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The End?...Or Just The Beginning...

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The God of Time yelled in pain, but before he could attack, the muscular boy took his lighter out and burned his hand before another one could grow back. Then, the fast red-head shot one of the las...

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Chapter 1

" THERESA! DUCK!" yelled Jay. Theresa heard him and ducked at the precise moment when the giant slashed his weapon, missing her by an inch. She sighed and thanked Jay, who was concentrating on fighting Cronus.

Basically, it was a normal fight with Cronus, or at least, they thought it was..Theresa ran next to Odie, who was crying on his laptop, who has just hit the tree and crashed into a thousand pieces. She sighed and helped him up.

" Odie, just forget about it! We'll buy you a new one!"

" B-But it won't be the same!"

" Uh, guys? We could use some help here!!" yelled Atlanta, interrupting the soon-to-become-a-fight conversation Theresa and Odie were having. Atlanta, on the other hand, was fighting two giants at once, with the help of Archie of course.

" Coming!" called Theresa and went to join her friends, when she saw Herry trying to wake up Neil, who has just been hit and fallen into unconsciousness.

Theresa mouthed Should I help? , but Herry shook his head and told her to continue with the fight.
Atlanta fired one of her lasers, hitting it right at the giants foot, and making it jump on one foot.

It suddenly lost balance and was about to fall on Atlanta, when she felt herself being pushed away and fell to the ground. She opened her eyes to see Archie next to her.

" Thanks Arch" she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

" No problem, now common! Those giants aren't going to kill themselves you know!" he offered his hand. She accepted it and they both sprung back into action.

Theresa ran to help Archie and Atlanta when suddenly, she heard a male voice yell in pain. She turned around to see Jay being pushed to the ground and Cronus preparing to stab him with one of his scythes.

" JAY!" she yelled and was about to go help him when one of the giants grabbed hold of her. She struggled to brake free from it's grip, but just couldn't. Tears formed in her eyes when she saw Cronus lift his scythe.

" Well Jay, I guess this is it! Any last words?"

" I just wanted to say.. I love you Theresa!" he yelled at Theresa.

" I love you too Jay!" she yelled back, tears rolling down her face.

Cronus lift the scythe up. The brave leader stood there, waiting for his obvious death. But then the unbelievable happened.

Just as Cronus was about to attack, a familiar whip flew in the air and cut Cronus's hand right off. The God of Time yelled in pain, but before he could attack, the muscular boy took his lighter out and burned his hand before another one could grow back.

Then, the fast red-head shot one of the lasers and hit the God right in the stomach, blowing the air right out of him. The blond boy had woken up and used the tranquilizer he had to paralyse the God. The orange-haired beauty kicked the giant that was holding her and with the help of the leader, stabbed the xiphos right in his hearth.

The God of Time yelled and fell to the ground, closing his eyes, for now. This was it, it was the end of Cronus.

" W-We actually beat him?!" said Atlanta. She couldn't believe her eyes.

" I-I guess we did!" smiled Archie.

" WHOHOO! WE BEAT CRONUS! YEAH! OH, IN YOUR FACE!" yelled Neil and pointed at the unconscious God.

The others laughed, but Jay, returning to his serious mode again, called Campe and told her to come pick up Cronus. After the battle, they all went and healed their wounds, and they decided to go see Cronus for the last time.

" Now stay there! And this time, for good!" said Campe and threw Cronus in the prison cell. She locked the doors and made sure each and every one of them were strong enough to keep him inside.

" Good, now nothing can go in, or out of this cell. Good job children, I guess this is the end of Cronus!" smiled Hera.

All the others cheered and hugged each other. It was finally over! No more monsters, no more giants, and especially, no more psycho God of Time. The 7 heroes could now concentrate on something more important, each other.

" Hey! How about we have a party, because we finally beat Cronus!" suggested Theresa. Everyone agreed. But Hera shook her head.

" No,no,no. Party's are strictly forbidden-"

" Plleeeeease miss Hera!" begged Neil. They all gave her the puppy dog face. She smiled.

" I guess a congratulations party won't hurt!" she said. Everyone cheered and started walking out of Tartaurus prison, so they could go home and celebrate. Archie turned around one last time and looked at the prison cell.

" Wow..I can't believe it's finally over!" he thought and smiled. But suddenly something caught his eye.

From Cronus's prison cell appeared two green eyes, and then they disappeared. Wondering if it was real or not, Archie rubbed his eyes, but then decided to keep this little thing to himself. He ran along with the others, wondering if what he just saw was real or not.

Little did he know, what he just saw was indeed, real...

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