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1.Don't hesitate to hate

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" it doesn't. It looks beautiful" a smile reached her face as she glanced over at the guy. "Your not just saying that are you" I blushed. 'I was such the actress" "Not at all. You look gre...

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'I could go on and on again about who I was and who I became'

I opened my eyes slightly as I felt a sudden heat hit my face. As I fully opened them I noticed the person next to me. He tossed and turned landed on his left side and I limited my movements as I was getting out his bed.

I tiptoed on his floor as I picked up my clothes and got dressed. As I was finished with that I pulled a napkin and pin out my purse. I laid the napkin on his dressed and began to write:

Good morning sun shine. Srry I had to go. You know how this type of things go. Well hope you had as much fun I had.


I applied a light layer of cherry red lipstick and pressed my lips by the XO's. I laid it by his night stand and power walked lightly out his house.


Bryan Roberts:
Number: 670-472-0096
We met on Friday 11th of may at the bar he worked out called "Dinks". He was one of the high school jocks in high school you hated but loved at the same time. We went on 2 dates the night after. He was conceded none the less. Apparently he had a chip of his shoulder from his ex that had broke up with him the day before. Our first night together on about his 5th drink he finally shut up about her and it was all about me and by the 13th we spelt together. By today he's going go to be wishing he had me.

My writing was interrupted by my friends voice.

"What are you writing?"

"About last night" I gave her a short simple answer./'I loved to keep people guessing'/

"Not another guy"she huffed.

"yes another guy. Last night was fun but there's plenty where that came from" I closed my book shut.

"What do you write in there exactly?"

"I write about the guy sand what we do" 'a lot went on if only I could tell you who, when, where and what position'

"But why waste your time writing about it. If it happens it happens"

"Well unlike you I have to keep track because I'll know the different personalities got me again" I slammed my fist on the table lightly./'she was such a sly one, always testing me on my own game'/

"Ha ha. See I can play your games too"

"Not as good as me"I teased

"But seriously why do you love playing with guys minds better said hearts"

"Because I just do and it gives me and adventure. Its like my only little thing. Learning to crack the code into a guys heart gives me such an excitement" 'more then that. Its revenge for all the losers who let me down'

"You're a freaking prostitute"

"But I don't charge. I could pass as a whore but I don't always give it up" I sighed as I began to think. "Oh no I do" I laughed at my own judgment.

"Your just like your dad"

"Thanks" I blushed sarcastically. 'I was just like me dad, but that statement never got to me like it does to some people. I actually loved that title. Just like me daddy. Yeah'

"So what are you planning on doing tonight?"

"Well..." I paused getting caught in my own thoughts. 'well I was planning on getting drunk, sleeping with a few guys'

"Well what?"

"Oh..I'm going to hit up scene23 tonight. You coming?"

"Sure, but did you hear some famous rock band was suppose to there tonight. It was all over the radio" she informed.

"Lacey I do not care. You know I'm not nowhere interested in some flimsy wannabe rock band" 'This is one of my main rules. I don't mess with rock bands. I do not care if they are the hottest lead singer, guitarist, drummer, basset, accordion player. I do not care how much money they make. How popular they are. How big there crib is, I just don't do rockstars'

"I understand but besides that they said it is suppose to be a hot party"

"Cool. The only reason it'll be hot is because I'm there" 'I'm not conceded as I sound. I promise'

"No it'll be hot because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut"

"Funny..NOT" I screeched. 'I loved this girl to death'

'I bet your wondering why I have this big thing against rock stars. Well my dad was actually in a rock band and my mother actually is a groupie. He spelt with her and that's how I came up. She gave me to him and wanted nothing to do with me and he raised me all by himself. I remember how I use too always go on tour with him and how the girls were all over him but back then I never understood it, but I clearly do now'

I pulled a short, plain, sleeveless, black cocktail dress off the rack. I held it against my body and looked up at lacey who was standing in front of me.

"How would this look on me?" I titled my head slightly glancing down at the dress.

"Um...don't you have like 50 of those already?"

"Your right" I said putting the dress back on the rack.

"Dude my feet hurt and I need.." I interrupted her.

"Your making this longer then this has to be" I smiled as I moved over to another rack.

"How am I?" she was shocked by my remark.

