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72. Everywhere I Go, It Feels Like I'm Always Searching for Something

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in which Patrick heads back to Chicago from LA and recording.

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The next day around seven in the evening Molly arrived at the house the guys were staying in and walked into the house, "Anyone home?" she called out and was a little surprised when there was no answer. "That's weird." She mumbled and walked further into the house closing the door behind her. After fully searching all the rooms and realizing there really was no one else there Molly went into Patrick's room and laid down on his bed and eventually fell asleep.
Molly was woken up later when the bed moved as Patrick crawled in next to her.
"What time is it?" She said through a sleep clogged voice.
"Late. I didn't mean to wake you."
"s'ok. mmmmm" she replied as she snuggled down next to him and drifted back off to sleep.

When Patrick's alarm went off the next morning at eight Molly groaned and shoved her head underneath a pillow. "Patrick, kill it!" her scream was muffled by the mattress but the general sentiment was conveyed when a few seconds later Patrick's hand hit the snooze button.
"Sorry Molly. I gotta get up." His answer drew her head out from under the pillow.
"You're supposed to have today off. We were just gonna sit around in bed all day remember? Little to no clothing required."
"I can't. I have to re-cut the vocals on Car Crash Heart and do some overlay in the beginning. Don't pout. You'll live without a day of sex. I'm gonna go take a shower." Patrick walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind him.
"What if it wasn't just a day of sex?" Molly asked the empty room once she was sure he was gone. "Ugh! Whatever." Grumbling Molly pulled herself out of bed and after readjusting her t-shirt that had gotten twisted around her in the middle of the night she headed into the kitchen.
"Morning Molly." Andy said from the table.
"Hey. How long are you guys still in LA for?"
"Ummm...." Andy looked confused for a minute before glancing over at a wall calander and answering, "right before Thanksgiving we head back."
"That's two weeks."
"Yea. You look surprised."
"I am. No one told me this."
"Patrick didn't tell you we were going home in two weeks?" Andy asked to clarify.
Andy rolled his eyes before pointing at Molly and saying firmly, "you two need to sort your shit out. It's getting ridiculous."

The next two weeks seemed to fly by for Molly. She was either at class, doing something at one of the local venues, or at the boys house. Since Molly and Patrick's arrangment had popped up the other three had taken to avoiding Patrick's room most of the time when both he and Molly were home.
"So how is this going to work?" Molly asked Patrick one day after they started sleeping together again.
"I dunno. We have sex. We chat. We're friends. Nothing serious."
"....sounds great." Molly responded.

"wow. I swear we're starting to resemble rabbits." Molly giggled at Patrick's statement as she rolled off of him.
"Yea, well I don't see a problem with that."
"You're an addict."
"What are you?"
"Do you reallly want me to answer that?"
"Probably not."
"That's what I thought." Molly replied with a smirk. "So....tomorrow huh?"
"Yea, you're last full day in LA. And you still haven't officially told me."
"I thought you knew."
"I did know. I found out from Andy two weeks ago, and you never told me yourself."
"What does it matter when I leave? It's not going to be a big deal." Patrick said shrugging and spooning Molly.
" big deal. Right." Molly said softly as Patrick kissed her shoulder and whispered that they should go to bed.

"Matthew! Would you stop being excited about this!"
"Why shouldn't I be excited?" the disembodied voice of one of Molly's closest friends drifted through the speaker and into her ear the next day.
"Because I'm miserable!"
"Ok. You're miserable. I'm sorry, but one of my best friends since I was five is coming back to Chicago for the first time in months. Excuse me for being a little giddy."
"You are so gay...and there is NO other way to put that. Do they teach classes in being flamboyant."
"Who told!?!" Matt shrieked causing both Molly and himself to burst into laughter. "Ok anyway, in all seriousness. You and Patrick are meant to be Molly. Just give it time."
"I don't know if I have the paitience."
"Well I do. And I predict you two will either live happily ever after in love, or you're going to spit-shake on it like back when we were all little eight year olds running around building tree houses."
"Did you actually ever build a tree house?"
"Hey, its an anaology it doesn't need to have happened, it just needs to make sense."
"Maybe on your planet."
"How did that not make sense?"
"Which part--me and Patrick or just the general spit-shake thing."
"They both made perfect sense." Matt insisted.
"Matthew. I love you to death, but I need to go now."
"Fine. Leave me to grading term papers."
"So I shall. bye loves."
"Bye." Matt mumbled before hanging up and as he hung up Molly was sure she could hear him yelling about Lincoln not being the first President of the United States.

