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Dear Mother, I am lost and the damage has been done.

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I Love Him...But He Doesn't Know That..

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His lank, black, greasy, shoulder-length hair fell into his deep hazel eyes. His eyes were full of concentration as he studied something in his little green notebook. His slightly tanned complesion went well with the colour of his eyes and hair. His perfectly shaped nose was flaring in and out as he breathed and his thin, soft lips opened as he sighed. He bought his hand up to push his hair out of his eyes.
"Chantelle. Chantelle! CHANTELLE!" I snapped out of my trance and started up at the teacher. Mrs Williams. Her grey fading hair was pulled back into a tight bun making her small eyes looke streched and her thick eyebrows look shocked constantly. Her thin lips were pursed and her nose in the air as though she was looking at a peice of vermin.
"Yes Miss?" I stated as that was obviously what she was waiting for. She rolled her eyes at me.
"My name is MRS Williams, Chantelle, and if you had been paying attention you would know that i asked you the answer to the question on the board." She replied snootily. I stared at the board. 'When Did William Of Normandy Win The Battle Of Hastings?' was wrote it. William of where? I was good at geography but had never heard of that place! Hastings...Wasn't that in England or something? Why do we care about England history again? I heard someone cough behind me and mutter "1066."
"Well MRS Williams, you see, the thing is i didn't answer to Chantelle as only YOU call me that. But if you would call me Elle or Elly i would answer." I smiled sweetly then continued before she could but in, " And secondly the answer to the question is 1066." She stared at me, anger in her eyes.
"I only call pupils by the christian name and not they 'cool' nick-names." I rolled my eyes. She turned round and wrote 1066 next to the question, "Oh and thankyou for telling her the answer Mr Way. At least one of this god forsaken class listens to me!" I gaped at her. How did she know someone had told me the answer? She must have super sonic hearing. I turned round to see Gerard still working in his notebook. He glanced up and saw me staring at him. He stared right back at me waiting for me to say something.
"Oh! Um. Thankyou for helping me..." I trailed off. This was the first time i had spoke to him. I usually just watched him from afar. He grunted in reply and started working again. I giggled at his reply. He looked at me and wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion. "Sorry just..Ya know..." he shook his head and bent over his notebook once again. I turned back towards the front just in time to see Mrs Williams dismiss the class. I shoved my books into my bag n walked out the classroom. I made my way over to my locker. I noticed Gerard seemed to be following me. It was annoying. I got to my locker and stopped. He stopped aswell.
"Can I help you with something?" I asked. He smirked slightly. I looked at him wierdly. What the hell was he doing? Stalking me?
"I would like to get into my locker." He said shortly and pushed me out of the way. I glanced up and saw i had went to the wrong locker. I had went to East 124 instead of West 124. Great. I just made myself look like a complete fool infront of him.
Suddenly i felt a pair of arms snake round me. I yeslped and turned round. It was Gary.
"Oh Gary! You scared me!" I laughed. He smiled at me.
"I'm sorry babes. Didn't mean to. What you doing here anyways. I thought you locker was in West." He started to kiss my neck. Nibbling at here and there. I gigglied.
"Yeah it is. I just forgot." Gerard turned round. He looked completly grossed out.
"Get a room morons!" He spat then walked off. I was shocked. What was his problem? Gary flicked him off and continued to kiss my neck. I turned to him.
"I'm going to go to my locker hun. I'll see you at lunch okay?" I asked.
"awww Babes you've forgotten already! I told you this morning. I have football practice at lunch." He replied. I hit my hand against my head. How could i have forgot? He'd only been going on about it all morning. I kissed him quickly on the lips then made my way towards my locker. When i got there Candy and Liza were there waiting for me.
"Took your time didn't you? We've been waiting forever!" Candy said as i approched.
"Sorry! I bumped into Gary while i was making my way here." I smiled at them knowingly, not telling them i'd made my way to the wrong locker. They both giggled. I stuffed my bag into my locker and we made our way into the lunch hall. We stood in the que chatting till it came to our turn. I bought a salad and apple with water, Candy bought just water and Liza had a salad sandwich. We dumped our trays and went outside. When we finally got to our spot behind the greenhouses we sat down. I pulled out my Marblo's and Liza dug round for her lighter. I threw one at Candy and one at Liza.
"Shit!" Liza muttered. We looked at her. She glanced up and saw us staring, "I think i've forgot my lighter!" She exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.
"Oh My God No!!" I mocked then laughed. She grinned at me sheepishly. I noticed someone was sitting down at the other end of the greenhouses. I got up and made my way towards them. I noticed it was a small boy. He had longish, brown hair and wore geeky glasses. I doubted he would have a lighter but i still asked anyways. He shook his head . No. Just as i thought. I was about to turn away when Gerard came up to us. He looked from the boy on the ground to me. He stared at me angrily.
"What?" I asked glaring back at him.
"Why are YOU here?" He asked me. I looked at him shocked. What was the matter? Did he own this part of the school or something?
"I'm having my lunch! obviously. What are you doing here?" I retaliated.
"I WAS planning on having my lunch in piece but since you here.." He turned round and started to walk off. I ran after him and grabbed his arm, He stared at my hand on his arm.
"And what is it to you that i was there?" I asked him. he laughed out loud.
"What you mean besides the fact you a stupid prep who gives shit to people like me who are different?" He smirked. I gaped at him. I'd never even done that to him! What was he going on about?
"What are you talking about? Yeah so i don't know much history! Doesn't make me stupid."
"Abd not much of anything else either.." He muttered. I gave him a dirty look then continued.
"I'm not a prep. Don't stereotype me till you know me. And secondly when have i EVER gave you shit? Name one time and ill back down!" He stared at me coldly.
"One time? Just the one? I could give you billions! But since you only want the one were shall i start? How about that bitch Liza's party last year when you humiliated me infront of the entire school? Or homecoming when you thought it would be a fun idea to get your asshole of a boyfriend to 'mention' me on stage? Or when.." I cut him off. He was right. I did some pretty bad shit to him. But that doesn't mean i didn't like him! Although really i can see what he means. I looked down at my shoes.
"Oh.. I see what you mean." I whispered and walked away.
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