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70. Some Things You Can't Erase, No Matter How Hard You Try

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Part 6 in which Molly runs into some old friends and catches up over coffee

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After her week running the grass roots promotion on Warped Molly started to see doors open for her left and right, and she kept turning away from opportunities that had her friends looking at her like she was crazy.
'Just make it to December Molly' she kept telling herself. December meant graduation. December meant getting out of Los Angeles. December meant she could truly begin her life. As the months passed from July to October Molly worked her ass off with those goals in mind. It wasn't until the second week of October that her perfect plan hit a bit of a speed bump. Technically, two speed bumps.
"Joe? Andy?" Molly asked curiously of two people sitting in a corner table at her local coffee shop. Molly stood over the table that the boys were sitting at looking curiously. Both men looked up in shock.
"Molly?" They replied in unison. "What are you doing here?" Andy elaborated.
"I live about four blocks over. Can I sit?"
"If you think we're going to say no you're crazier then even we thought." Joe mumbled while pulling out the third chair and dodging a swat of Molly's purse. "Anyway, how's school?" He said louder as she sat down.
"It's good. I'm done in December. What about you? What the hell are you doing here?"
"Recording." Andy said
"Oooo..duh. I'm an idiot. I knew that." Joe laughed as Molly shook her head.
"Nah, its easy to forget. We've actually been here on and off for a few months. And I realize that by telling you think I am inviting your wrath for having not called you."
"Joe, I get it. Bros before Hoes"
"You're not a hoe!" Joe exclaimed.
"Awe thank you Joey."
"You're way too expensive to be a hoe." He finished with a smirk and once again had to jump back to avoid being swatted. "No but seriously. The real reason we haven't called is that it's just been really crazy." Joe said sincerely. "Forgive us?"
"Eh, You'll live to see another day."
"Max thanks you."
"I know she does. She calls me."
"Ha ha ha."
"Wow I'm surrounded by children even now, with no Pete in sight." Andy inserted into the conversation while waving at the two in a 'hey remember me' gesture.
"Sorry Andy. Something about Joey here just gets me every time."
"It's my stunning good looks."
"Or possibly your hair and the fact that it's definitely sentient."
"It is not!...wait, what's sentient?"
"And on THAT note," Andy began before anyone could say anything else, "Did you see us on MTV?"
"Yes. You looked utterly ridiculous. What possessed you to wear those outfits?"
"Do you really need us to answer that question?" Andy asked Molly with a raised eyebrow.
"How'd you guess?"
"I dated him for long enough to know what a fucking twisted sense of humor he has. Everyone thought it was Pete's idea didn't they?"
"Yup." Joe and Andy said at the same time with identical smirks causing Molly to crack up.
"Anyway, ignoring the horrible outfits. I'm really proud of you guys. It's about time you got some recognition for all of this."
"Thanks Mol. That means a lot coming from you." Joe said softly, "You've been there since it all started pretty much and a lot of it wouldn't be possible without you."
"Shush. Yes it would. I bet if you had never met me all of this would have still happened, but without the added drama I've caused the human hat rack."
Andy choked on his juice at her statement and started laughing while Joe just shook his head.
"Let's not even think about you not being around. Ok? I'm still holding out hope for a reunion in the final part."
"And since we don't live in a book or in a movie Joseph, let it be known I've finally accepted the fact that Patrick and I will no longer be together ever."
"Whatever." Joe said while grabbing his cell phone that had started ringing on the table.
"Helllloooo Patrick. Whatsup?" Joe said into the reciever while Molly began fidgeting uncomfortably. "uh-huh. uh-huh. uh...." Joe trailed off and eyed Molly. "What? No. I'm listening. Yea. Ok. I'll see you in a half hour." Joe finally finished the phone call and hung up. "We've gotta book."
"What now?" Andy asked
"Babyface says jump and we say how high."
"You call Patrick babyface?" Molly questioned.
"Ummm...." Andy started, "No. We call Babyface. Babyface."
"Babyface? As in Kenneth Babyface Edmonds?"
"That'd be the one." Andy replied.
"Uh-huh. Pretty much." Joe said as he started gathering their trash. "But we really need to go."
"Alrighty." Molly said standing up as well. "How long are you in town for?"
"Few more weeks." Andy told her as the three walked out into the warm California weather. "We're staying here." he added as he scribbled an address on a napkin. "Come visit or I'll track you down and make you hang out." Molly laughed as he handed her the chicken scratched napkin.
"Is that a z? or a b?"
"very funny."
"I thought so." Joe said as he unlocked their car.
"Alright. Hugs." Molly said holding her arms out and accepting hugs from both boys. Andy and Joe stepped back and went to get into the car when Molly quickly threw out, "Babyface huh? Am I even going to want to hear this record?"
"You'll be surprised." Andy said cryptically as he closed the door and waved as the guys drove off.
Molly stood on the sidewalk for a few minutes before shrugging and turning to walk towards her apartment building with her over active imagination running through all the possiblities as to what this new album would possibly sound like.
'I guess I was right when I told Patrick one day he'd be able to make any album he wanted to make.' Molly thought to herself before continuing sarcastically in her own head 'Imagine that. I was right about something.'

A/N: title is from "Echo" by Trapt. yes...I know how much this band sucks. But I like this song.

A/N 2: This is the first part of Part 6. There are 5 chapters left after this one. Yes, its finally almost done. I also realize how ridiculously short this chapter was but it was sort of one of those chapters that I knew I needed to have because I missed Andy & Joe and 'cause I wanted to update but as I'm crying 'cause I'm watching "Last of the Mohicans" & I worked all day I don't have the energy for anyhing longer right now. To make up for it the last 5 chapters will probably be verrrrry long.
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