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Chapter One

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Patrick Stump has a few problems he'd like to share with you on this fatefull day....

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Patrick Stumph walked into a local coffee shop, the infamous dirty trucker hat perched atop his head, and sat down, while trying all his best to not cause a scene. Him being famous and all wasn't always a good thing, besides getting cuts in line for the movies, free stuff, and being in a good and successful band, there was always the touring, and the screaming, psychotic fans. Did he mention psychotic? He's almost had a concussion, a broken leg, a missing finger, and not to mention he almost had his shoe stolen...

"Pete I really don't want to be here." Patrick scolded the friend he came with.

Pete sighed and crossed his arms, looking at his complaining friend, followed by a roll of the eyes. "Pat, just wait until she gets here."

"Until who gets here, Pete? Some slut you met in the streets?" Patrick hissed. "I'm not in the mood to meet another one of your whores."

Pete glared at Patrick, then got up in his face. "She's not a slut, nor a whore. Her name is Tina, and she's gorgeous." Pete leant back in his chair with a dreamy sigh.

"Yeah? Well I'm still not in the mood to meet her." Patrick stood up, fixed his coat, and prepared to leave.

Pete stood up, a little too harshly and his chair knocked over. He grabbed Patrick's arm and stopped him from going anywhere. "What's your fucking problem?" He asked yelled. The few people that where in the room looked at them. It didn't matter really because it was just old people. But that didn't mean Patrick had any disrespect for the elderly, because he thought the cussing should've been hushed.

"Pete," Patrick snapped. "Language."

Pete glared at him, harshly pushing away Patrick's arm from his grip. "I'm sorry." He stated, with no sympathy at all in his voice, like he didn't mean it. "But what's your fucking problem? Ever since your break-up with Heather you've been nothing but a jackass. You and your break-up were the reason we took time off from touring and came back out here to Chicago!"

"Pete, please. There's elderly in here..." Patrick reasoned. "I know, my break-up with Heather was rough for me. And coming back out to Chicago helped a little. I'm sorry we took time off from touring. But you just don't know how it felt when we split-"

"Yes I do!" Pete yelled. "All of us did! Andy, Joe, all of us, Patrick! All of us."


"No, Pat." Pete sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Go. You don't have to stay here and meet the love of my life if you don't want to. She'll be coming home to meet the guys anyway..."

Patrick looked at Pete, narrowed his eyes and stalked off out of the cafe. He looked back to see Pete apologizing to the elderly couple who was right behind them. Patrick didn't even know why he was the one stalking off, he realized it should've been Pete, but nonetheless, he turned around, ignored the caf, and walked down the streets, hands shoved tightly into his pockets.
You see, while Patrick was on the tour, his girlfriend of three years dumped him. So, it really wasn't a break-up thing. She dumped him because he was always on tour, and never had any time to spend with her. Patrick still isn't fully over it yet, and it hurt when Pete brought it back up.

Patrick walked up the steps of his house where him and the guys where crashing for a while. He removed his coat and hung it up on the coat-rack, and headed to the living room where Joe and Andy where having a video game face-off. Joe laughed and pushed Andy, who fell and hit a stack of books that fell to the ground with a thud. Andy stood up, chuckled at Joe for pushing him and knocking books over, and kicked him. Joe grabbed his foot and tripped him as he was trying to walk away; he fell to the ground with an even bigger thud than the books, but stopped right when he turned around to wreak revenge on Joe. Joe turned and looked at Patrick, a large stupid smile on his face. "Did you see Tina?" He asked.

Patrick rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Joe scrambled to get up while Andy stacked back the books back into their pile. "Did you talk to Tina?" Joe asked again.

Patrick turned around sharply and faced Joe. "No!" He yelled. "I didn't see her, I didn't talk to her, and I didn't meet her!"

"Well, you could've just told me you didn't meet her in the first place..." Joe muttered.

Patrick pushed Joe roughly backward, but luckily, Andy had walked in right at the time Patrick pushed Joe, and caught him before he hit the ground. "Pat, what the hell?" Joe said, regaining his balance on his feet.

"Can I just be by myself for, like, two seconds with out someone coming up to me and asking me questions, or yelling and screaming?" Patrick shot at them.

"You're the one who let us stay here!" Joe shot back, but before he could say anything else, Andy hushed him.

"Maybe Pete was right, you have been more of a jackass since your break-off with Heather..." Andy shook his head, eyes still locked on Patrick.

"Will you please not talk about her right now?" Patrick asked yelled.

"No! You haven't talked about her since! You need to get her out of your system and maybe you'd be calmer!" Joe yelled, joining back in on the fight. And by now, no one in the house had a normal conversational voice, everyone was yelling at each other.

"I don't need to talk about her! I don't want to!" Patrick screamed.

"You can go ahead and keep treating this like a kid who has to clean his room." Andy said, his voice now lowering to a normal tone. "You can't solve your problems by shoving them in a closet, because when someone tries to open it later, it's all going to come spilling out and right back to you..."

Patrick didn't want to admit it, but Andy had a point. Patrick's eyes began to water but he pushed back tears and turned around and ran into his room, locking the door behind him and sliding down the back of it until he was sitting on the floor. He was going to shove it back, and he was going to shove it back as long as he can without the door breaking.
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