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Chapter Twenty-Two

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Tina was still sitting in the bench at the police station while Pete told Chuck everything.

"The name 'Jake Pierce' doesn't come up in our data base." Chuck told Pete; a sad face scrunching over his concerned one.

"Are you kidding me?" Pete asked, shaking his head and shifting his weight to his other foot. "He's got to be in there!"

"Well, he's not. I'm sorry." Chuck said, shaking his head in sorrow. "All we can do is put up some posters and hope for the best."

"That's fine, do that." Pete scratched the back of his head. "But what about looking for her a little tonight? Like, a search party or something?"

"I can get a few units out there and looking, but they'll only hold on for a little while, then give out. If you can get together some of her friends, and some of yours, then you'd have a big enough search party to actually get a unit that won't do anything else but help you with the search." Chuck explained.

"Get your units out there, Chuck, because my girlfriend can't stay in the cold forever." Pete said, pointing a warning finger at Chuck. Pete walked away from the man who was only trying to help.

"Did they find him in their data--"

"No. His name didn't come up at all." Pete said, cutting Tina's sentence in half and stalking out the front door.

Patrick, Tina, Joe and Andy quickly got up and followed suit.

Pete drove back to Solar's house and collapsed on the couch, pulling out his Sidekick and messing around.

Tina walked in the laid on Pete on the couch. She was feeling rather alone since Solar went missing. "I still don't see why they couldn't have done anything." She sighed, looking up into Pete's flustered face.

"I don't see why they don't just upgrade their computer." Pete scoffed.

"It's-"Tina decided it was best not to correct Pete when he was ticked off. "Yeah." She agreed said.

"So, you never told me what Chuck said since he couldn't find him in the data base." Patrick said, walking in and sitting in one of the armchairs. "I'd really like to know."

"Yeah, come to think of it, me too." Tina said, sitting up a little to get a good look at Pete.

"Chuck said the best he could do was put up fliers and get some of his units out there and looking." Pete sighed. "I told him to have at it."

"Oh, well, maybe someone spotted her while he was driving away, or maybe-" Patrick stopped mid-sentence as a thought popped into his head. "Pete?"

"Yes, Pat?" Pete answered.

"Did we just take off as soon as Solar was kidnapped?" Patrick asked.

"Yes, why?" Pete said, shutting his Sidekick to listen to Patrick talk.

"Well, we never asked the neighbors anything about it. Maybe they heard or saw something!" Patrick said, jumping up.

"Oh my gosh, you're right!" Tina said, slowly getting up as ell.

"We've to go question them, like, right now!" Pete said, running towards the door, almost running over Joe and Andy who was just starting to come through the door.

"Where are you guys going?" Joe asked them, while Andy gave them a weird look.

"We're going to ask the neighbors if they heard or saw anything about Solar!" Tina called over her shoulder while placing her flip flops on her feet and skidding out the door behind Pete and Patrick.
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