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All I want for christmas is you...Part II

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The second part of christmas.

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So I'm moving tomorrow so I wouldn't expect an update tomorrow, I'll try but no promises also just a forewarning the next chapter might be a little racey so be ready. ENJOY! P.S. Lots of reviews really would make me happy!

'Brendon come on we're going to be late.' Chelsea said as she carried a very cranky Thomas out of his room and into their room where Brendon was putting on his cuff links and grabbing her purse.

'Hun, I'm coming.' He said quickly rushing out of the room and following her downstairs listening to her paten leather pumps beat the hard wood floor beneath her.

'Did you grab presents?' Chelsea asked as she struggled to get Thomas into his car seat.

'Yeah.' Brendon said as he watched her, 'Do you need help?'

'He's in such a bad mood.' Chelsea whined as she still tried to get Thomas buckled in, 'Sweetie, please let me buckle you, we're late to grandma and grandpa's house.'

Thomas looked at his mom and started to cry as he stopped moving so she could buckle him, 'Honey don't cry, we won't be in the car long.' She said before shutting the door and walking around to the passenger side as Brendon started the car, 'Calm down, he's just tired, he was up early today and he hasn't napped.'

'I know, I hate it when he cries like this.'

'It's okay; we won't be in the car long.'

Twenty five minutes of Thomas crying later, they pulled up to her parent's house. Chelsea got out of the car and walked around to get Thomas out of the car as Brendon began to feel a little nervous.

'Chelsea, Brendon.' Mrs. Reeves smiled as they walked in while Thomas continued to cry.

'Hey momma.' Chelsea smiled as her mom hugged her and immediately looked at her crying grandson who reached out for her.

'What's the matter with him?'

'He's dead tired, he's been up since seven fifteen and wouldn't take a nap.' Chelsea said, 'He wouldn't let me buckle him into the car seat, he wouldn't let me lay him down, nothing.'

'Let grandma work her magic, Brendon, Cole wants to talk to you.' Mrs. Reeves smiled, 'Chels your brothers are in the living room arguing about something.' She smiled. Mrs. Reeves handed Thomas back to his mom as he reached out for her before ushering Chelsea into the living room.

'Hey guys.' Chelsea said as she walked over and sat between William and Brad.

'Hey Chels, TOMMY BOY!' Will yelled as Thomas smiled at his uncle.

'Hey Drew.' Chelsea smiled.

'Hey Chels, come give your big bro a hug.' He asked. William held Thomas as Chelsea got up and hugged her oldest brother who sat next to his girlfriend Shelly.

'Where is Bren?'

'He's talking to daddy about something.'

'Oh the thing.' Brad said before William punched him in the arm.

'the thing?' Chelsea asked.

'Sorry can't tell, sworn to secrecy, it's a Christmas present.'

'Whatever, you're a shitty liar.'

'CHELSEA ELIZABETH watch your language.' Mr. Reeves said walking through the room and picking up his grandson as he did so walking into the kitchen.

'Brendon walked over and did the handshake with Chelsea's brothers kissing her in between Will and Brad before looking at his Drew's girlfriend.

'Oh my god.' Shelly said looking at Brendon as Brad, Chelsea, and William all watched.

'What is there something on my face?' Brendon asked sitting down on Chelsea's lap.

'You look great babe.' Chelsea said.

'You're Brendon?' Shelly asked, 'The Brendon everyone has been talking about?'

'Apparently, I'm the only Brendon around here.'

'You're Brendon freaking Urie; you're the singer for Panic! At the disco.' She said.

'Actually my middle name is Boyd not freaking.' Brendon said.

'Wait, you're married to her, and you two have a child together, and she is Drew's little sister and you're the singer for Panic! At the disco.'

Brendon looked over at Drew with a funny look; he just shrugged as Mrs. Reeves walked in with a plate of chocolate chip cookies, 'Here you go Brendon, I had to make you more, Chelsea and the boys ate them all before Mass.'

'That's momma, you're the best. And I know, she puked them all up this morning.' He said looking back at Chelsea.

'Chelsea are you sick?'

'Yes.' Brendon mumbled before stuffing a cookie in his mouth.

'No momma, it's nothing, I was just a little nauseated this morning.'

'And every morning for the past week.'

'Brendon shut up it's nothing I promise.'

'Well if it doesn't get better soon you're going to the doctor.'

'Alright alright calm down.'

Mr. Reeves walked in a minute later with his grandson peacefully nestled in his arms with the funniest look on his face as he licked his lips, 'Dad what did you give him?' Chelsea asked.

'He's teething so I rubbed a little whisky on his gums.'

'You gave him alcohol?' Chelsea asked.

'Honey don't worry it'll calm him down.'

'He looks like he's sucking on rubber.' Chelsea said taking the baby out of his arms.

