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Chapter Two

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"I've got a plan..."

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Andy made sure Joe was okay before the front door opened and Pete came through with a girl, who they only assumed was Tina. Pete smiled and walked behind her. "Andy, Joe, this is Tina." He said. "Tina, this is Andy and Joe."

"It's nice to meet you," Tina smiled, holding out her hand.

"Sorry about our friend." Andy said, taking her hand, then looked to Pete. "He locked himself in his bedroom."

"He did?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, and he pushed me." Joe said, taking Tina's hand too.

"God damn it." Pete muttered under his breath as he walked down the wall way and to Patrick's room. He banged on the door. "Patrick!"

"What do you want?" Patrick scoffed from behind the door.

"You get out here and act like an adult!" Pete called.

"Suit yourself." Patrick replied, getting up from the floor. He knew if he refused to come out Pete would bust down the door with a chainsaw. And he really didn't want to be the main character in the all-new movie Chicago Chainsaw Massacre so he opened the door and glared at Pete before pushing past him and walking down the hall.

"Where do you think you're going now?" Pete asked.

"To act like an adult..." Patrick said, turning his head to Pete with a devious grin. "...In a strip club." He walked to the kitchen and grabbed his coat, looking at all the people staring at him. He flipped his hand to the side in a half-wave and opened the door.

Pete ran down the hall and glared at the front door, he heard Patrick start his car and drive off.

The guys and Tina spent hours talking, watching TV, and ate dinner. (Amazingly without burning it.) And soon Pete took Tina home, and got back just in time for Patrick to stumble through the door with none other than Brendon Urie trailing behind him.

"Heeeey dudes!" Patrick slurred. "I don't know if you've met Brendon...He's a cool cat." While that was said with no slur, he made up for it by falling over. Brendon sighed and helped him up, setting him in a chair before walking over to Pete and leaning in to his ear.

"Sorry I didn't bring his car back, he wouldn't give me the keys. Also, I tried to make him stop at two drinks, but that didn't work either."

"It's okay." Pete patted Brendon on the back. "Thanks."

"Yeah, it was the least I could do." Brendon shrugged.

"No, trust me, it was the most you could do." Andy smiled, coming up and patting him on the back too.

"Well, I better get going. Ryan and the guys are waiting for me." Brendon said, walking out the door.

Pete walked down the hall for a few minutes before coming back and grabbing Patrick and pulling him down the hall toward the bathroom. He opened the door and pushed him in. Throwing Patrick into the bathtub.

He leant against the counter and watched Patrick struggle to stand. He wasn't killing him, just teaching him something.

Patrick finally found his footing and stood up. "What the hell, Pete?" He sputtered. "You didn't have to fucking drown me!"

"Obviously I did, because it helped."

"And you think I have a problem?" Patrick yelled. "Look at you! listen to you!"

"No, you're the one with the problem." Pete said.

"Yeah, with you." Patrick scoffed.

"No, with bottling things up inside and not letting them out."


"You made me look like a fool out there in front of Tina!" Pete yelled.

"Yeah?" Patrick scoffed. "It didn't take much."

"You need help. Serious help." Pete called down the hall to Patrick, who was now slopping away.

"I'm not going to pay someone I don't even know listen to me talk about things I don't even want to talk about!"

"Pat, that didn't make any sense." Pete said with a slight laugh.

"Yeah? Well it did to me!" Patrick slammed the door to his bedroom. He was now right back to where he started.

Pete walked back into the living room and sat down with Andy and Joe on the couch. "If he thinks he can get away with not talking about it, he's sadly mistaken." Pete said, looking toward the hallway. Pete turned to Andy and Joe. "Look," He started, leaning in closer. "I've got a plan..."
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