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Chapter Seven

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Tina and the guys were stunned that Patrick had actually punched Pete. Patrick had only punched Pete once in a fight over lyrics; he'd never done anything else to show his hatred toward Pete.

Pete just thought maybe Pat's depression got mixed up in his anger and it just exploded in a mass of... Something.

They were all blown away that Heather had cheated on Patrick, and it wasn't that Patrick and her had just broke up because he was always away. That was the worst thing they had ever heard. Now they felt sorry for trying to make him talk.

"It wasn't his fault," Pete reassured, holding his jaw and moving it around from the punches that happened yesterday. He now had a black eye and a bruised jaw. "It was ours for ushering to get it out of him."

"That's really reassuring." Andy rolled his eyes at Pete.

"Well, I think what Pete is trying to say is that Patrick's anger just kept building up and he just had to let it go." Tina said, looking toward the door to Patrick's room. "I just hope he doesn't stay in there over the weekend like he did last time..."

"He won't, we'll make sure of it." Andy said, ushering to him and Joe. "He'll be eating in no time."

"Well, maybe. If you try to feed him any of your vegetarian crap then he might not want to eat for the rest of his life." Joe said, making a disgusted face.

"Stop being a smart-ass, Joe." Andy warned.

"I don't think he can." Tina started, "His brain is special."

They all laughed as Joe glared at Tina. "It's not called 'special', Tina. It's called-"

"Being retarded?"

"Andy, now look who's being the smart-ass." Joe warned his vegetarian friend.

"Okay guys, can we just check on Pat?" Pete smiled, suppressing his laughter for a while.

"Yeah, we should do that." Tina said, getting up from the couch and walking down the hall with the guys on her tail. She stopped at Patrick's door and knocked. "Pat...? Pat, you in there?"

There wasn't an answer.

"Patrick, I'm sorry if we pushed you off the edge." Pete said through the door.

Joe leaned his ear against Patrick's door, just like he had done before, and listened.

Complete silence rose from the other end of the door.

"I can't hear anything. Not even breathing." Joe said, removing his head from the door and looking to Tina, Andy and Pete.

"See if the door's unlocked," Andy motioned to the doorknob.

Joe twisted it. "It's... unlocked?" He questioned.

"Quick, look inside!" Tina pushed the door and squeezed in, looking around for Patrick. "He's not here."

"The bathroom? Joe, go look." Andy told Joe.

"Why me?" Joe asked.

"Just do it before I punch you!" Andy warned.

Joe ran into the bathroom and came back out. "Not in there."

"Shit." Tina gulped, making Pete look where her eyes were locked. They were locked on an open window.

"You could say that again." Pete said, referring to Tina.

"Shit." Tina repeated.
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