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Where were you? (when the world stopped turning)

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The bros witness 9-11-01

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Biker Mice From Mars


Where were you? (when the world stopped turning)

The three mice stood in horrified awe at the smoke and fire. The new caster said it was an accident, a fuel laced accident. That was before the second one hit. Before the word Terrorist was uttered.

They stood there, their eyes wide their mouths shut and their tails still. If anything through the shock were the fears of war. A war they couldn't fight in and a battle they couldn't help in.

Charlene Davidson had her hands over her mouth, tears trailed down her cheeks. Each bro had a hand on her shoulder. Not only to comfort her, but to keep each other them from saying it's just a movie. A really realistic Movie.

The news reporter talked while the images of people jumping from so high up showed. The screen switched to the attack of the Pentagon.
A place the mice weren't familiar with, the White House was the center of the Political Propaganda, wasn't it?

Then the reports of a fourth crash.

Charlene never had broken down like this, she sobbed and cried when the first tower fell.

Vinnie held her tight. His tail wrapping around his leg like a fearing five year old.

Modo added to the tears when the second building fell.

Throttle didn't say a word, didn't cry, and just stared at the image of a smoke-covered New York, a state so far away, yet his heart was right there. Like the day his hometown was destroyed and he wasn't anywhere near it.

The people crying on camera, the lost, the shock, the fear and anger.

The mice wondered for the first time. 'Was this a planet worth saving?'

"Kinda.. makes ya.. feel bad for knocking the Limburger tower over so many times... doesn't it?" Vinnie muttered his voice full of pain and sorrow.

Modo gave Vinnie a look of death. "Not in a million years, not for a million reasons"

"There's no way we endangered people. No way we ever killed like that, like those on those airplanes had. We aren't on Earth for reasons of terror, we're here to help it". Throttle muttered his voice low and cold.

The three mice and their human companion turned looking out the window at the Sears and Limburger Tower in the background they wondered if Chicago was next. Even if it wasn't, what could they do for the People of New York, D.C, and Pennsylvania?



September 11 2003

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