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71. This Is My Crusade, And You're The Unreachable Star

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in which Molly has sweet hangs with people, goes to class and manages to insult everyone's favorite blonde princess who has totes infringed upon our little "world"

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Three days after Molly's run in with Andy and Joe she was sitting on her couch reading through one of her text books when her cell phone rang.
"Hey whore" Molly answered after glancing at the caller ID and seeing "Wentz" on the screen.
"Hey. Do you wanna come over for a dinner party tonight?"
"Wow, cut right to the chase huh?"
"I'm kind of on a quick break while Patrick cuts some vocals."
"Oh...yea. Dinner sounds good. What time?"
"Ummm....six...err...thirty. Six-thirty."
"Ok, six-thirty dinner. Should I bring anything? and dinner party?"
"Just bring your gorgeous self. Its just going to be a few friends, you'll know everyone. You have the address right?"
"Yep. It'll be good to see you. Catch up in person and all that."
"Yea. I gotta go." After he said that Pete hung up on the phone and Molly was left listening to a dial tone.
"sure. ok. right." She mumbled as she went back to reading being that she had four hours to get ready for dinner.

'It's just dinner with your friends Molly Anne' Molly reassured herself as she reached out and pressed the door bell. Molly glanced down at herself and not for the first time that night wondered if she had over dressed. Her simple black dress and heels had been something she threw together in an effort to look at least somewhat attractive. 'Plus knowing Peter of late he's going to want to go out after dinner.' Molly's train of thought was brought to a screeching halt when the front door was opened and Patrick's voice questioned, "Molly?"
Molly looked up and saw Patrick standing there in a pair of old jeans and a black t-shirt with a hoodie over it. He had a crooked baseball cap stuck on his head and was staring at her confusedly through big glasses.
"Umm...hey Patrick. Is dinner ready? I know I'm a few minutes late. I didn't keep anyone waiting right?"
"Keep anyone waiting?" he questioned with the same mystified tone to his voice and seemed to be staring passed her. Molly turned her head to follow his line of sight and for the first time seemed to notice the complete lack of any cars in the driveway or in front of the small rented house the boys were staying in.
"Yea. For dinner. The one Pete invited me too."
"Pete went out with Joe, Andy, Nick and Ashlee."
"Don't ask. Seriously. It's weird."
"Sure it is. Ok, so this is some crazy deja vu shit going on. Can I come in at least?" Molly said to her ex as she gestured around the front porch she was still standing on.
"Oh shit. Yea. Come on it. Sorry." Patrick stepped back and opened the door wider allowing Molly to squeeze through and be attacked by Hemmingway.
"Hellooooo baby." Molly squealed and immediately got on the floor to pet the dog. Patrick laughed and walked into the kitchen. "Don't laugh at me. This doggie loves me. Don't you baby?"
"You're worse then Pete with that damn mutt."
"Hemmy isn't a mutt." Molly said as she followed Patrick into the kitchen. "Nice place by the way." She added as she looked around the surprisingly large kitchen and dining room area.
"Thanks. We wanted something homey but still big enough so we wouldn't want to strangle each other."
"Makes sense."
"You hungry?" Patrick asked as she opened the fridge. "I was just about to make dinner for myself."
"I could eat considering I thought I was coming for a dinner party. Why didn't you go with them?"
"I told Pete earlier I was tired and was just gonna chill tonight. I don't go out much, you know that."
"Did you tell him at say two-thirty-ish."
"Yea why?"
"No reason." Molly said rolling her eyes and thinking about the phone call she had recieved about ten minutes after that.
"Pasta and chicken?" Patrick questioned holding out a half decimated chicken and a box of pasta to Molly. She raised an eyebrow in response and asked,
"And just what do you want me to do with that?"
"Magic?" He said hopefully. Molly just sighed and got up grabbing an apron off the closet door and after tying it around her waist grabbed the items from her ex.
"Make yourself useful and toss a salad. I swear you four are completely helpless without me." Molly grumbled as she began boiling water for pasta and started cutting up the chicken and fresh tomatoes to make a simple catchatori. Patrick leaned over and shocked both of them by kissing her cheek and saying "thank you" before he began with the salad preperations. For the next twenty minutes the two worked silently and to both of them they could almost pretend that they were still in high school and nothing had changed.

