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Chapter Seventeen

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Patrick and Pete watched Andy and Joe.

"What the hell is all the noise about?" Solar asked, walking out of her bedroom with Tina.

"Um... Andy broke the TV!" Joe pointed to Andy.

"I broke the TV?" Andy pointed to himself, questioning Joe.

"See! He just admitted it!" Joe gasped.

Solar laughed. "Well, I see you went out and got a new one."

"Yeah, and new X-Box controllers!" Joe smiled, proud of himself.

"Wow. We should stay up and play video games all night!" Tina squealed.

"Do you even know how to play to play the X-Box?" Joe asked Tina.

"Dur." Tina rolled her eyes and hopped in front of Joe and Andy, and started plugging things in to the TV. Within a matter of seconds, Tina had plugged the cords into the right spots, and turned the X-Box and TV back on.

"Awesome, but you'll never beat us." Andy smiled.

"Well, let's find out." Tina smiled. "Petey... Play with me!"

Pete smiled, and hopped off the couch, scooting down to the TV and sitting by Tina. But Tina had other ideas; she got up and plopped in his lap.

"Oomph, how am I supposed to play with you sitting on my lap?" Pete asked, smiling.

"You'll find a way." Tina smirked.

Solar walked over and sat next to Patrick on the couch, watching Pete, Tina, Andy and Joe play video games.

"You know, it wasn't nice of you guys to listen in on our conversation." Solar smirked at Patrick.

"Uhm... We weren't." Patrick lied.

"Right, and I totally couldn't hear Pete, who doesn't have a whisper bone in his body, outside of my door." Solar mocked.

"So, you knew we were listening... And you still kept talking?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah, and we meant everything we said." Solar smiled.

Patrick took the hint. Solar was hinting to him that she really did like him.

YES! YES! YES! YES! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Patrick was screaming in his head.

Patrick didn't act as he was feeling; he just smiled and pulled one of his hands back over the back of the couch.

Solar took this as a hint and leant in to him, laying her head on his chest, smiling.

It wasn't long until the beautiful sight was broken with a knock on the door.

Solar sighed and got up, walking to the door and opening it. What she got was a nasty surprise. A punch to the nose.

"Ahhh, shitfuck!" Solar cursed, holding on to her now-bleeding nose. "What the hell--? Oh, it's you." She looked up and stared the person right in the eyes.

"Where's Patty?" They asked.

"Living room." Solar replied. The person tried to step past, but Solar stopped them. "You're not setting a foot in my house, Heather."

"Oh, really?" Heather asked, sending a fist to the jaw of Solar. Solar cursed again and fell to the ground, tipping her head back to keep the blood from running down her face, and holding on to her aching jaw. "Fuck you." Heather stepped into the house and found her way to the living room. She saw Patrick on the couch. "Hello, Pat." She smiled.

"Heather?" Patrick jumped up from the couch.

"Miss me?" Heather smirked.

"No, you burnt my fucking house down! How the hell did you get in here?" Patrick asked, anger boiling in his veins.

"Well, I threw a few shots..." Heather smirked again.

"Solar?" Patrick went to run to her, but Solar rounded the corner and pulled Heather's hair from behind.

"Get out of my house before I call the cops!" Solar screamed.

"Not without Patrick!" Heather said, turning around and ripping her hair away from Solar's grip.

"Heather, I'm not leaving with you now, or ever. So just fuck off!" Patrick yelled, grabbing Heather's arm and roughly leading her to the front door. "And if you ever, ever touch Solar again I will come and hunt you down, and turn you in to the cops myself!" Patrick pushed Solar out the door so roughly, that the stupid whore tripped on her high heels and fell flat on her face in the dirt. Patrick chuckle/scoffed and slammed the door in Heather's face.
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