"Well because the more you approve on my dresses the quicker I try them on and the quicker I'm ready to check out..oh my god its gorgeous" I was searching through a rack and noticed a something I liked.


'I picked the dress Off the rack. It was a pink Ivory, it's ornate tie back halter dress featured a v-neckline with an attached empire panel that has an adjustable snap leather belt with a center silver ring. Under the panel the dress is split until it criss crosses slightly near the bottom and a free flowing skirted bottom accents the dress'

"Look at this?" I said jumping up and down.

"Its nice. Its different"

"Don't just say it because of what I said early. Do you think I should get it?"

"Uh..yes" she smiled.

"Well let me try it on" I squealed running to the dressing room.


I peeked outside the door and Lacey was standing outside and she looked like she was talking to herself.

" I interrupting anything?" I asked.

She looked startled as she turned towards me.

"No" she laughed it off.

"Then get your ass in here" I said pulling my head back in.

Lacey walked through the door and shut it behind her. I stood in front of the mirror that was provide in this booth.

"Don't hold back" I said as I turned around so she could see the whole dress.

"It is so beautiful. The guys will be crawling" she complimented.

"Not that they don't already" I mumbled examining myself in the mirror. Lacey lightly hit me on my arm.

I laughed.

"I want to walk in this and get the feeling of being in it, So lets go out in the store" I said pushing her out the door.

We had walked out the changing stall and back in the store.

I had began to prance around.

"You like" I smiled.

"Love" she said. "but would it be okay for me to find my dress?"

"I thought your feet hurted" I placed one hand on my hip.

"Well..seeing your dress..I want a new outfit too"

"Oh sure. Let me go take this off" I was walking towards the changing room when I heard a guy and girls laughter. I turned around and stood by lacey looking in the direction she was. A burnet headed girl was checking out the rack I was earlier. A guy stood by her making funny faces and acting as if he was on a catwalk.

"I see your guy alert went off" she teased.

"It certainly did" I sneered.

"But I think that's his girlfriend"

"Um..I guess I'll just have to go find out now won't I?" I snorted hitting her on her arm.

"Well why you do that. I'll be picking out my dress"

I walked over to the couple and cleared my throat loudly.

"Hello, I was wondering if a pretty girl like you could tell me does this dress make me look fat?" I greeted.

She was soft spoken.

" it doesn't. It looks beautiful" a smile reached her face as she glanced over at the guy.

"Your not just saying that are you" I blushed. 'I was such the actress"

"Not at all. You look great in it. Right?" she said nudging the guy on his stomach.

'He was about 3 inches taller then me. His eyes were a soft colored brown but they were covered by the prescription glasses he had on. The frames were a coal black and his lips looked very desirable. His skin looked as if he'd been standing in front of the sun but just right to the existent you felt like caressing your fingers along his cheeks.'

"Yeah it looks great" he murmured with a grin.

I smiled as I began to shift my weight to my right foot and stood on my tippy toes on my left.

"If this isn't too rude, I was wondering if you two are..a..couple" I stuttered. 'I was so use to playing the role of clueless and innocent that I'm a pro'

"Me him?" her finger pointed to herself then him about 2 times. Her expression seemed confused and intense.

"No way" he pulled a disgusted face.

"Were brother and sister" she laughed.

" bad" I laughed shyly as I covered my mouth.

"Yeah the only reason I'm in here is because she's picking out a dress" he huffed.

"Well that wasn't hard to figure out" I pointed towards a sign that said. 'best price dresses here'

The girl and guy laughed.

"He meant he's not actually shopping for dresses for himself"

"I think its actually very very attractive for a guy to not be ashamed to shop" My words came out more seductively then my expressions.

"Oh really now?" he seemed shock by my comment as he looked towards his sister.

"I FOUND MY DRESS. NOW LETS GO" Lacey yelled from across the room.

I looked to where the yelling was and turned back to the duet.

"Well that's my friend. I have to go" I said.

"Oh its okay" the girl smiled.

"Thanks for the conversation" the guy informed

"Okay. See ya" I walked over to Lacey.

"So..." she said while holding the dress up against her body.

"Great. I love it" I smiled.

"You found a victim didn't you?"

"You know me to well" I smiled shyly. 'I was such a naughty girl. Daddy would be so proud'
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