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Chapter Fourteen

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Patrick walked up the long walkway to Solars front door and knocked. He put a smile on his face and held the flowers neatly behind his back so that Solar wouldn't see them.

The door creaked open and Patrick saw Solars gorgeous face emerge. "Patrick, what're you doing here?" She asked, opening the door all the way and motioning inside.

Patrick popped the flowers out from behind his back and stared at her, completely quiet.

"Roses?" Solar questioned, taking the roses from Patrick's hand. "You got me roses?"

"Solar, I don't want to be just friends." Patrick said, shaking his head and walking inside. "I can't wait for you."

"Patrick, I don't think thats a good idea." Solar shook her head at him, "I'm just not ready, and neither are you."

"Yes, I am!" Patrick laughed lightly, a smile on his face. "I cant just stand here and wait forever to-"

Patrick stopped abruptly as him and Solar heard a knock on the door. Both of their heads snapped back to the wooden white paint-covered blockade.

Solar walked over to the door and gently opened it, only to get shoved out of the way as none other than Heather stomped toward Patrick with pleading eyes. "Patrick, forgive me! I wont do it again! Take me back! I need you!" She pleaded, getting on her knees, and looking him in the eyes. God, Patrick's seen her like that before...

"Heather! What are you doing here? Did you follow me?" Patrick hissed, moving his legs to try and get out from the psycho's grasp.

"Um... I may have followed you a little bit." Heather winced.

"What the hell?" Patrick yelled.

"Pat, calm down..." Heather said, gently releasing Patrick's legs. Bad move...

"Heather!" Patrick picked her up by her arm, making her look in his eyes. "I can both call the cops and get a restraining order for you in court, or I can ask you to leave and you will obey. Which one shall it be?"

"Patrick, listen, I didn't mean to cheat on you; Justin forced me to!" Heather pleaded.

"Right, more lies." Patrick scoffed. "Heather, you better get the hell off of Solar's property or I swear to God I'll throw you out myself!" Patrick screamed at her.

"Fine." Heather stood up. "But you'll be sorry you didn't take me back..."

"Just go!" Patrick boomed, pointing toward the door. Heather stomped off out the door and got back into her priceless car.

Patrick rushed to close the door and lock it before helping Solar off the ground. "Are you okay?" Patrick asked her.

Solar shook her head. "Patrick, we cant be together. Things could get worse with Heather..." She said, looking into Patrick's sad eyes.

"They wont, though. I'll make sure of it." Patrick smiled at her.

"Well, lets just watch a movie and see where it gets..." Solar smiled back, leading him over to the couch.

A few hours into Solars choice of a movie, The Titanic, Patrick's cell phone rang.

Patrick wanted desperately to just ignore it, because he was cuddled up on the couch with Solar, the love of his new-found life, and she was tearing up from the movie. But he couldn't ignore it, because it was from Tina.

"Hello?" Patrick whispered.

"Patrick!" Pete's voice yelled from the other end.

Patrick could hear rummaging and other various noises in the background. "Pete? What are you doing calling from Tina's cell?"

"I forgot mine in the house!" Pete said.

"Where are you?" Patrick asked, sitting up.

"In the neighbor across the street's front yard!" Pete said, franticly.

"Why aren't you in the house?" Patrick asked, becoming confused.

"Heather was here Pat!" Pete yelled.

"What does Heather have to do with you being in the front yard of the neighbors house across the street?" Patrick laughed.

"This isn't a laughing matter, Pat! She fucking set the house on fire!" Pete screamed at him.

Patrick jumped up from the couch. "Wheres Tina and the guys?"

"They're here with me. Goddamn little hoe!" Pete screamed again. "I cant believe she fucking set the house on fire!"

"What did the cops say?" Patrick asked.

"It was arsine." Pete said, "I know it was her."

"Damn, I'll be right there!" Patrick said, hanging up his phone.
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