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Chapter Six

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"Fucking bastard!" Patrick yelled, flying out of his bedroom and down the hall to where Pete was standing talking to Tina. Patrick didn't even slow down when he got far enough to talk, he plowed him over and pinned him to the ground. "What the fuck did you do that for?" Patrick yelled.

Pete was honestly confused. "What are you talking about?" He groaned.

"Don't fuck with me, Pete!" Patrick yelled. "You told Heather I was in denial!"

"No I didn't! I swear!" Pete shouted back.

"Fucking asshole!" Patrick then did the unthinkable; punched Pete right in the jaw, and then again in the eye. Tina ran over and pulled Patrick off of her boyfriend. "Don't fucking lie to me, Pete!" Patrick attempted to kick the groaning in pain Pete, but Tina grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around to face her. She kicked him in the shin and pushed him back, falling to the floor to see if Pete was okay.
Pete sat forward, holding on to his jaw with one hand, while he held himself up with the other.

Tina turned her head toward Patrick with a piercing gaze. He was just standing there, stunned. "I feel sorry for you." She said, shaking her head slightly. "You just keep fucking things up... I mean look at you! You lost your girlfriend, you're just about to loose most of your career, and most of all; one by one, loosing your friends."

The truth was, Patrick felt sorry for himself. He'd never thought of that. He does keep fucking this up, and he was loosing his career and friends.

"I didn't dump her, she dumped me!" Patrick yelled out, causing the guys and Tina to look at him. "She dumped me because I never saw her when we were touring. She cheated on me with some geek named Justin from a drive-through window. There, happy now that I've just told you all that was bothering me? Happy that I just told you what I never wanted to get out?" Patrick ran back to his bedroom.

Pete, Andy, Joe and Tina were astounded. Because they saw something they'd seen very few times: a crying Patrick.

That's right, Patrick had broken out into tears in the middle of his outburst.
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