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Scattered Pictures

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When Jamia comes across Charlotte and Gerard's wedding album, old memories are rekindled and Charlotte get's an idea.

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One Week Later...

"Honey, Alicia and Jamia are here!"

Charlotte walked as fast she could down the stairs. Her stomach felt like a water balloon ready to burst at any moment, but could still get a little bigger. She saw her friends laughing with Gerard at the bottom of the steps, "Hey, guys!"

"Hi, Char!" Jamia bent down to rub her belly, "Hello, Little Logan, and possible Adrienne."

Charlotte laughed, "I hate when that happens, Gerard and I seriously need to go through that book Donna gave us. We haven't looked at it since she gave it to us."

"Maybe, we should help you look through that instead of shopping," Alicia asked.

"I guess that'd be nice, but..."

"But nothing, where'd you put it?" Jamia took off her jacket and put it on the coat rack, Alicia did the same.

Charlotte smiled, she loved how her friends were so thoughtful they would just give up their one day of fun for her, "C'mon I think I left it in our room," she waved for her friends to follow her up the stairs.

"I'm pretty sure I left on top of the dresser, by the jewelry box," Charlotte told them as she opened the bedroom door. "Cause I was wearing earrings last night and that's what happens to most of my stuff, when I go out."

Charlotte was please that she could see the book's bright blue cover from the doorway. She rubbed her lower back as she made her way towards the jewelry. As she picked the book up, a silver hoop earring slid off of the wooden dresser.

"I'll get it," Alicia and Jamia volunteered at the same time. Alicia was the first to bend down and reach for the piece of jewelry, but Alicia was the one who picked it up and gave it to Charlotte.

As Charlotte was about to thank Alicia, Jamia asked, "Hey, Char what's this?"

Jamia was sitting on the floor, Indian style, with a large closed book in her lap. It was white with laced edges and a black and picture of Gerard herself on their wedding night. Charlotte's bangs covered most of her eyes but the love she was beaming towards Gerard shined right through . Gerard was resting his head on top of Charlotte's and was looking down at her with passion in his eyes, while caressing her cheek.

"Oh, that's our wedding album!" she said, obviously happy Jamia found it. "I haven't seen this since, I made it."

Jamia carefully opened it up to the first page. An invitation with calligraphy scrawled all over it wrote out:

True Love Is But A Glimpse of Heaven

Charlotte Rachel Bransen
and Gerard Arthur Way
invite you to join them
in celebrating their marriage
on Saturday,
at six o'clock in the evening
St. Clare's Church
Belleville, New Jersey

After scanning the words, Jamia turned to the next page. There were two full pages of Charlotte, Alicia, and Jamia looking for the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses. They had taken pictures of Charlotte in six different shops, trying on possible dresses, holding up tacky dresses and pretending to gag at them. But in the last picture of the bunch was Charlotte in front of a three way mirror in her wedding dress. It was a simple, red dress with a black ribbon that wrapped around the top of her dress. The dress hugged her body snuggly, until a couple of inches below her knees, where the train began. Charlotte could just remember when she spun around once before saying to herself, "Just perfect."

"Aww, I remember that day!" Alicia hugged Charlotte quickly. "You took forever finding that dress, but it was totally worth it."

Jamia turned the page again and the first one revealed four pictures. Charlotte had asked Gerard to take pictures of him finding his tux for the wedding album so he took Mikey with him. The first picture showed Gerard covering his eyes with one hand and picking a random tuxedo from the rack behind him. The next one, had Gerard pointing at the all black suit he had picked and giving Mikey an inquiring look. Third, was just a picture of Mikey shrugging, and the last one was Mikey and Gerard in mid-air, high-fiving each other at their accomplishment for the day.

After the girls giggled a little, they went on through the pages. It was mostly boring, it just showed Charlotte and Gerard's process for the wedding. But that was only half of the album. On about page thirty the actual wedding ceremony came into play.

The first two pages of that half of the book showed Charlotte getting her hair done, Alicia helping her with her dress, and Gerard completely freaking out before the wedding, while in the bathroom. You can just imagine how the guests felt when they saw Gerard sitting on a toilet with his head between his legs.

