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25 ways to figure out how much you LOVE Class of the Titans

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Just a random list we made. Enjoy, and give us anymore ideas that you have!

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You know you are obsessed with Class of the Titans when:

1. You've seen all the re-runs of the episodes more than 10 times.

2. You've searched your high school for the janitors closest.

3. When you've found the janitors closest, you look for a secret passageway to a secret wing.

4. When you can't find the secret wing, you start looking for Zeus' locker, filled with all the riches in the world!

5. You can't stop talking about the characters.

6. You can't stop talking about how cute Odie is (that goes for ya T.J!!!)

7. You go on and on and on about how Archie and Atlanta should be together.

8. You're friends lock you up in the bathrooms because you can't stop talking about

9. You start muttering ways to kill Cronus under your breathe.

10. You claim that every tall man with black hair with white streaks is Cronus.

11. Your latest boyfriend looks a lot like Jay/Archie/Neil/Odie or Herry.

12. Your latest girlfriend looks a lot like Atlanta or Theresa

13. When your history teacher gives you an assignment to research anything about Greek Mythology, you go and research the 7 heroes, Achilles, Odysseus, Narcissus, Jason, Theseus, Atalanta and Hercules.

14. You carry a mirror with you everywhere you go.

15. You have a walkie-talkie and you give similar ones to your friends, just in case Cronus attacks.

16. When something scares you, you scream like Neil.

17. You avoid echoes, they could kidnap you!

18. You've started karate and learnt how to use nun chucks.

19. You can now use a sword.

20. You claim you are really lucky and go on and on about it.

21. You have about 7 different computers in your room and you lock yourself in their so you can invent something cool like Odie.

22. You eat all you can eat!

23. You claim you are as strong as Herry!

24. You start being bossy and 'Jayish'

And the last one...........

25. You've named all your goldfish after the characters, gods and other mythological creatures.
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