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Chapter Thirteen

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"What's your idea, Pat?" Tina asked, watching him dig through his drawers, and the mess of clothes scattered on the floor.

"Where's my wallet?" He asked.

"Um... I did the laundry. It's on top of the washer." Tina remembered, smiling that she knew where it was.

Patrick ran out of his bedroom and into the laundry room. He spotted his wallet and grabbed it off the washing machine. He ran out into the hall and then back into the living room, grabbing a book from the bookshelf. "Bye, guys!" He called to them as he dashed out the door.

He jumped in his car and screamed out of the parking lot. Driving down the street in a crazy rampage.

"What do you think he's doing?" Tina asked, looking out the window at Patrick as he drove away.

"He said he was going to win over Solar's heart." Pete sighed.

Tina burst into tears. "Our little Patick's growing up!" She sobbed, and clung to Pete.

Patrick's car was going as fast as it could by now, it's a wonder no cops stopped him.

He sped into the parking lot of The Rosebud and jumped out of the car with the book and his wallet.

He walked into the small shop and smiled at the old lady behind the counter. "Hello, dear. What can I help you with today?" She asked.

"Um...Can I get a dozen red roses? And on the tag can I get it to say...This?" Patrick flipped through the book and gave it to the old lady.

"Aw, your wife will love this." The lady smiled.

"Oh, no, no. She's not my wife." He smiled, uneasily. "She's not even my girlfriend. I'm trying to win her heart."

"How sweet." The woman smiled. "I would suggest if this doesn't work, that you get her a piece of engraved jewelry. My husband of sixty-years did that for me." She began busying herself with the order. She came out from the back room and gave Patrick the flowers. "That'll be one-hundred dollars. But since you're trying to win over the beautiful young girl's heart, I'll cut it in half. Fifty dollars."

"Thank-you," Patrick smiled, handing the money to the old woman. "I appreciate it."

"No problem, I'm glad I could help. Come again!" She waved Patrick off.

Patrick walked out of the shop and got back into his car, carefully sitting the flowers on the seat next to him. He drove out of the parking lot and continued his drive to Solar's house.
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