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Chapter Two

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[Semi-Short Ryan Ross Story] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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"Coming!" Makayla called as she came bouncing down the stairs. Caleb and Aiden at her heels along with the family dog, Shotgun. She had called Ella asking if she could bring Dylan over and she was more than willing to come over.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs and to the door, Makayla pulled the door open and smiled at her friend. "Hi, sweetie!" She looked down at Dylan who was the spitting image of his own father.

"Hi." Dylan smiled his mouth full of brand new two year old teeth as he was immediately grabbed by his cousins and dragged into the house and to the play room.

Ellla smiled at her friend as she almost waddled into the house, attempting to pick up the jacket that Dylan had dropped on the floor. "Hey, Kay." Ella smiled as she let out a deep breath and dropped the jacket onto the hook and taking her own off.

"Ella." Makayla started to laugh. "You look like you're about to explode little baby bits all over the place." She smiled at the look her friend gave her.

"Don't even make jokes, because I feel like I'm about to blow little baby bits all over the place." Ella shook her head as she walked into the house and followed the boys path to the play room area. The boys could play while the girls sat and talked and kept an eye on them without being right on top of them.

"Aw, you're so close." Makayla stopped and put her hand on her friend's stomach. "Is she going to kick me?"

"I don't know. The doctor said she's in position and good to come out any day now." Ella said as she lowered herself into her chair and got comfortable as Makayla put her hand back on her stomach and waited to feel if her niece was going to kick her.

"She better wait for Brendon to get home." Makayla laughed as she handed Ella her bottle of water. It had been the only thing she had been able to drink or keep down, even this late in the pregnancy.

"Oh, does it matter? When Dylan was born he passed out and then spent the next two days complaining about how he hit his head."

"Aw, well, you can't blame him, he was merely 20 years old." Makayla tried to stick up for Brendon at least a little bit. He was a good father.

"And, I was eighteen." Ella laughed as she took a sip from the water bottle and relaxed. "Thank you so much for inviting us over. I think I was going absolutely insane in that house alone with that little boy." Ella laughed as she watched her son take out a truck and begin to run over all of the little animals that Caleb had set up.

"Oh, you're welcome!" Makayla smiled as their eyes drifted onto their sons. You knew you were truly a mother when you couldn't take your eyes off of them. Every moment was precious because these times did not last forever. "The boys were starting to miss Ryan and I knew you and Dylan would be going through similar feelings. They have been gone for so long..." She trailed off, not sure if she wanted to get into what she had been experiencing as of lately with Ryan.

"Ah, I think Dylan and Brendon are so much alike I never have a chance to miss him." Ella laughed. "No, I miss him. I really do. I thought this was supposed to get easier, not harder."

Makayla nodded. "I had a break down on Ryan last night. I felt so bad, but, I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I told him how I hated watching him get on those planes and taking off and coming in and out of our lives." She let out a deep breath, her eyes moving back to her kids. The three boys on the floor laughing. Nothing was funny really, but to them the whole world was hilarious. And, knowing he was really his father's son, it was probably something stupid Dylan said or did.

"They should be coming soon, or at least that's what Brendon promised. He promised he would be home for her birth."

"He better be home for her birth or else we'll kick his butt!" Makayla wanted to get off the subject of her and Ryan and change it to something lighter in nature. She didn't want to think about this anymore. "You have her name picked out right?"

Ella smiled as she rested her hand on her belly. "Bianca Rose Urie." She nodded, letting out a deep breath. "I got to pick the name, Brendon just agrees to whatever I want." She laughed.

"Aw, well Ryan and I picked Caleb and Aiden's names together." She smiled thinking back to how Ryan was completely off from working when she had given birth to the twins and for a few months after that.

"Brendon will tell me what he doesn't like, he had a large say in Dylan's name, so he let me name my baby girl." She smiled.

"Drink, mama!" Dylan walked over to his mother wanting his drink. Where was his Capri Sun when he needed it?

"What do you say?" Ella asked, looking down at her son. She was trying to teach him manners.

"Woman, please?" He pouted as he put his hands behind his back and looked up at his mother with his big brown eyes.

"Wow, if that wasn't Brendon just talking." Makayla laughed as she handed Dylan a Capri Sun from the table.

"Thank you." He smiled as he ran back to play with his cousins.

"You're welcome." Makayla smiled as she watched her nephew walk away from the table.

The girls looked at each other with those knowing looks, it was the time when they're sons reminded them of their husbands that was the hardest. It should have supplied some sort of comfort to them, but in reality, it just made things harder. At least they weren't alone in their feelings. They had each other to talk to.
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