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Sleepover Part 1

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Well, let's see I guess uhh it's a pretty short chapter and basically everyone's pissed at Gerard. (Only half of the chapter)

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Gerard was watching T.V. in the living room when all of a sudden, "GERARD!!" Gerard jumped at the sound of his name and rolled off the couch, then scrambled to his feet once he realized it was Charlotte calling him.

He got ready to open the handle while he was running towards the door but found no need since Jamia opened the door just in time for him to crash into the bedroom wall.

Charlotte leaped from her spot on the floor to Gerard. She gently laid his head in her lap and slipped her hands through his long hair, "Oh, baby, are you okay?" Charlotte leaned down and kissed his forehead, then moved to his lips. Gerard raised a hand to the back of her head so that their lips would be together for just a little longer. But just as their tongues began to come into play, Jamia cleared her throat while Alicia kicked Gerard's sides.

"So," Gerard asked while sitting up and glaring at Alicia. "Why'd you call me, babe?"

"Oh, yeah," she remembered, still blushing from their kiss. "Well, we were going through the wedding album and I was just remembering our honey moon to Japan."

Gerard gave her that slanted sideways smile that she just couldn't resist, "And?"

"And..."Charlotte smiled even wider as she became more giddy. "I was thinking that maybe the twins could be born in Japan!"

Gerard asked between giggles, "What?"

"We could go to Japan when the twins are about due and have them there," Charlotte's face furrowed as she thought about why Gerard was laughing. "What's the matter with YOU?"

"It's nothing it's just, what's the point? I mean think about it they won't be able to run for any political office, they'll need passports before they even meet their grandparents, and think about the plane ride home it's gonna be....Babe, please don't cry," at that point Charlotte didn't give a shit what Gerard was saying and let the tears roll down her face. Gerard tried to comfort her by wrapping an arm around her shoulder but she wouldn't let him touch her, not after the way he laughed in her face after she told him about the one baby idea she was sure he would love.

Alicia silently smacked Gerard's arm and mouthed the words "What's wrong with you?". He shrugged then reached for Charlotte again but Jamia led Charlotte to the bed while Gerard was goaded out by Alicia.

"I don't get it!"

"What can you not get, dumbass? You LAUGHED at her when she told you about an idea that, even though I wasn't there, obviously excited her!" Mikey yelled at his brother. "My god I hate you," he whispered into his ear as he passed him on his way to the kitchen sink with a pot of spaghetti.

"Well thanks to you I've seen the light and I understand why the women hate me, now why does the little girl hate me?" Gerard gave Mikey a soft noogie as he asked.

"Because!!" Mikey set the spaghetti down in the sink and turned to face his brother as the steam rose from the pot. "Since you decided to piss off my wife's best friend she's spending the night!! And you just had to pick the one night of the year when my daughter has a sleepover! Nice job, asshole!!"

"She's spending the night!? Ah, crap that means they're not even gonna let me in the house! Mind if I stay with you?"

Mikey's pupils turned into little black holes in his eyes, "Damn straight you're spending the spending the night!! If I'm going down I'm taking you with me!"


"Dad the popcorn's ready!" Samantha called from the living room.

"Gerard can you get the popcorn?" Gerard grunted and made his way from his seat on the counter to the microwave.

Just as he opened up the bag he heard kitchen door swing open, "Hey, Mikes can you hand me a paper towel this freakin' hot," Gerard shook the bag to try and cool it off faster as he heard the paper towel snap off in the background.

He felt it's papery goodness in his left hand almost immediately, "Thanks, Mikes. You know you made this whole sleep over thing a way bigger deal than it really is. I mean Sammy's almost thirteen of course she can be trusted with a couple of frien-Oww, ahh shit!" Gerard dropped the bag of popcorn to whip his finger to his mouth and try to alleviate it. He closed his eyes and started jumping up and down while flailing his other arm aimlessly around in the air.

Once he calmed down a little he felt his finger being pulled softly out if his mouth and he immediately gasped like a toddler who mourned the loss of his pacifier and shut his eyes even tighter. Then the sink flooded out sparkling clean water and his finger slid under the water's delicate caress.

"Ahh, it burns make it stop, Mikey!!"

"WHAT?!?!?!" Someone slammed through the door, causing Gerard to have serious whiplash, though he couldn't really care less 'cause there was Mikey, extremely pissed and not holding Gerard's finger under the running tap water.

"What the hell?" Gerard snapped his head to his right side, receiving yet another whiplash, and screamed like a little girl. "Charlie what the hell are you doing?!?!?!?"

"Well, if you knew it was me helping you the entire time I thought you might think I was gay or something!"

"Charlie I- Uh, Charlie you realize you're holding my dad's hand right?" Gerard slapped Charlie's hand out of his. "What did I just miss?"

"Absolutely nothing, honey. Just get back to the party."

"Alright," Emma gave in with a shrug. "But, the girls want to talk to you , Dad."

"About what exactly?" Emma shrugged once more and Gerard went to the living room with a sigh.

"So what did happen between you two?" There was a long, awkward silence but just as Charlie was about to say something, the bloodcurdling sound of girls screaming, meshed together with Gerard's own voice.

Just as Mikey and Charlie realized Gerard needed help Gerard shrieked, "Call Bob NOW!!!"
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