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Chapter Fifteen

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Patrick looked to Solar with wide eyes.

"What happened?" Solar asked.

"Heather, house, fire, neighbor's front lawn!" Was all Patrick could stutter.

But Solar seemed to get the picture. "Shit, well come on! Let's go!" Solar ran to the front door and grabbed her hoodie, slipping it on and running out the door. But she stopped before she was completely out the door and looked back at Patrick. He wasn't moving, he was just staring at the ground. "Patrick, come on!" She called, waving her hand.

Patrick didn't move. Solar ran inside and pulled him out the door. Solar figured maybe it wasn't a good idea to let Patrick drive, so she drove the car down to Patrick's house. Well, when they arrived it didn't look like a house.

Cops, firemen, fire trucks, police cars, water from the fire hose, neighbors, pets, children all littered the street, all watching the horrible event.

The house literally was no longer a house. It was black and burned. Fallen down to the ground. Patrick's house was in a better place now. Up with all the other big houses in the sky.

"Oh my God!" Solar gasped, stepping out of the car and running over to Tina, keeping her eyes on the 'house'. She looked at Tina.

All Tina had on was a short-sleeve shirt, and some pajama pants that looked to be Pete's Jack and Sally ones. She was rubbing her arms.

After all, it was 9:35 PM.

"God, you're freezing!" Solar exclaimed and ripped her hoodie off, forcing it over Tina's head.

"Um... Thanks, Solar." Tina smiled.

"Yeah, it's no problem." Solar shrugged, looking over at Joe and Andy sitting on the ground. Joe had an X-Box under one arm, wires and whatnot still hanging from the back.

She walked over to their sad faces. "Aw, you guys; don't be sad. You can come and stay with me." Solar smiled, patting Andy on the shoulder.

"That's not why we're sad." Joe said.

"Memories, huh?" Solar nodded her head.

"No, our controllers were in there!" Joe started sobbing.

"You guys, I've got a Wii."

Andy and Joe jumped on Solar, screaming and laughing like school girls.

Pete watched Patrick slowly get out of the car and trip up to one of the policemen. He asked a couple of questions, and the cop told him the answers. Patrick walked over to Pete, staring at the ground, most likely in thought.

"Pat...?" Pete asked.

Patrick's head whipped up and he reached for the hat on top of his head. The hat flew onto the ground and was stomped on.

Pete had never seen Patrick do that to his hat before. "Patrick, are you okay?"

"No! I'm not fucking okay, Pete!" Patrick yelled. "Now I have no fucking house!"

"But I just heard Solar tell Andy and Joe that we're going to stay at her house..." Pete said; pointing over his shoulder at the mass of three people tangled into a ball on the ground.

Patrick looked at them, yelling and screaming, laughing and smiling. "She must've told them she has a Wii." Patrick muttered. "But we still don't have any clothes, or anything."

"True, but we've still got money." Pete countered. "And a place to stay."

"I guess you're right." Patrick said, sighing. "Can we go? I don't want to watch anymore."

Pete smiled, wrapping his arm around Tina's waist. "Sure. Go get Solar."

Patrick walked over to Andy, Joe and Solar. "Solar, can we get going?"

"Sure." Solar laughed, getting up and walking with everyone to her car.

Eventually everyone got fitted in the car and Solar drove them all back to her house.

"Alright, blankets are down the hall to the left in the closet. Andy, Joe, Pete and Patrick can have the couch; its a fold-out. Tina and me sleep in my bed." Solar announced. "G'night, everyone! Oh, and Andy and Joe, don't break the Wii." Solar smiled at them, flinging the controller around playing Zelda.

"Yeah, we won't!" They laughed.

"Good night, Solar." Patrick gave a shy smile.

"Good night, Patrick" Solar smiled back, walking over and giving him a small peck on the cheek. "Sweet dreams." She whispered in his ear before turning around and walking with Tina down the hall.
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