'Now Chelsea, calm down and give him back, we were perfectly content.' Her father said taking the baby out of her arms again as he smiled at his grandpa, 'Come on son we're going to go mooch of grandma's cooking.'

'Dad don't make him sick please.'

'I don't know what it is with our parents feeding him; he's going to be fat by the end of the holiday season.' Brendon mumbled as Chelsea sat next to him.

'It's just because he's the only baby around here, it's called spoiling.' Brad said.

'Whatever.' Chelsea said.

'Speaking of being spoiled, I hear someone got a new ride for Christmas.' Drew said towards Chelsea.

'Uh huh.' She said with a smile as she laid her head on Brendon's shoulder.

'So what did you get?'

'A Yukon Denali.'

'You bought her an SUV?' William asked.

'She needed something big enough for Thomas and Ralph.' Brendon said.

'Who is Ralph?' Shelly asked.

'Our dog.' Chelsea answered.

'Well aren't you two just perfect.' Shelly said with a fake smile.

'Pretty much.' Brendon smiled holding Chelsea's hand.

'So Brendon guess who we saw at Mass this morning.' Chelsea started as William rolled his eyes.


'You remember Will's girlfriend Mrs. Erwin.' Chelsea said as she started to laugh while Brad followed Drew.

'No way.' Brendon said looking at will with wide eyes.

'What is the story behind that?' Alex William's girlfriend asked.

'Right after Will moved back out here and started going to mass with us again he met Brenda Erwin. She was smitten by him. She flirts aimlessly with him everything he's around her. She's always checking him out and winking at him basically she thinks he's the hottest piece of ass to walk on the face of the planet. I think she's even propositioned him a few times hasn't she William.' Chelsea mocked.

'Shut up, what about that time mom made you go to confessional because she caught you and Brendon fooling around in your bedroom that night.'

'Oh my god the priest pretty much condemned us to hell.' Brendon laughed.

'Kids time for dinner.' Chelsea's grandmother said as she walked into the living room three hours later.

'I'll be right in babe.' Brendon said as he followed his father in law back to his study.

'Are you ready for this Bren?'

'Yeah, it's in the bag.' Brendon said as he looked at the beautiful ring in the beautiful box.

'Alright go get 'em tiger.' Mr. Reeves said as they both started towards the kitchen.

After Grace was said and everything was seated around the table, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, grandparents, parents, children...Brendon stood up.

'Before we eat, I need to do something that has been a long time coming.' Brendon started; he pushed his chair out and turned to Chelsea.

'Honey, sweetie, baby, this is something I've been meaning to do for the longest time but I haven't ever had the right timing, there is no real excuse for why it hasn't happened yet, well I mean I guess it has but it wasn't right. I didn't have your parents blessing or your grandparents or even your brothers. The first time I did this I was unsure of what life would bring us and what curve balls we would have to duct but now I know that no matter what we have thrown at us we're stronger. Chelsea you're the only thing in life I have ever been sure of and right now I'm surer then anything else. So here it goes, we're going to do it right this time around so Chelsea, marry me...again.' Brendon said getting down on one knee and opening the box for her.

'Are you kidding me Brendon?' Chelsea asked as she smiled at him.

'No baby, I'm serious. I love you and it's time that we do this whole marriage thing right.' He smiled as she slide the ring on her finger, 'Marry me.'

'I would love to marry you again.' She smiled pulling him into a soft kiss as everyone started to clap.

'Well now, it's about time.' Chelsea's grandpa said as Brendon sat back down in the chair resting his forehead against hers.

'I love you.' He smiled.

'I love you.' Chelsea answered as her mother beamed with happiness and her father swelled with pride.

'so much to plan, we have to find a dress for you Chelsea, and a tux for Brendon, we have to set a date and pick a chapel.' Mrs. Reeves began.

'We have to pick some place to honeymoon.' Brendon winked.

'Hey now, just because you're a member of the family already doesn't mean you're allowed to talk about sex at the dinner table.' Mr. Reeves said especially in the presents of such a young little boy.' He said pointing towards Thomas who was in the covered in mash potatoes.

'You know, I think he's eaten his body weight in potatoes in the past two days.' Brendon laughed.

'He's too cute though.' Brad said, 'He must get it from me.'

'Sorry dude, that's the Urie curse at work right there.' Brendon said.

'I think not my friend, it's the Reeves effect we all have it and Thomas is not an exception.'

'I'm telling you...'

'Well I'm telling you enough with the arguing, my son is cute, I know it doesn't matter.' Chelsea said as she ran her hand up and down Brendon's leg getting higher every time.

Three hours past, dinner was done and everyone was currently sitting in on the couches dumb fat and happy plus tired. Thomas was finally passed out across his grandfather's chest as he slept as well. Chelsea smiled as she lay on the couch between Brendon and the back and shut her eyes listening to his heart beat steadily with a smile on her face. Everything was perfect.
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