for my career?"
"Do you know your publicist is probably throwing a fucking party?"
"I didn't want this Molly!"
"I know you didn't Pete. But it happened. I don't want to know who those were for, or why you were taking them in front of Morrissey, by the way--you should play up the Morrissey angle. It'd make it seem funnier."
"Ugh. You know Joe and Andy are making fun of me too. Patrick is the only one who is being sympathetic."
"Patrick is laughing. I guarantee it. He just won't do it to your face."
"I bet Chris did it."
"...whoa there buddy. Don't go throwing blame around at people who might hate you but aren't that malicious. Esspecially not when they were the ones who were in the RIGHT, or need I remind you how you totally tried to mack on Kate."
"Don't ever use the term Mack On again. And I did not."
"Uh-huh. Sure best friend, sure you didn't. Please try and remember who you are talking to here. Seriously Pete, so your penis is on the internet. Welcome to stardom. Seriously. This is going to make you guys huge...and ok so it sucks that you'll get famous off your dick but it could be worse, you could be famous 'cause you make bad music."
"That didn't make any sense."
"I'm studying for finals what do you want from me? I don't have time to solve your crisis as well. I love you but I've got to go."
"Ok...fine. Bye."

"You ok?" Molly looked up to see Elyse and James walking into her apartment.
"Yea, fine. His highness just called because he doesn't feel like he has any real friends left." Elyse snorted and replied with,
"And who's fault does he think that is?"
"That's what I said. Maybe I should call Chris and make him and Pete talk to each other?"
"They'll kill each other first Molly. You just have to let that heal itself and be a friend to both of them."
"Stop making sense." James laughed at Molly's response, "And you stop being a nice guy."
"Right. Stopping....eventually." James said as he walked past Molly and handed her a cupcake on the way to the kitchen.
"Where else." was the man's reply as he began putting grocery's away.
"Ok Elyse. You can keep him." Molly said as she took a bite of the confection.

A/N: Title is from "A Praise Chorus" by Jimmy Eat World
this was filler. sorry. but there were things that I wanted to only briefly address and how they effected our favorite psycho's lives but didn't necessarily want to jump into full on chapters about. plus, Elyse needs a man.
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