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Chapter Eight

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Pete, Joe, and Andy rushed down the hall and pulled on their hoodies as fast as they could and rushed out the door to find Patrick. Tina was going to stay behind; she claimed something was up and that she was going to stay behind if he came home.

No refusing from the boys; they didn't have time to fight; they needed to leave.

Pete hopped into the driver's seat of the car while Andy and Joe got in the back. They sped out of the drive way and into the night.

"Keep your eyes peeled, guys." Pete said, scanning the streets.

They guys searched for hours and hours, and a couple times they thought they saw him, but it turned out it was either an old man with a toupee and a trucker hat or a biker with a mullet. (Joe almost made a hug mistake with that one) But they still found no Patrick.

Joe and Andy where starting to fall asleep, but Pete, determined Pete kept looking. His eyes were sore and his eyelids were heavy but he kept telling himself that he wasn't sleepy. He drove past several bars, until it popped into his head what Brendon had said to him over the phone when he had left that day Patrick got drunk and he brought him home, 'I just-so-happened to be at Ye Old Pub-' Pete slammed on his breaks, sending Joe and Andy to the floor. Pete jumped out of the car and across the street. He flew down the sidewalk, until he came to Ye Old Pub and burst through the doors. He walked up to the bar and guess what he saw? Patrick with a girl. A girl that is not Heather.

Thank God no one heard his unusual burst through the doors, and he was allowed to spy on the two people.

Pete could see the girl had long, jagged black hair with some bleached streaks in and green eyes that sparkled when she smiled. She looked like a good catch for Patrick, better than Heather that's for sure. She laughed and threw her head back. Please don't tell me he's telling a joke... He's horrible at that. Pete looked to Patrick and saw that he was smiling. He's smiling! Pete almost jumped for joy, but didn't. Instead he just left back out to the car with a huge smile on his face. He got in the driver's seat and turned around to look at the guys.

"Did you have to throw us on the floor?" Joe asked.

"He was with a girl." Pete grinned.

"No way..." Andy gasped.

"He was smiling." Pete said, grinning still.

"No fucking way..." Joe said, mouth agape.

"Yes, fucking way." Pete started the car and drove home. He walked in the door with a smile on his face. Joe and Andy following behind him as he stepped into the living room looking for Tina. He looked around the living room and she wasn't there.

"Tina?" He called.

She came to him with tears in her eyes and an EPT and said, "Baby, guess what? Ready or not."

Pete's thoughts were stampeding through his head A kid? Is this a joke?, Aw, man! Diapers, diapers, diapers., How am I supposed to raise a kid when I'm just a kid myself?, Stinky diapers, stinky diapers, stinky diapers. but the only one he paid any attention to was Oh my God, I'm gonna be a dad! He smiled at Tina with tears in his eyes too and said, "I'm gonna be a dad."

She sniffled and wiped her tears, "You mean you're not mad?"

"Sugar, how could I ever be mad at you?" Pete asked, hugging her. "I barely tell you this enough, but baby, I love you."

She pulled away and smiled at him, "Aw, I love you too Peter Peter Pumpkin-"

"Don't say it." Pete warned.

"-Lover..." She fluttered her eyelashes at him.

He chuckled at her. "You're a dork, you know that?" He smiled.

"Yes, but I'm your dork."

"Yes you are." He leaned down and kissed her.

Joe and Andy watched disgustedly as Pete passionately kissed Tina to either celebrate their child, or celebrate the dork-ness of Tina.
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