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Chapter Eighteen

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Outside, Heather got up from the dirt and dusted her mini-shirt off, before sneaking over to the window and peeking in un-noticed.

She watched as everyone fussed over the Solar girl.

She hated her.

She despised her.

She could hear people talking slightly.

"Oh my God, Solar, are you okay?" Tina asked, placing the wet washrag under Solar's nose while Patrick held the ice-pack to her jaw.

I must get rid of her. Heather thought.

"Yeah, I guess. Stupid bitch." Solar said, with a small smile.

She has got to go.

"Did she do anything else?" Patrick asked.

I don't care how, as long as it's not messy.

"No, but I liked how you pushed her out the door, Pat." Solar smiled toward Patrick.

I could kidnap her and leave her in the middle of the desert for the buzzards to pick at her flesh...

"Yeah, it's something ex-ex-EX-boyfriends are allowed to do." Patrick emphasized on the 'ex' in 'ex-boyfriend'.

I could chop her up in little pieces and then feed them to sharks...

"Yeah, I guess so." Solar laughed, then stopped and winced because of her jaw.

Or, I could tie her to a railroad track like in the old black and white moves. Hell, I'd even be willing to grow a wicked mustache.

"I'll fix it..." Patrick smirked, pulling the ice-pack away and kissing her jaw softly.

The. Girl. Must. Die!

Heather dashed out of the bushes and got back into her priceless car, screaming out of the driveway and down the road.

Inside, on the other-hand, Patrick was giving Solar a mischievous grin.

Solar was grinning back.

"Um... Patrick. I think you left your hat in the bathroom. Let's go get it..." Solar said, getting up and walking down the hall.

"Yes, let's go get it..." Patrick said, getting up from his knees and walking down the hall too.

As soon as Pete, Andy, Joe and Tina heard the bedroom door shut, a wave of laughter erupted.

"Did anyone notice that Patrick was wearing his hat?" Tina laughed.

"And I find it highly doubt-full that Patrick would take his hat off while going to the bathroom." Pete laughed.


"Come on, I'll give you five hundred dollars if you just do it!" Heather pleaded.

"No, I'm not going to do that to Tina, or Solar."

"Please! I'll raise the price!" Heather begged.


"Please, I'm being" Heather was stopped as the line went dead.

Heather sighed and hung the phone up, walking away from the payphone.

Sure, Heather had a cell phone, but she had left it in Solar's dirt.

A mistake she had made, and immediately regretted.

She walked up and in to the small convenient store, got a coffee, paid for it, and then sat down in one of the chairs inside.

She sipped her coffee, cursing the person on the other line of the payphone.

She watched as slightly tall guy walked in the store and walked down one of the isles.

He had nice, short blonde hair, with brown pants, and a black hoodie on.

To her, he was perfect.

If she could get the lead singer of a fucking band to fall head-over-heels for her, then she could get any random stranger she wanted.

She was over Patrick.

But not Solar.

Solar had to be gotten rid of.

One way or another.

And her light-bulb was shining bright.

"Oh, um... Excuse me?" Heather waved over the guy. "Do I know you?" She asked, a smirk on her face.

"I don't think so..." The guy said, shrugging lightly.

"Oh, well, I'm Heather. I'm sorry, you just look so much like someone I know." She poured her sloppy lies out all over the un-expecting young man.

"No, I'm sure we don't. I'm Jake." Jake reached out his hand and shook Heather's.
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