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Christmas Services.

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Chelsea leaves Brendon and Thomas at home to go to Christmas Mass with her brothers and parents.

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So it's kind of a filler but I really like this one.

Chelsea walked into the house cradling her sleeping son as he snored softly. She walked into his bedroom and laid him down in his crib after taking off his shoes, socks, and jeans. She covered him up with his 'Elmo' Blanket and turned on his monitor, 'I love you sweetie.' She whispered before walking out and shutting the door behind her as Brendon walked into their bedroom untucking his shirt as she walked in behind him and started to take out her earrings.

'That was fun.' Brendon mumbled.

'Yeah, I love your grandmothers they are so funny.'

'I know, I'm glad Thomas gets to grow up with them.' Brendon said as he sat down on the bed to take off his shoes. Chelsea walked over and sat next to him. She took his hand lacing her fingers with his and laid her head to rest on his shoulder. Brendon laid his head on her head as he brought her hand up to kiss it.

'I don't understand.' Chelsea said breaking the silence as she and Brendon laid back on to bed both looking up at the ceiling with the only thing making physical contact being their hands that were still laced together.

'What?' Brendon asked.

'It feels like yesterday we were sitting in English class passing notes back together and here we are married with a child that is almost a year old.'

'Time moves pretty fast apparently.' Brendon said.

'Obviously; I never thought I would be here.' Chelsea said looking over at him.

'Do you think you would be here if we weren't together? If you were with someone else?'

Chelsea rolled over onto her side to look at him, 'I think that if you and I weren't together, I would be a full time student living in a dorm, with out a child, with out my Brendon, and I don't think I would be as happy as I am right now.'

'I would be sad.' Brendon said.


'Because if I didn't have you then I wouldn't be the same Brendon, I'd be a completely different person.'

'That's okay, you'd still be Brendon.'

'Well I don't want to think about that, the only thing I want to think about is you, and our son, and our family we have, and the sex I'm going to get tomorrow when you wake up.' Brendon smiled.

'Don't get a head of yourself Urie, what if I don't like it?'

'Oh trust me, you'll love it.' Brendon smiled as he leant over and pressed his lips to hers.

'What time is it?' Chelsea asked softly as she laid her head against Brendon's chest.

'8:49.' Brendon answered.

'I have two hours until I have to get ready for mass.' She whispered as she cuddled up to him.

'We'll just lay here. I miss it.'

'Bee Beary, would you be upset if I wasn't pregnant when Thomas turned two?'

'Honey, if you aren't ready for a second baby, I'm not going to be mad.'

'Promise?' she asked.

'Of course I promise, there is no way I could be mad at you for something like that. It's impossible. As long as I have you and Thomas and my band, I'm okay.' he smiled.

Two hours past, Brendon had flipped on the TV and he and Chelsea were currently watching the True Hollywood story of the Hilton sisters when Chelsea got up to get ready for mass, 'This is the first Christmas in probably four years that you aren't going to mass with me.' Chelsea said as she walked out of the bathroom in her Christmas dress.

'I know. It feels weird.'

'No kidding.' Chelsea said softly walking into the closet to pull out her shoes.

'I will be back in a couple of hours, I'm sure you'll be asleep by then but I love you.'

'I love you, have a good time.' Brendon said as Chelsea walked over and kissed him as he slid her wedding rings back on her finger.

'Bye.' Chelsea said as she took her purse and his car keys and walked out the door.

The drive to her parent's house was uneventful; she drove with the radio off and the sun roof open just listening to the sound of the traffic on Christmas Eve in Vegas. As she pulled up to her parent's house she saw the lights on and found all three of her brother's cars out in the drive way. Chelsea pulled up next to the curb and got out of the car quickly walking up the side walk to her parent's house and walking inside as she normally did.

'Chelly bear!' Brad yelled as she walked into the door and was immediately picked up into a bone crushing hug from her older brother who soon passed her to her other brother who passed her to her last brother.

'It's good to see you three, I feel like I haven't seen you guys in so long.' Chelsea said as there was a group hug.

'I know where is Brendon?' Drew asked.

'Thomas wouldn't have made it through Christmas mass so Brendon stayed home with him.'

'Whoa! This is the first mass with out Brendon in like four years.'

'I know it's kind of weird.'

'You're telling me, now...'

'Who is Thomas?' Came a female voice that Chelsea didn't recognize, It surely wasn't her mothers

'Oh Chels, I forgot,' Drew started as the girl walked over to the group of siblings and stood next to Drew, 'this is Shelly, my new girlfriend, she's going to come with us tonight.'

The girl was bleach blond and looked like an umpa lumpa, she has such a fake tan, 'Hi I'm Shelly, you must be Chelsea, the one that causes all the drama.'

'Nice to meet you.' Chelsea said, she didn't like her already.

'Baby who is Thomas?' Shelly asked as William and Brad rolled their eyes.

'He's my son.' Chelsea said.

'You have a child? Aren't you a little young to have a child?' Shelly asked.

'Come on Chels, mom made us a sandwich before mass.' William said as Brad followed his brother and sister into the kitchen.

'Shelly I don't care if you don't like my sister but leave her alone.' Drew said before following the three into the kitchen where Chelsea was in fits of giggles along with William and Brad sat with a dead straight face.

'What's funny guys?' Drew asked.

'We were talking about the mass we went to where Brad and Brendon were kicked out by the priest for interrupting communion.' Will said.

'That was so funny.' Chelsea snorted.

'I don't know what you guys are talking about, mom and dad didn't talk to us for like three days after that.' Brad said as he stuffed a chocolate chip cookie in his mouth.