"You did NOT!?!" Molly squealed before starting to laugh as Patrick finished a story about the last tour. Draining the last of what was left in her wine glass Molly stood up and began gathering plates off the kitchen table.
"I did. I swear to it."
"Why though?" Molly asked with morbid curiousity showing on her face as she rinsed dishes and handed them to Patrick to put in the dishwasher.
"Because they gave me five bucks." He replied with a shrug.
"I will never for the life of me understand you boys."
"But you love us."
"And only the good lord knows why." She told him with a smirk. "Alright, I should get going." Molly finally said a few minutes later.
"But you've been drinking."
"I had two glasses of wine and I have to drive ten minutes away."
"At least stay for a little while. Have a cup of coffee. Let the alcohol wear off a little bit." Patrick said almost despretely.
"wow. Ok. No coffee though."
"Alright, let's go hang out in the living room then." Patrick mumbled and grabbed Molly's hand to lead her into the next room. After they were both settled on the couch and had put their feet up on the coffee table they sat in dead silence for a good ten minutes. Molly eventually had enough of it and just asked,
"What's up with you?"
"Huh? Nothing."
"You hate me."
"Totally do not."
"Ok Valley Girl."
"Ha. Not. What's up with you that you think there is something up with me?"
"There's nothing up with me Patrick. I'm totally over you. Completely. Totally."
"Glad you're over me."
"Me too."
"I didn't say you weren't."
"Ok I lied."
"Yea I figured."
"Truth is, I miss you." Molly finally said to him. In that one statement she injected all the sincerity she could possibly drag out of herself. "I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. But I think I finally get it, and I am willing to let you go if that's what it takes for both of us to be happy again. It's just, despite all the mistakes. I wish I knew what I did that made you hate me."
Patrick stared at Molly as she spoke. Closing his eyes for a second he seemed to be processesing something. When he opened his eyes she was still staring directly at him so Patrick responded in the only way he knew how, he kissed her.
And since despite everything that had happened Molly was far from brain dead, she kissed him back.

"Wow." Molly mumbled.
"Uh-huh." Patrick said back.
Both of them were laying on his bed on their backs staring at the ceiling.
"We do this a lot don't we?" Molly turned her head towards Patrick to question him.
"What? The sex or the staring up."
"Kind of both."
"Yea. We do. Not so much the sex anymore really, but I still spend plenty of quality time pondering the meaning of life in the plaster as I'm sure you do."
"You are right as usual."
"I know." Molly reached out to smack Patrick lightly on the chest at his glib answer.
"What it Mister."
"Me watch it. You watch it." Patrick responded before grabbing Molly and tickling her.
Later when Pete, Andy and Joe got back they came into the living room and stopped dead. Pete picked up a pink bra and black dress off the floor and held them out to the other two.
"You both owe me twenty bucks."

"Good Morning Sunshine." Molly cooed at Pete two weeks later as he came into the kitchen for breakfast.
"What are you so cheery about? Oh wait, I know. It kept me up all night."
"Don't complain. If I have to hear "Ohhh Petey-poo" one more time I'm going to be sick...right into one of her tacky fedoras."
"Be nice." Pete warned.
"Why should I? She's been nothing but rude to me since I met her."
"It's been three days."
"I don't care if it's been three minutes. I was nothing but nice to her."
"Nice? How is asking "So, what does it feel like to be basically the laughing stock of the music industry?" nice?"
"I didn't tell her what I thought of her. I asked her what her opinion of other's opinions of her was. Big difference." Molly said with a smile as she grabbed the two cups of coffee she had been preparing and headed for Patrick's room with Pete's voice calling "Karma!" after her.
"Knock Knock." Molly said as she opened the door to Patrick's bedroom and paused to see him not there. "Patrick?"
"Yes?" came the response from behind her.
"Shit! Don't do that." Molly said jumping. Turning she handed him a cup of coffee and walked back into the room.
"What are your plans for today?" Patrick asked as he sat at his desk.
"Class at one and three and that's it. You?"
"Yea. I figured. Alright. I gotta get going. Last night was great. Give me a call sometime."
"Will do." Patrick replied without turning his face from his computer. Molly paused in the doorway for a few moments before stalking out and resisting the urge to slam the door behind her.
As she walked past the kitchen Molly saw Pete and Ashlee sitting at the table with Joe. Sticking her head in she quickly called out her good-byes.
"Bye Joey, Bye Peter. Bye whore."
"Bye." Came from two male voices and a "fuck you." came from a female.

