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All I want this christmas is you...Part I.

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Brendon gives Chelsea the first of her christmas presents.

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this is part one of two for tonight! ENJOY!

Brendon woke up the sound of Thomas crying through his nursery monitor. It was about five am and Brendon wasn't sure what was going on. He quickly got up throwing the blankets back and running into the nursery to find him crying in his crib.

Meanwhile Chelsea sat on the cold tile floor with her head in the toilet yet again throwing up the chocolate chip cookies she had eaten with her brothers before mass.

Brendon picked Thomas up out of his bed noticing the brown substance all over his bed and clothing as he cried. Brendon then noticed the fowl smell, 'Aww Thomas.' Brendon groaned as he carried his son under the arms back into his bedroom and into the bathroom where he found Chelsea throwing up.

'You're not feeling any better? He asked as Chelsea turned around to look at him immediately seeing Thomas and throwing up again.

'No.' she squeaked out, 'what happened to him?'

'Blow out.' Brendon said as he laid the crying baby down on the rug in front of the bathtub while the water ran filling the tub up with warm water.

'Here let me help.' Chelsea said as she held Thomas up so it was easier for Brendon to undress him with out getting covered in poop.

'Honey are you okay? You've been pretty sick lately.'

'No I'm sure it's nothing.' She said as she brushed her teeth feeling the nausea pass.

Thomas began to calm down as his bath soothed him while his eyes got heavy, 'He's going to go back to sleep he shouldn't be up for at least another four hours.' Chelsea said as she wrapped Thomas up in a towel and walked towards his nursery. She soon walked back in and collapsed onto the bed with Brendon.

'That was gross.' Chelsea said climbing back into the warm covers that Brendon was already holding for her.

'I'm more worried about you honey, I am really worried babe, you've been throwing up like this for about a week now and you've been sleeping a lot more then you normally do.'

'Brendon, I'm sure it's not a big deal but if it makes you feel better, I'll go to the doctor after we go to New York.'

'Alright.' Brendon said laying his head against her chest.


Brendon woke up two hours later to his phone ringing quietly on the nightstand, he quickly picked it up checking to make sure Chelsea was still sound asleep before getting up and walking out of the room.

'Hello.' He whispered as he walked down the stairs.

'Hey we're here come outside.' Ryan said.

'Alright I'm coming.' Brendon said as he shut his phone and started out the front door before hearing Thomas start to wake up knowing that if someone didn't get him soon he would start crying. Brendon looked at the front door before dashing back upstairs and into Thomas' room where he was wide awake kicking his legs against the railing of his crib.

'Come on little man.' Brendon said sneaking out of the nursery and back down the stairs before Chelsea woke up.

'What took you so long?' Spencer whined as Brendon walked out.

'Tommy woke up.' Brendon mumbled as he walked over to see Chelsea's Christmas present.

'Merry Christmas little one.' Spencer said as Thomas smiled reaching out for him.

'So where do you want it?' Ryan asked as he handed Brendon the two sets of keys.

'Here is fine. I love the red ribbon.' Brendon laughed.

'You said it was a Christmas present so I put a ribbon on it so whine about it.'

'Okay okay, thank you guys.'

'You're very welcome. I hope she likes it.' Ryan said as Spencer handed Thomas back to Brendon.

'I think she will.'

'Okay well we're going home. Jennifer doesn't know I left she may freak out a little if I'm not there when she wakes up. Talk to you later.' Ryan said as he and Spencer got back into the car and left. Brendon walked back into the house and locked the front door behind him before walking into the kitchen to make breakfast.

'Hey why are you up so early?' Chelsea asked almost an hour later as Brendon was almost done making pancakes.

'Hey, Thomas woke up again around seven fifteen so I just got up and decided to make you breakfast, Merry Christmas baby.' Brendon smiled as she kissed him and laid her head on his back with her arms around his waist from behind.

'Merry Christmas to you too honey.' She smiled kissing his neck again before hearing Thomas hitting his hand against the tray on his high chair while calling his mom.

'Ma ma ma ma ma.' Thomas said with a smile.