'Yes and mom and dad are going to be even more mad if you four don't stop making so much noise.' Mrs. Reeves said walking through the kitchen as she put in an earring, 'Chelsea honey when did you come in?'

'Just a few minutes ago momma.'

'Where are Brendon and Thomas?'

'There is no way that Thomas would have made it through Christmas mass and still left the church in one piece so Brendon stayed home with him.'

'Probably for the better but next year, he's coming.'

'Okay I promise.' Chelsea smiled.

'This feels weird; it's the first mass in almost five years with out Brendon.' Mr. Reeves said.

'WE KNOW!' Will, Brad, and Chelsea said at the same time.

'Where is Thomas?'

'Dad.' Chelsea whined as Will stuffed a cookie in her mouth.

'So are you guys ready to go yet?' Mrs. Reeves asked.

'We've been ready; I just ate my body weight in your chocolate chip cookies.' Chelsea said as she stood up.

'Honey, those were for Brendon.'

'He doesn't need them.' Chelsea said.

'They were for when you get fat, he'll be depressed.' Will said before receiving a slap from Chelsea.

'Don't start the arguing. I won't let you two sit together.' Mrs. Reeves said as Brad, Will, and Chelsea all walked out the Brendon's range rover while Drew and Shelly took his car and Mr. And Mrs. Reeves took their car.

Chelsea laughed along with her two brothers before her parents pulled out in front of them and they began their trip to mass, 'So who is this Shelly chick and why in the hell is she coming to the Reeves Christmas mass?' Chelsea asked.

'She thinks she's part of the family because Drew is going to pop the question to her tomorrow when everyone is here.' Will said.

'She's coming to mass with us? That's not allowed.' Chelsea said.

'Brendon came.' Brad said.

'Different story, he's a part of the family, she's just some blonde bimbo Drew brought home.'

'Whatever guys, we should be happy for them.' Chelsea said.

'She hates you Chelsea.' Brad said sticking his head between Will and Chelsea.

'I haven't done anything to her.'

'It's because of mom and dad, you're their only daughter and our only sister so obviously, you get talked about / a lot /. She doesn't like it. So she hates you, and I am willing to bet she's not going to like Brendon or Thomas.'

'Why not?'

'Because in mom and dad's eyes you two are perfect and she hates it.'

'So do mom and dad like her?'

'It's hard to tell really, I don't think dad likes her very much he just kind of ignores her and you know how mom is with being nice and polite to everyone.' Brad said.

'We'll see what happens at dinner tonight.'

'Brendon is coming to dinner tonight right?'

'Yes, he is and so is Thomas.'

'Great, I haven't seen those two in forever.'

'You mean you aren't still mad at him?'

'Who? Brendon? No I got over that a long time ago when it turned out that he really didn't sign those papers.'

'I'm glad you're not still mad at him that would not be good if you didn't like him, you guys are friends though right?'

'Are you kidding me? He's like my partner in crime.' Brad said as Will agreed.

'I'm glad.' Chelsea laughed as she pulled up to the church that Drew and their parents were already at.

Chelsea walked in between William and Brad as their parents stopped to talk to various people while they stood next to them, 'Cole, Marla, it's so great to see you two again.' A woman said that looked to be about Mrs. Reeve's age.

'Hi there Brenda.' Mrs. Reeves said politely as William nudged Chelsea in the ribs with a smile on his face.

'Brenda, Richard you remember our kids, William, Chelsea, and Bradley, Andrew is running around here someplace.'

'Well you three sure have grown up. Bradley I got your graduation announcement, your parents must be very proud.'

'We are very proud of him.' Mrs. Reeves smiled rubbing his shoulder.

'And Chelsea I heard you got married, to a nice boy none the less, that's great news.' She smiled.

'He's very nice.' Chelsea smiled.

'Is he here with you tonight?'

'No Brendon stayed home.' Chelsea said.

'Oh it's Brendon? The same boy that is usually with you guys for mass tonight?' she asked.


'Oh well he is a very nice boy you two will have beautiful children.' She said turning to look at William.

'Hi William.' She smiled.

'Hi Mrs. Erwin.' William said avoiding eye contact as Chelsea and Brad held back their laughter.

'We're going to go get a seat mom.' Chelsea said dragging her two brothers off and pulling the other off his tramp, 'we are in a church be a whore some place else.' She whispered.

'Sorry.' Drew mumbled.

'It's not your fault Drew, She has to look for some reason to go to hell and using fake tanner isn't one.' Brad said as Chelsea and William began to laugh as their parents walked in front of them.

'I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth through out this service got it. Every year it's something understood? Bradley? Chelsea? William? Andrew especially, shelly not a word got it?'

'Yes sir.' The four said as Shelly sat quietly.

'Who does he think he is telling me that to do?' Shelly mumbled.

'I'd advice you to do what he says.' Chelsea mumbled as service started.

Shelly glared at Chelsea as she sat between William and Brad, 'I'll see you guys later today.' Chelsea said as she stood in the entry way of her parent's house an hour and a half later.

'Four o'clock Chelsea.' Mrs. Reeves said.

'Bye mom.' Chelsea said as she hugged her mom followed by her father, and three brothers as Shelly glared. Chelsea walked outside to Brendon's Range Rover and got in and started her drive home, pulling up into their garage twenty five minutes later. She quietly made her way into the house and up to their bedroom being careful not to wake her son or her husband who was sprawled out across the bed. Chelsea chuckled as she pulled off her dress slipping on a tank top and a pair of shorts before crawling in next to him as he shifted.

'You're home.' He said cuddling into her chest.

'I'm home.' She smiled as she shut her eyes feeling him kiss her neck before laying his head back down on top of her.
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