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The end of the beggining

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Relase sometimes comes in the most unexpected forms...

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Part 3: The end of the beginning


Ah, the sound of the I.V drip, the slowly ticking metronome that tirelessly counts the seconds of my life as they slip away to become nothing more than sour memories.

I can feel it coming, drawing ever closer as all the functions of my body slowly shut down, one by one. Time seems to have fused into a mass of dull pain and loneliness and I feel that I've lived most of my life bound to this bed, becoming nothing more than a semi-conscious corps.

I don't understand why the hospital just turns off the machines that are fighting for my life. It's such a waste. Every now and then, they'll send a nurse in to check if I'm still breathing and I can see the looks of disgust and pity she gives this wretched creature that she has to examine and care for and I loath her for it. Oh well, its not like its any skin off the hospital's nose, they get to bill my husband another extortive bill for all my 'treatment'.

James, oh God, every time I think of him, I come that little bit closer to breaking down completely. Everything I've done to him, it' me even more of a monster than that novelist, Harry Mason, could describe in his darkest nightmare.


That day was the last time I saw him and to be honest, I can't blame him for not coming back. He hates me, like some ungodly burden he can't wait to be rid off. It's not fair that I should be allowed to drag him down with me, into this void of self-destruction and perhaps, this is for the best.

For both of us and at least now, we can't hurt each other anymore.

You know, one thing I've learnt from this? Only in movies staring Merle Streep do the victims of morbid, lethal desises stay pure at heart as everything crumbles around them. Ha, what works of fiction, reality tells a much bitter tale. Being held prisoner in your own corrupting body tends to warp us into bitter creatures, full of malicious spite for those who can be sure they'll wake up tomorrow. Was that why I came to abhor James's company?

God! Why did I try so hard to drive him out? He was the only one left who cared and I did everything I could to push him away.

Well, I seem to be living long enough to drive myself mad with guilt and I deserve it for all the pain I've put him through.

Oh James...

What was that? I tried to sit up but my limbs had been replaced by lead weight. Just trying to move sent another wave of sickly coughs that threatened to tare me apart through my body as the sound grew nearer.

Through hazy lenses, I could make up the shadow that fell over me.


I could have cried as James's voice filled my head.

"James?" I tried but all that came out was a feeble wheeze followed by more coughing.

"Yes, it's me." Was the monotonous response as the shadow slowly shifted into focus and I saw that it really was him, not some wild hallucination.

"James, I'm so"

"Shhh" He hushed my inaudible response, resting a hand on my burning forehead. "You just rest, you and I, we've both suffered long enough." He gazed at something out the window as he sat down on the bed, next to my skeletal frame.

"I love you." I whispered and he turned to me, tears streaking his face.

"I love you too" James bit his lip as he spoke, trying to hold back desolate sobs. I felt the pillow slip away from under my head as he talked. "Oh god, do I love you."

And then everything went black as something fell over my face, hugging it in a soft embrace.

My breath caught in my throat as the hug transgressed into a smothering, iron hold. I tried to fill my lungs but nothing came.

Panic took a hold. My fragile lungs, already ravaged by my condition began to plead for oxygen but the darkness did not relent. I tried to make a grab at the pillow but arms had given up living. I thrashed feebly against the bed, letting out a muffled scream as the pillow was thrust even harder against my face. All I could do was squirm like some miserable worm, the sound of my raspy shallow breaths acting as my final requiem.

Slowly, every thing began to slip out of focus. No longer could I detect the creases of the bed cover or the folds in the pillow. Everything around me lost its sharpness in the dark.

A random thought streaked across my mind...must be losing...touch.

In my minds eye, I saw that day when we first met, before either of us had been tainted by the bitterness that would eventually consume us...

I relived the sheer ecstasy we both shared the first time we made love...

A young couple getting married, filled with hopes of a happy future that would never be...


A couple driving home in the rain, everything they took for granted had disintegrated into nothing....


Me lying here, in all my corrupted glory...

Blurring now...images all one big mass of information I can't decipher... But one was clear...

I remembered Silent Hill and all we shared there...

I remembered Silent Hill and all we shared....

I remembered Silent Hill...

I remembered...

I rem
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