The rest were professional pictures taken by the photographer they had hired. The first was of Charlotte and Gerard's father at the head of the aisle. The photographer had caught the moment when she and Donald were looking each other over one last time before walking down the aisle. Charlotte absentmindedly touched the photo with the tip of her finger. She missed him so much, he was such a good man. He knew as much as Gerard did that Charlotte was the one for his son. He was divorced to Donna so she hadn't seen much of him, but her heart ached as if she had known him as well as she knew Gerard.

"I love this picture," Alicia said so quietly that Charlotte had to ask her to repeat herself. "I love this picture, you can see that he'd been anticipating that moment since the day he met you."

"Yeah, if only he could be here. I know he'd be ecstatic about the twins, the most out of all of us, maybe even Bob," Charlotte laughed to herself a little at the last part. She knew as much as Donald loved seeing her and Gerard together, that simply wasn't possible.

Charlotte's eyes fled to the page next to it and gazed down at the photo of she and Gerard exchanging wedding vows. Next to the picture were the pieces of paper they had written their vows on. Gerard had scribbled down the words quickly, so as to not lose the words he was thinking. Jamia read both of the words aloud, lost in the love the words were filled with.

"Today I'm getting married to the woman that makes my heart forget to beat when you're near me
and want to die when you're away from me for a split second. The love and passion I have for you can no longer keep itself, hidden inside my heart. Which is why I Gerard Way, am proud, and completely relieved that you said "Hell yeah" to the idea of marrying me." Jamia sighed. "You two wrote such sweet vows, it was so genuine."

"Let me read Charlotte's!" Alicia cleared her throat dramatically and began. "Gerard, I really can't think of anything to say except, I love you. Over time, I've gotten to know you, I've also gotten to know what I once thought were annoying habits. Now, I don't think of them as annoying but as a part of you, so I've also fallen in love with those as well, just like everything else. Anything that's related to you at all has become an essential part of my heart. Your family, your band, your art, absolutely everything. But besides that, there's absolutely nothing I can say that can explain just how much I care about you except, I love you."

"I remember everyone in the church tearing up when you two said your vows, it was such a beautiful ceremony."

"Wasn't it? So was the reception it was so beautiful in your guys' back yard," Jamia put in as she turned the page.

The girls laughed as they remembered the wedding's after party. There were at least fifty pictures of everyone having the time of their lives. Gerard's side of the family and the rest of the band had helped decorate the back yard before the ceremony, they had hired a D.J., and just to make everything else seem extra fancy Gerard surprised Charlotte with an ice sculpture shaped like a heart with an arrow through it.

The camera had been passed around from one person to another so there was a wide range of views. Someone had gotten a picture of Bob serenading Gerard, which was basically telling him how much he made his heart burn in sing-song. Everyone in the background was laughing along with Gerard and Charlotte, how could they not?

Then, of course, were the traditional pictures of the cutting of the wedding cake, the tossing of the bouquet, which Bob had tackled Charlotte's cousin to catch, and Charlotte and Gerard's first dance as husband and wife. Gerard had whined and whimpered about having their song be Sweet Child O Mine. He said it had explained exactly how he felt about Charlotte, she immediately said yes because before he let her say a word he gave her one of those mesmerizing kisses.

The last picture was of Gerard and Charlotte getting in their limo to take them to Tokyo for their honeymoon. Charlotte could never forget their honeymoon. Gerard had taken her to his absolute favorite place in the world. He brought her to Kanda, Kabukiza Theater, and best of all, Ueno Park. Gerard's hand never left her hip as if you had to saw it off. When they saw the panda bears in Ueno's Zoological Park he kept kissing the top of her head and nuzzling her. She learned later, back at the hotel, what he was trying to signal.

"Char, hello?" Charlotte jumped when she saw fingers snapping at her out of nowhere.

Charlotte blinked back to reality and saw that the album was now closed, resting on Jamia's lap. Alicia lowered her fingers down and crossed her arms.

"My bad, just dazing' off again," her friends smiled.

"No big, so on to baby names?" Charlotte hadn't even noticed Jamia had her hands behind her back until she brought the baby book from behind her back.

"Uh, yeah, there's tons of names for a girl so we better get started," Charlotte flipped open the book's cover when an idea popped inside her head.
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