That night Molly opened her apartment door to head over to the boys house and stopped short at the site of Patrick standing poised to knock on her door.
"Hey, I was just on my way over."
"Yea. I figured. I actually came over here to say good-bye. I don't feel like doing the whole song and dance in the morning. My flight's early, I'll be busy."
"Umm...and you left some stuff in my room." Patrick added handing over a small box that a glance inside showed Molly a pair of socks, a book, some earrings.
"Thanks? Aren't we hanging out tonight?"
"I don't think so. I have dinner plans with someone."
"Oh. Right. Of course. I just assumed..."
"Well, you shouldn't have." Molly eye's hardened at his statement.
"Silly me. Assuming we would be hanging out after having sex for the past month."
"Listen Molly. This has been fun and all but we set boundaries before we started this...whatever this is. I gotta go. I'll see you around back home I guess." Patrick waved slightly and turned to go.
"Patrick! Wait."
"..Nothing. Nevermind. Bye."
"Bye." He waved again and walked down the stairs leading to the lobby of Molly's apartment leaving her standing in her open doorway. Sighing Molly closed the door and leaned against it.
"That sucked." Pushing herself away from the door Molly tossed the box onto the couch and continued on to the kitchen. Opening the fridge and pulling out a beer Molly grabbed a bottle opener and popped the top on it before grabbing her cordless phone and punching in a number. After a few rings a voice finally answered.
"Hey, who is your idiot best friend going out to dinner with tonight?" Molly questioned Pete as she sat down on her couch.
" as far as I knew, he said he was on his way over there to pick you up."
"Well something changed between then and him arriving here, 'cause he just dropped off my stuff and peaced out."
"I really don't know Molly."
"Something about dinner plans, and being tired, and having to leave super early tomorrow."
"I'll ask him when he gets back if you want me to?"
"No. Forget it. I'll just mope and get some work done. Tell the guys to have a safe flight tomorrow, and give me a call to have lunch this week. I'll help you start getting moved into your new place."
"Will do. Love you. Bye."
"Byes." Molly hung up on Pete and put the phone on the coffee table before slouching back on the couch and taking a sip of her beer. "Curiouser and curiouser." She mumbled to herself as she poked the box Patrick had given her with her foot and then smiled as she came to a decision.

The next morning Molly's alarm clock went off at six. Groaning she dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. Throwing on jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie Molly put on a headband, grabbed her keys and headed out the door. Driving the few miles over to the boys house Molly smiled when she saw the cars still there.
'Good. I didn't miss them.' she thought to herself as she locked the car and walked up the front path.
Knocking lightly on the front door Molly wiggled the knob and relaxed when it opened. Pushing the door open she walked into the front hallway and froze at the chaos she was faced with. Joe ran past her shirtless wearing only one shoe. He called out a brief "Hi Mol." before continuing along whatever mission he was on. Andy was rumaging through kitchen cabinets in the room on her left. Hemmingway was running into the kitchen then the living room and so on and so forth essentially making him run around in circles. Pete was stumbling up and down stairs with bags. And Patrick was no where to be seen. After about five minutes of watching this ensue Molly grabbed Pete's arm.
"Oh hey!" He said half asleep having just noticed her.
"What are you doing up? You aren't leaving today."
"Getting the guys stuff ready. We had some weird power surge last night and the only reason we aren't all asleep is Hemmy had to pee."
"That's lucky."
"Oh yea. What are you doing here?"
"I came to say good-bye to Joe, Andy and Charlie."
"No Patrick."
"Umm..maybe him too. Where is Charlie and Patrick?"
"Charlie went to get coffee and bagels. Patrick his room?"
"Yup. I gotta go finish getting their stuff down here." Molly nodded as Pete thudded up the stairs again. Turning slightly she headed down the short downstairs hallway that led to the one first floor bedroom. Stopping in front of Patrick's door Molly knocked lightly.
"Come in." A vaugly muffled voice answered from the other side. Turning the knob Molly pushed open the door and smiled at the sight of Patrick trying to stuff a pair of sneakers into a duffle bag.
"Hey." She said from the doorway and watched as he stiffened.
"Hey." He replied without turning around.
"I just came by to say goodbyes to Joe and Andy. I thought it would be rude if I ignored you."
"Yea. it!" Patrick threw his hands up in victory as his duffle bag zipped shut.
"You are such a geek."
"Damn skippy." he added throwing his bag on the floor and turning to sit on his bed. Molly walked into the room and sat next to him. Placing her head on his shoulder she sighed. "Me too." Patrick said softly taking her hand.
"The way I figure it, you guys have three or four more years of this type of fame. Maybe after that we can really sit down and talk."
"Yea...maybe then." He said squeezing her hand.
"Alright. I have to say good bye to the others and then get to class." Standing up Molly untangled her fingers from Patrick's and pushed his hat up a little bit to place a kiss on his forehead. "have a safe flight."
When no response followed from Patrick Molly turned and walked out of his room and out into the kitchen.
"Andy!!!! HUGS!" Molly said trying to keep the strain out of her voice and wrapped her arms around the drummer tightly. Andy then picked her up and spun her around.
"I'm gonna miss you. Come back to Chicago. This month has spoiled me."
"I know me too. I'll be done with school for good in a month."
"You better be."
"My turn!" was suddenly interjected and Molly felt herself being picked up and spun around again.
"Charlie put me down!"
"How'd you know?"
"Joe can't lift me to save his life."
"Hey!" was answered indignately from the guitarist as he munched on an apple. Molly just rolled her eyes and hugged Charlie back before moving on to say her goodbye's to Joe.
"You boys have a safe flight and someone call me when you land in at O'Hare."
"Will do." Joe said waving his phone at her.
"Good. I gotta get to class. I'll talk to you soon."
Molly turned and quickend her pace out of the house waving at Pete as she walked past him and mimed a "call me" gesture. Once she reached her car and sat down Molly allowed herself to let go. As the tears started falling lightly she pulled away from the curb and wiped at her eyes.
'Just make it to December Molly. Just make it to December.' she once again started repeating to herself as she drove away from people she considered her family.

A/N: Title is from "Blue Sky" by Hanson off their new album The Walk (which I guess I technically shouldn't have yet--but they released it in Japan in March--idiots)

Almost down to the wire now...I'm only hanging around the house/cleaning today so I'll probably have 73 up a little later.
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