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6.Match the letters. Its me and u and a lot of I love you's

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"See it was too good to be true" I said holding the door and looking into nowhere. I then felt someone push me outside and I heard the door lock.

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Guys the reviews were great and I wanted you guys to know I worked really hard on that chapter just for you guys:) This chapter isn't as long as the other one and depending on the reader that could be good or bad. Well I just want you have happy reading:)Hope you enjoy!


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"Come in" she opened the door wider and guided me to the couch.

"Now what happened?"

"Well yesterday he asked me out and I said no. Now today I realized I want to be with him and so it was like this dramatic scene outside and I was telling him that I really loved him and he just liked looked at me and didn't say it back. You know in movies when guys like run up to you and it wasn't like that" I cried.

"I'm so sorry" I rested my head on her chest and she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I sounded so desperate and I don't think he likes me anymore" I whispered this because it was hard to talk through all my crying.

"Its okay"

I felt her rock me slowly.

"I made a fool of myself"

Kayla then grabbed my shoulders and made me face her.

"Honey you are smart and beautiful. If Brendon doesn't want you somebody else will. Trust me" her encouraging words were nice.

I smiled as I tilted my head some. She then ran her finger along my cheek to wipe the streaming tear. leaning in close I went the rest of the way until our lips touched. I closed my eyes and she held the side of my cheek.

Our lips were pressed together and our eyes were closed. I just then burst out laughing. I moved my head nervously and looked back at her.

"Flattering none the less" I laughed tracing my finger along my bottom lip.

"Did it feel weird?"

"Not as weird as this is going to seem" I leaped onto of her instantly pressings my lips against hers. I slid my tongue in her mouth as she opened it slightly. I moaned in-between her kiss as she pushed me off so she could be on top. As our lips rejoined a smile was playing along them. She sat on top of me grinning so wide.

"I think Brendon turned you Lesbian"

"Have you ever stop to think you may just be a good kisser?"

"Well now that you Minchin it...I am" she bragged.

"So what does this mean?"

"I think this means it was in the spare of the moment thing and we both wanted security. So we kissed and I don't know about you but I thought about Ryan"

"Well I was thinking of Brendon" I laughed.

"See were not gay, but can occasional have lesbian sex" she said as if she was thinking about it.

"You got it dude" I was impersonating the Olsen twin on "Full house".

Kayla laughed. "So want me to drive you home?"

"Um..I was kicked out. My mom wants me to move out and have all my stuff out of there by tomorrow"


"Because I said I want to be with Brendon and she refused to have a child living under my dads roof technically. I mean he's pays for everything disobeying her wishes" I said overdramatically.

"That sucks" her face turned sour.

"Yeah I know" I sighed.

"Well I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind a roommate" she said getting off of me.


"Yes. I enjoy any company I get and if I have a hot thing like you and a hot thing like me walking around we'll be unstoppable together"

"I'm up for it. Plus if I get a job I can make the bills easier for you"

"That's an option too" she sneered.

I jumped up and gave her a big hug. "I love you Kayla like you're my own sister"

"You know girls like me don't hear that often. I usually hear. Kayla your the biggest lesbian bitch I've ever know or the classic if you don't get away from me I'll put a restraining order on you"

I chuckled as I removed my arms from around her neck.

"Your funny, you know that?"

"Well that's something I do hear often"

Next morning

I opened my eyes and a smile instantly played along my lips. I looked beside me and Kayla just laid there. I looked under the bed and I was feeling disappointment in the bottom of my stomach.

"The living room" I jumped up and ran to the location but no one was in there. I looked in the kitchen and even looked in the closets. He wasn't here. I thought he'd be here. That's how all the stories go. The girl ends up seeing the guy the next day and he's all mush saying how much he's sorry and loves me, but I guess this wasn't going to turn out like that.

I plopped on the couch and began to loathe in my own forced upon misery.

I heard footsteps coming from out the room.

"I'm so tired" Kayla yawned. It went silent as I'm guessing she saw my state of form.

"Baby what's wrong?" she asked taking a seat next to me.

"Nothing I'm just being,,,cliché...don't mind me" I forced a smile on my face.

"okay. Well I'm going to get dressed for school"

"I'm not going if that's okay"

"Oh sure it is. You get well" a smile played on her face and something about it made me feel better already.

Has anyone ever had such a good of friend like the one I've been blessed with?

Kayla P.O.V

I was going to be sitting alone because the absence of Ashley, but this wasn't something I dreaded frankly I was quite used to it if you ask me. The only thing that bothered me was the feelings of Ashley. I know what she is going through is probably one of the worst things in your life any teenager could go through, but I'm here for her regardless.

Ryan P.O.V

"So yeah its sloppy Joe day...not the best day of the week" Usually Brendon would have something smart-alecky comeback for Spencer but today he wasn't being himself.

"Yeah and I have bad fungus hair under my arm..want to smell it Brendon?" Jon offered.

"No I'll pass" he said fiddling with his food.

"Brendon why don't you just go and say I love you back" I screeched.

"Do you see her here today?"


"Then how and the hell do you expect me to do that? I certainly don't have telepathic powers. God why didn't I say anything back yesterday. Now I'm playing the role of the asshole" his aggression got the best of him because he pushed his tray away.

