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69. Or Is (It) That We're Not Punk Enough?

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in which Molly gets a "summer job"

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"I'mgonnamissyouyoushouldstayhereinLA" Molly said barely understandably into Elyse's shoulder.
"Awe, You're coming home in December for good girl. You'll be so busy finishing school you won't even notice I'm gone."
"Sunny will! That cat likes you better then me....James stop making that face, Sunny doesn't like you 'cause you stepped on him."
Elyse laughed at Molly's comment as the disembodied voice made the final boarding announcement for the couple's plane to Chicago.
"We gotta go Mol. Loves you." Elyse said hugging her best friend one more time.
"Loves you too." Molly mumbled back as she hugged them both. Molly stepped back and waved as she watched the incredulous site of her best female friend walking hand in hand onto a plane with a boy. No regular boy either, a straightedge boy she had been dating for almost two months.
"I suppose I've seen weirder." Molly muttered to herself as she turned and headed towards the terminal exit, "but not much weirder."

A few nights later Molly was standing around the back of the Knitting Factory sipping a beer and watching Sugarcult jump around the stage when she heard a voice behind her ask if she was "Molly O'Conell"
"Umm...depends on who's asking." Molly responded to the man who appeared to be in his late-thirties, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer and chucks. Molly looked him up and down while she waited for a response.
"Kevin Baldwin" He replied holding his hand out to shake. Molly stared at him for a second and tried to force the beer down her throat and not choke before she shook his hand and replied shakily, "Nice to meet you Mr. Baldwin. How did you know who I was?"
"The club manager pointed you out to me. He said you had a lot of underground connections and that the kids like you."
"I suppose they do. I don't have that much interaction with them on a personal level, but I know they don't think I'm an evil bitch." Kevin laughed at her response and gestured to a booth.
"Can we sit and talk?"
"Absolutely." Molly said enthusiastically as she followed one of the best known independant promoters in California over to a booth for a drink.
"So anyway, Molly. I have to confess, I came here specifically to speak to you. Joe mentioned that you were still in college at UCLA. But now that it's summer what are your plans?"
"Classes. I'm already behind so I'm taking classes straight through graduation in December."
"Honestly, I was going to ask you to spend July first through the twenty-fifth on tour with me. I need someone who the kids recognize, who knows these bands, to help me out on that leg of Warped this summer." Molly just stared at Kevin as he spoke to her. Someone respected in the industry had just handed her the perfect job on a silver platter, and her first thought was of how disappointed Patrick would be if she screwed up again.
"I can't." Kevin's eyebrow rose in surprise at her answer.
" realize I'm only making this offer once right?"
"Yes." Molly said quietly.
"Alright, it's your decision. Although I can't say its not the right one. You're a smart kid. Here's my card." Kevin held out a business card to Molly which she took and immediately put in her wallet, "Drop me an email. You've got a week until they arrive in town. First California date is July sixth in Pomona. Maybe we can work something out for the week we're in Cali."
"Kid, you just turned down the chance to essentially run a month of promotion for Warped Tour. You're way smarter then I gave you credit for initially. I'll speak to you soon." With that statement Kevin got up and walked away from the table leaving Molly sitting there staring like a dead fish.
"Oh. My. God." She whispered before grabbing the stupid sidekick Pete had forced her into investing in and began texting everyone she had ever been friends with.

