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Chapter Three

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Patrick was on his side in his bed, just staring at the wall. It was now a miserable Monday, Patrick had slept through the weekend, and he still didn't get up. He only got up to use the bathroom in his bedroom. His hair was everywhere, his stomach was completely empty and he could feel his body eating him from the inside out, he had missed several appointments with magazines and different reporters, and to top it all off, his cell phone had four unheard messages from Heather. He didn't dare touch it, or he might to crawl back to her. And he didn't want that. He wanted Heather back yeah, but she broke up with him on two different reasons, the first was because he was always on tour and never around her, and the second was because she cheated on him with some guy from a drive-through window.

"Pat...?" A soft voice came from the other side of his door.

He slowly blinked his eyes and opened his mouth to talk back. "What." He said, his voice raspy and barley audible.

"It's Tina...Can I come in?"

"No." Patrick replied, still staring at the wall.

"Why not? I have food."

Patrick rolled his eyes. "Don't coax me. It's not working." Patrick sighed.

"Patrick, come on. You're going to have to come out sometime. You haven't eaten since Friday..." Tina's voice trailed off for a bit. "...You need to eat."

"Not hungry." Patrick lied.

"Yes you are. Come on, open the door!" Tina whined. "For me?"

Patrick huffed and pulled the covers off him and walked over to the door. "Just give me the food." He said, as he opened the door.

He saw a smiling Tina, and some other chick. Pete, Andy and Joe hid around behind them. "Who's the chick?" Patrick asked, taking the food from Tina.

"Patrick, this is my roommate, Isabella, she's a psychiatrist." Tina said the last part slowly, like Patrick wouldn't get it.

Patrick huffed again and rolled his eyes, "Guys, you're wasting your money. I'm not going to talk." Patrick smirked, shutting the door again, and locking it behind him. He didn't have the energy or strength to fight with them at the moment, and that was a gift from God for both teams. He sat down on the bed and began to eat his food.

"Did you put it in the door?" Pete asked, franticly.

"Yes, Pete. God, calm down." Tina rolled her eyes.

"I can't. Too excited." Pete said, jumping down the hall.

"Wow, hold up Rabbit." Tina laughed. "Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean it's not right..."

"But it'll help Pat talk." Pete said, poking out his bottom lip.

"Fine. I won't ask anymore questions." Tina sighed. "Well, maybe just one more; how long will it take?"

Pete smiled. "That we have to find out. But it won't take long."

"It better not, I have an appointment tomorrow." Isabella butted in.

"Oh, you can cancel it." Tina rolled her eyes.

"Guys, I think it worked..." Joe whispered, his ear against the door to Patrick's room.
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