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Its just a reflection

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jade grew up all through high school being a nobody. Now as shes entered the real world from some help from dad and her little black book. Shes getting anything she wants, by using what shes got!

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i cried so many tears/; but what hurt most was when nobody asked why/

I was about knock on his door until I heard a soft voice speak that didn't sound to familiar to my ears.

"Count me in tonight. Maybe I'll slip on something even more cunning for your taste"

The voice replied heavily and ruff

"There's never anything to cunning for my taste" a smack echoed around the room and hit the door.

"Oh yeah you know I like to get spanked but save that for tonight"

I was the girl who never had a secret admire/: the only valentines I got was because the teacher forced the class to give everyone one/

Just then a woman who had bleach blonde hair opened it. Her eyeliner was messy, the lipstick was anywhere but on her lips, hair looked as if it'd been pulled or been shaken up out of the hairstyle it was in before, and the outfit by what I could tell was covered by a trench coat. I looked her up and down

I was the girl that never got a date/; I stayed at home watching the discovery channel/

The woman was very lean and looked about in her early 20's.

Her baby blue eyes showed more emotion then her mouth. "Now hello there" the voice she put on was as if she was surprised to see me standing there. The question was left unanswered one because of how she spoke to me. Second because I was in total shock that this was the sixth woman he'd brought in that week.

I was the girl who got stood up on prom night/; the guy who asked me out drove by my house holding up a sign that said "it was a dare"/

"I'm Rebecca" her hand reached out towards mine but I kept it stiffly by my side. She looked in the room. "um...Phil I have to go. Were still on for tonight right?" I could tell she got reassurance because she nodded her head and power walked to the door leaving a soft sound from under her footsteps behind her.

I was the girl that got teased and ridiculed for being who I was/;I had braces,glasses,loved to read, and I was a genius in math./

I turned around to see if she was gone and she was looking back at me.

"I'm sorry kid" she made out the words only using her lips and a Faint whisper sound. Then she ran out closing the door shut with a less then needed strength.

I looked back at the bedroom door that still remained open from when this Rebecca girl first opened it. My guess was she wasn't expected to leave so soon.

I was the girl who had crushes/; but ended up being crushed/

"Jade" his raspy voice Called.

I hesitated at first but I slowly walked towards his room. When I was by the end of the door. I stood there looking at him sitting up on his bed.

"Come here baby girl"

I looked down and walked up to him. I sat on the edge of the bed.

"I wont bite. Now come here" he demanded ending with a chuckle. I smiled as I sat by him and he laid his arm over my shoulder.

I was the girl who sat by herself in the back of the cafeteria/; even the geeks didn't want to sit by me/

"Now I know what you've been through honey. You've seen so many girls walk in and out of my life but yet there's no woman that truly stays. Its because daddy is an active guy and has been doing this long before you were born. it's a routine for me. Its my life"

I was the girl that always got her heartbroken....

"Now I want to pass this life of mines to you. I want to help you out. I know your going to get out of school soon and I want you to grow up and be the woman I know you could be" he paused. "Sweeties there's only so much you could do to get what you now you just have to work with what you've go to get it"

but now I'm the heartbreaker

Author notes: I hope you like this idea of my new story. More explanation will come in the next chapter, but in order to get a next chapter I must have aleast 4+ reviews!
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