A week later Molly walked into a hotel in San Diego California and waved to Kevin Baldwin as she approached him.
"Molly O'Conell here and reporting for duty sir." she said with a joking tone to her voice.
"At easy sailor." Kevin quipped back, "You're in room 345 tonight. Most of the bands won't be in until much later tonight, possibly tomorrow because the show was in Pheonix today. After tonight we'll be on the crew bus so enjoy your last night in a real bed until Sacremento."
"I love touring. At least busses have bunks. Try sleeping on an amplifier with four snoring boys surrounding you." Molly said to Kevin as they headed for the elevators. "What do you want me to get started on?" She asked as they walked into the machine.
"Nothing. Enjoy yourself. Basically you're job is going to be essentially to wander around with an all access pass and get reports from the booths about how things are going and make sure nothing crazy happens. I know you know some of the bigger bands on the tour, so if you want to catch up with them and see about arranging special grin and grips, you can do that. Molly, I essentially need you to just be my eyes and ears for a week. Can you do that?"
"Uh-huh." Molly nodded dumbly as she realized she had just been told to literally have a paid vacation and go to a week of Warped Tour.
"Thought so. We'll this is me. You're down a few more. Eight A.M. load in, be downstairs at seven-thirty ready to leave. Night."
"Night Kevin." Molly said as he closed the door. Shaking her head Molly started walking until she found her own room. Unlocking the door she stepped in and let it close behind her. Flipping the lock quickly Molly walked over to the bed, threw down her duffle at the foot and after kicking off her shoes and setting her alarm clock for six Molly let herself pass out.

Hectic would be a nice word to describe the next morning. When her alarm went off Molly rolled out of bed and jumped in the shower. Throwing on a pair of capri jeans, red chucks, and a red The Academy Is... t-shirt Molly pulled her hair back as much as she could and grabbed her duffle bag before leaving the room. Going downstairs and walking into the lobby however is what caused Molly to stop short. Where the night before had been quiet and calm was now filled to the brim with teenage "scene" kids. Molly's eyes widened as she watched the teeming masses of them with their parents wander around the hotel lobby.
"What the...." she trailed off in surprise.
"Crazy isn't it?" Kevin said from behind her. Molly turned to see her boss standing there looking not even slightly amused.
"What are they all doing here?"
"Traveling for Warped. This is why I wanted you here. I'm going to be handling too much big promotion stuff to keep track of the little things. I need you to keep tabs on all the street teamers and the like." Molly wrinkled her nose at his explanation and he added "Everyone has to start somewhere. Come on. Let's go eat."
"I know." she said with a shrug and followed him into the restaurant as a roadie came over and took their bags out to the promotional staff's bus.
"So the plan is basically get to the venue. Start supervising load in, on our end we have street teams. I'm having the leaders check in with you for the next few dates. You just tell them where they are supposed to be, I sent you all that info last week right?"
"Yup." Molly answered quickly after she ordered scrambled eggs and pancakes.
"Good. Oh, and these are your's. Do NOT lose them." Kevin held out a manila envelope to Molly who opened it to see a laminate and three keys attached to a bungee clip as well as a list of phone numbers and a credit card. "The two laminate self explanatory-it's your all access pass but its also your ID badge, you can go anywhere with that. It has your name and picture on it as well. That is your life. The keys are- one is for the bus, one is for the production trailer and 1 is for the underside of the bus. They're marked. The list is everyone you need to know on this tour, I gave it to you already last week."
"Yea," Molly interupted. "Everyone's already programmed in."
"Ok good, and the credit card is because we're basically paying for you. Food is free because you eat in catering, but if you need to go somewhere outside of the venue that's how you pay. Just keep receipts."
"Got it." Molly nodded.
"Good, let's eat and get out of here." Kevin said taking a big gulp of his coffee as he spotted some teenage girls eying Molly attach the bungee clip to her belt.

Five hours later and it was only ten-thirty at Molly's first date on the tour. She had already been hugged senseless and proposed to by Adam T. Siska three times, as well as propositioned by The Butcher and she hadn't even tracked down all the street team leaders from the labels yet. 'two hours to gates. I need to get this done. Where ARE these people?' Molly yelled in her head as she got more and more frustrated. Half the street team leaders she had met had been little more then teenagers with glorified fan status, instead of the label reps she had been expecting. 'ahh! Sisky. Hide me.' Molly's inner monolouge was interrupted by spotting Sisky once again and deciding that as much as she loved the kid she was too exhausted already to deal with the on-going joke they had had since he was much more underage.
Molly turned to head over to the Drive Thru booth and try and find out who was the street team leader for this date when she crashed into someone causing her to drop her papers. Looking up Molly realized she was face to sternum with Travis McCoy. Leaning down to gather her papers Molly finally lost it for a second. Screaming under her breath in frustration Molly stomped off to the sound of Travis' voice following her,
"Good to see you too Mol!"
'ugh. What is today F.B.R. day or something?' Finally Molly stopped and took a deep breath before smiling headed over to the Drive Thru booth to find out why they were one of the most incompetant labels she had ever delt with.