"Brendon I'm pretty sure she'll forgive you" Spencer reassured.

"I doubt it. She spilled her heart to me and I just stood there like the dumbass I am"

"I hate seeing you like this" Jon sighed.

"You guys don't understand" he got up form the table and walked away.

"This is like Romeo and Juliet or something" Jon suggested

"I wish we could help them?" Spencer said more a question.

I looked around the cafeteria and saw Kayla.

"Maybe there is one" I jumped up form the table and ran over to Kayla's table.

I sat across from her and looked at her with my fingers entwined.

"Please tell me you know where Ashley is?"

"Yeah she stays with me now"

"Oh really, but why?"

"Her parents kicked her out because she wanted to be with Brendon"

I whispered something to myself. "So she does forgive him"


"Nothing. Now this is way off subject but I like you and unlike Brendons and Ashley's relationship I want to start off right. Do you like me too?"

"Yes...yes I do"

"Good. Want to be my girlfriend?"

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Aggressive one, I like. I'd love to"

I jumped from my chair and went where she was. I leaned over and grabbed her face. I pressed my lips against her and as our lips stayed connected she rose up for the occasion. I slid my tongue in seeing she had a little opening waiting for me. Letting the kiss go we both opened our eyes and our expression were priceless.

"You're a good kisser" she said trying to catch her breathe.

"Your not so bad yourself" I looked at my watch and my eyes almost popped out my sockets.

"I have to go" I said running off.

I knew exactly where to look for him.


I pushed the boys bathroom door open and closed it behind me.

"Brendon. Oh Brenny boy, where are you?"

"I'm in here" he groaned.

"Would you do anything to take back what you idd yesterday?"

"Yeah" he answered.

"Well I have a time machine"


"No, but I did find away where you can reunite with your Juliet"

I heard the stall rattle and Brendon pop out.

"I'm listening"

Ashley P.O.V

Today I had come to realize that me and Brendon aren't meant to be. Maybe it was lust I was lingering to hold. I'm not saying I don't love him I'm just saying maybe were not on the same pages. I love him near and dear to my heart and he'll be someone I'll never forget. I'll always remember him as the infamous Brendon Urie.


"Okay did you get all my stuff" I said to Kayla as she was putting the last box of my stuff on the bedroom floor.

"Yep. Sure is" she was bent over and her hands were resting on her knees.

"Alright" I smiled. We both walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

"Knock Knock"

"Who's that?" I asked,

"I don't know why don't you answer it"

I shrugged my shoulders and went to answer the door.

"Ashley" Brendon said.

I slammed the door and looked at Kayla.

"Yeah..its know..okay..yeah..I'm confused" I stuttered.

"Ashley just talk to him"

"Your right" I opened the door and he wasn't there.

"See it was too good to be true" I said holding the door and looking into nowhere. I then felt someone push me outside and I heard the door lock.

"Very mature Kayla" I kicked the door finishing my sentence.

"Ashley" I heard a voice call my name.

I looked to the side of me and Brendon was standing by the stairs.

"Brendon..." he interrupted me.

"Ashley let me talk and you just listen" he said walking few steps closer. My undivided attention was on him.

"Yesterday I was acting like a jerk. It just hurt me when you had said no the night before and when you confessed your love to me I didn't know how to react. Ashley I regret every moment in the rain....."

I had began to tear.

"I regret not having the courage to say I love you back. If I had the chance I would go back in time and run right up to you and say "I love you too" Ashley Moore I am In love with you and I hope you still feel the same about me" he stood there waiting for my reply.

"Brendon Urie I'm in love with you too" I whispered as tears of joy streamed down my face.

He ran up to me picking me around. As he put me down we grabbed each others face and with a clash of our lips to together a tender kiss was in play. We heard a slow clap and as he released his lisp form mines we saw Ryan walking up the stairs.

"Now have you two made up?" he asked.

"This is so cute" Kayla said walking out the door. Ryan then came up behnd her and grabbed her waist.

"Youw two are" Kayla interrupted.

"Yes were together" she smiled.

"Congradualtions" I cheered.

A smile played along the couples lips.

"Ashley I want you to come with me somewhere. if its okay" Brendon asked.


"We'll be back" brneodn told ryan and kalya.


Brendon rolled into a familiar drive-way.

"Where are we at?" I asked.

"My house"

"Is your mom home?"


"Brendon you know she hates me"

"She'll have to get over it" he sneered.

"Okay" I smiled shly. When we got out the car Brendon grabbed my hand and we walked up to his door together. He opened the door and we let ourselves in.

"Get comfortable" he pointed towards the living room and let my hand go.

I sat on the couch and waited anxiously for him to come back. I had lowered my head as I fiddled with my hands.

"Sweetie what do you need?" his mother asked him as they had came into the living room.I had stood up.

Brendon looked towards my direction and when his mom saw me she had a look of disappointment.

"What is she dong here?" she said cocking an attitude.

"Mom that's my girlfriend"

"You can't be serious" she was outraged.

"Mom..." I interrupted Brendon.

"Can me and your mom have a moment alone..if its okay with her?" I asked Brendon.

"Brendon I am not.." he gave her a look and she pouted. "Okay" she huffed.

Brendon winked at me and walked away. Now it was just me and her.
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