"Seriously Elyse. WHY do I do this to myself?" Molly asked into her cell phone as she stalked across campus a few hours later and headed to her Media Law class.
"Because you love him?"
"Do not."
"Right. And I'm not on the air in twenty minutes."
"You aren't. You have thirty."
"Ugh! Fine thirty. So don't have sex with him anymore."
"'s good sex."
"So then keep having sex with him but don't complain when it's JUST sex. I told you this was a bad idea after the first time when you told me what you guys talked about....or have you convieniantely forgotten about that?"
"No..." Molly trailed off softly.
"So what's the plan?" Patrick asked as he traced circles on Molly's back in bed.
"I dunno....why does there need to be a plan. We have fun and see what happens."
"'cause you are a drug Molly O'Connell."
"Am I expensive?"
"And rare. I have to take what I can get. And right now this can't be more then sex. Sex or nothing."
"...I guess I'll take sex for three hundred Alex."
"Don't be ridiculous," Patrick said kissing her shoulder, "You're worth at least five."

"Molly are you listening to me?"
"Huh? Yea. I gotta go Elyse, I'm at my class."
"Yea alright. I'll talk to you soon. Bye."
"Bye." Molly hung up the phone and walked into the small specialized class despite knowing she wouldn't hear one word of what the professor said today.

Two days later Molly still hadn't heard from Patrick again. Slamming her car door she double timed it up to their front door. Knocking loudly she waited for the door to be opened by someone. Andy finally swung open the door and just said, "he's in his room."
"Thanks." Molly muttered distractedly kissing the drummer's cheek as she ran by. Opening the door to Patrick's room Molly walked right in and surprised him. He looked up in shock from where he was sitting with his acoustic guitar.
"Ok. I'm only going to say this once. I still love you. I can't do this...whatever THIS is anymore. I can't JUST have sex with anyone, I esspecially can't JUST have sex with you of all people." Patrick opened his mouth to answer but Molly held up a hand, "No. Wait for me to finish. This little fling is going to send me into a spiral, my grades are already slipping because all I can think about is the fact that I want to be with you."
"Molly, I can't. I've told you this before. We just aren't right for each other anymore."
" steal a line from Ms. Reese, I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart, and I never really got it back."
"Yea, well so did I. Only mine was shattered." Patrick said quitely.
"....fine. I give up." Molly just turned and walked out without pausing.
Once she was in her car she slammed her hand against the steering wheel. "Damnit!" Then she jumped when her cell phone rang.
"I'm sorry, that was wrong of me. Come back inside. We need to at least stay friends this time?"
"I don't know if I can do that either. I'll give you a call tomorrow."
"Yea ok. Bye."
"Bye." Molly said hanging up. "Well....ok. Friends is one step up from fuck buddies I suppose." She said to herself as she turned the car over and pulled away from the curb.

A/N: title is from "Don Quixote" by Pencey Prep. If you don't know who this is--check it out! It's old, and I'm pretty sure they are technically not together anymore as its Frank Iero's old band (ironically I was into them back in highschool and didn't put two and two together until a year and a half ago)

Almost done.
I dunno what the hell I'm gonna do when I am done with this....unless I do a sequal? but that's probably a no.
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