"So what did you think of your first day?" Kevin asked Molly from the kitchen of the bus later that night.
"That good huh?"
"Go get some sleep. You'll be useless tomorrow without it. Good job today though. I promise there won't be as much of a mix-up with Drive Thru tomorrow."
"I hope not. I finally found the kid around three this afternoon. He didn't realize he needed to do anything." Molly answered Kevin as she climbed into her bunk leaving him standing there in the kitchen shaking his head in exasperation.

Despite a rocky start soon enough it was July 13th and Molly was watching the Warped Tour crew load out after the last California show.
"You're sure you won't come with us?" Kevin asked Molly from next to the car he had called to take her back to Los Angeles that night.
"I'm sure. This was a great week Kevin. Thanks for the experience."
"It was my pleasure. Give me a call when you graduate. I need competant people. Although, if you're still planning on going back home, I know people in Chicago who need competant people as well." Molly laughed at the face he made when he said Chicago. Reaching out and hugging Kevin randomly Molly smiled and got into the car. Waving once more she leaned back and let herself fall asleep until the town car pulled up in front of her apartment building.
"Thank you." She said softly to the driver as she got out and headed into the building.

Eventually walking into her living room, after collecting the mail and trudging up the stairs Molly threw the mail onto the coffee table and sat down on the couch hard. Making a mental note to pick up Sunny at the neighbors the next morning Molly shuffled off into the bathroom and washed up. Not ten minutes later she was ready for bed.
Laying down in her bed Molly stared at the ceiling and tried to get herself to fall asleep without the rocking of the bus. After tossing and turning for over an hour Molly finally had enough and grabbed her cell phone.
Dialing familar number Molly breathed a sigh of relief when she heard a voice answer sleepily,
"...what are you doing calling at...five in the morning?"
"Is it that time there? I'm sorry Pete."
"Whatever. It's not that big of a deal. Whatsup?"
"I can't sleep."
"How was your week?"
"Other then Sisky thinking he's still sixteen and in love with me?"
"Yes, other then that."
"Ok...and the reason you can't sleep."
"I need to know why I didn't take Kevin freaking Baldwin up on his offer."
"Because one day you'd like to be Kevin freaking Baldwin re-incarnate and despite some exceptions, you need to finish that degree of your's first."
"Thank you. I think I needed to hear it from the only other person as crazy as I am lately."
"Thanks I think."
"It was a compliment."
"oh in that case. Thanks. Can you sleep now?"
"I don't know. But you can go back to sleep."
"Oh goodie."
Molly hung up the phone and plugged it into her charger before laying back down and finally allowed herself to drift off into an exhausted sleep.

A/N: Title is from "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sell Outs" by LTJ (Less Than Jake for those of you who are youngins)
-oh and while I didn't have that exact experience with DT..I did have a similar one. That label has gone down the tubes the past few years. seriously.

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-OK! Here's where I am pissed off. For the past two weeks while I have been working my ass off in real life, I've been getting a good 30 or so emails basically bitching me out 'cause I didn't update.'s the third chapter in basically as many days. Instead--I get 1 lined reviews OR almost no reviews. All the emails were from people I don't recognize either. I seriously am starting to feel like not writing this anymore if this is what's going to happen.
I write this for myself. No one else. But when I see "oh its good. write more." as a review..or better yet--numbers like 300 views and only 8 reviews. I start to wonder what's the point. Essp. when its followed by emails like "what did you die?! where the hell is the next chapter?"
I have to work late the next 2 nights & come in on Saturday to "play catch up" at work.
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