'Hey baby.' Chelsea picked him up out of his high chair and gave him a kiss as she bent down hanging him upside down, 'Merry Christmas sweetie.'

Thomas giggled as Brendon watched. Chelsea put Thomas back into his high chair while Brendon walked over and set a few pieces of pancake on his tray.

'So Brendon, its Christmas.' Chelsea smiled.

'You're right it is.'

'Let's talk about this present you've been going on and on for weeks ago.' She smirked as she put her arms around his waist.

'As soon as you and Thomas eat Breakfast you can have one of them.' Brendon said pressing his lips to hers in a serious of soft innocent kisses.

Brendon cell phone soon rang signaling his father in law, 'I'll be right back sweetie.' He said before walking out of the room and into the living room to answer his phone.

'Hello.' He whispered.

'Brendon, its Cole. I've got it, it's beautiful.'

'Is she going to like it?'

'She's going to love it.' Mr. Reeves said as he and his wife looked at the beautiful diamond engagement ring in the black velvet box.

'Sounds good, today is the day.' Brendon said as Chelsea came in, 'gotta go talk to you soon.' He said before quickly shutting his phone.

'Who was that?' she asked.

'Wrong number.' Brendon smiled as he took Thomas out of her hands, 'Let's go see about a present for mommy.' Brendon said.

Brendon walked back into the kitchen with Chelsea following her as she gave him a strange look, 'I need you to put this on.' He said holding up a blind fold.

'What for?'

'Because I have to hold Thomas, I can't hold your eyes and Thomas at the same time.' Brendon said.

'Okay okay.' Chelsea said as she put on the blind fold, 'Now what?'

'Take my hand and trust that I'm not going to run you into anything.' He said as he took her hand leading her out the front door. Chelsea slowly followed Brendon outside into the cool Vegas morning. She shivered a little bit as she felt Brendon stop and drop her hand. She stood waiting for him to do something as he walked behind her and took off the blind fold, 'Merry Christmas baby.' Brendon said as Chelsea opened her eyes to see her brand new black Yukon Denali.

'Brendon.' Chelsea said breathlessly as she walked over to the SUV, 'This is mine?'

'It's all yours baby.' He smiled.

'It's beautiful.' She said turning back around to look at it.

'Well yeah it's pretty beautiful on the outside but take a look on the inside.' He said as he pulled out a set of the keys and tossed them to her. She unlocked the car and opened the driver's side door. Looking inside and finally climbing into the car.

Chelsea looked back at Brendon and got out of the car shutting the door behind her before walking over to Brendon and pulling him closer to her, 'I love you so much.' She smiled before giving him the same kind of kiss every time he surprised her with something like that.

'Don't get to excited there babe, Thomas is still awake, plus I have more presents for you later.' He said as she kissed his neck.

'I love you.' Was all she said as her lips met his before he was 'forced' to kiss back, 'Let's go for a drive.'

'Thomas doesn't have his seat in there.'

'You go put on pants; I'll get Tommy's car seat.' She smiled taking the baby from Brendon as she followed him into the house. Chelsea walked through the garage and opened the back door pulling out Thomas' dark blue car seat and walking back through their neat garage meeting Brendon by her new Denali as he bent down to strap Thomas into his car seat.

'Brendon.' Chelsea said as she sat in the driver's seat while he sat next to her as they listened to Thomas coo in the back seat.

'Do you like it?' Brendon asked resting his head on the back of the seat and looking over at her.

'Baby, I love it.' She smiled leaning over to kiss him.

'Well let's go then.' He smiled. Chelsea put the key in the ignition and started the car listening to the smoothness of its start before putting it in driver and pulling out of the drive way.

An hour later, Chelsea, Brendon, and Thomas pulled back into the drive way, Thomas was getting fussy and Chelsea was feeling a little nauseated, 'I love this car.' She mumbled as she got out and opened the back door before Brendon came around and pushed her against the side of it pressing his body against hers and passionately kissing her, 'Mmm Brendon.' Chelsea moaned as he kissed her neck.

'Merry Christmas baby.' He said one more time and kissed her before reaching in to get Thomas.
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