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5.Puddle of tears, Hurtful words, it's a Romeo and Juliet tale

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"Oh she's not new" Kayla smiled. "Ashley?" Brendon asked standing up. "It's a D.R.I.P" Ryan said.

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This is the chapter I've been waiting to write. i hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Remember I must have at least 4 reviews if you want another update:)

The following Saturday

I honked my horn as I examined the apartment building before me. On the second floor I saw someone walk up to the rail and wave at me. It was Kayla. I waved back as I got out my car and locked my doors. I walked up the stairs and as I reached the second floor Kayla greeted me with a big hug.

"How are you" I can tell she was really excited.

"Good and you?" I asked.

"Fine" she smiled. "Follow me"

We walked to her door and it was already open. She let me walk in first and then she walked in after me closing and locking the door behind her.

"Make yourself welcome!" she said.

I went to go sit on her couch.

"You live alone?" I asked.

"Yep" she answered from the kitchen. "Want something to drink" she asked.

"Soda please" I replied.

"What kind?"

"Doesn't matter as long a sit isn't diet" I added.

She laughed as she had a soda in each of her hands. She took a seat next to me and handed me a Pepsi.

"Nice car" she said opening her soda.

"Thanks" I smiled

"Your welcome" she said taking a sip of her drink .

"So you pay for this apartment..with your own money?" I asked.

"Well I wouldn't know any other way" she laughed.

"I really sounded blonde just now" I chuckled out of embarrassment.

"Its okay. Now if you can some how get me and Ryan together I'll change your look"

"Deal" I said putting my hand out and Kayla gladly shook it.


I walked through the front doors and Amber and Becky raced to walk by me.

"You broke up with Josh?" Becky asked.

"Your dating Brendon Urie?" Amber asked.

"What happened to your hair?" They said in unison.

"Wait hold on.." I said stopping in my tracks.

"You have a lot of explaining to do?" the girls said in unison crossing there arms.

Brendon P.O.V

I walked out into the courtyard and Jon, Spencer and Ryan raced over to me.

"Are you dating Ashley Moore?" Ryan questioned.

"I heard you two did it and I know you know what that it is" Jon said.

"Yeah dude what's going on?" Spencer asked.

"I'm not dating her and even if I was I could count on you three to support it" I said walking off.

Ashley P.O.V

"I'm not dating him, but I do admit to breaking up with josh and yes my hair color is different"

"WHY?" the girls screeched.

"Because it wasn't working out"

"How could it not work out with the most popular boy in school. Your popular and he's popular. You two are the perfect match" Becky yelled.

"I'm sorry but I just don't want to be with him"

"Well don't be too pisst in what I'm about to tell you" ambers expression looked worried.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Hey my Ex" Josh came up putting his arm around Amber.

"That's what I wanted to say" she said wrapping her arms around him.

"So I break up with you and you get with my friends?" I asked.

They both had a huge smile on there face.

"Well good luck josh and Amber I hope you have fun withy my sloppy seconds" I smiled. There expressions turned sour. "Oh by the way amber and Becky I really don't want to hang out with you guys anymore. I mean your such old news" I said walking past them.

A smile played along my lips as I felt like I had thrown a big weight off my shoulder. I felt someone grab my arm.

"Let my arm go" I yelled trying to get away. It was Josh.

"Listen here. I don't know what or who has gotten into you but I want you to realize if you don't hang out with those girls or don't go out with me you won't be nothing. You'll just be like that loser you've been hanging out with"

"No you listen here. Its time for me to do some spring cleaning and lets just say you three are the things I'm wiling to throw away" I said yanking my arm back. I then began to walk off.


"I'M SO READY TO TAKE THAT BET" I yelled back.

Lunch P.O.V

I was starting a new life. I was done being miss prissy prissy rich popular Barbie doll. I wanted to be Ashley and if anyone wanted to be my friend they'd have to except me how I am.

I sat at a table by myself. For the first time in 4 years I was sitting by myself. This was change but if I wanted to be who I am I would have to adjust.

"Is this seat taken" someone asked. I looked in front of me and it was Kayla.

" it isn't" I said excited.

"Good" she sat across from me.

Brendon P.O.V

"Hottie with a body alert" Jon said.

"A new student who's hanging with your ex" Ryan added.

"Lets go check her out" Spencer said.

"We shall" I said jumping up.

Ashley P.O.V

"I thank you so much for everything you've done" I said.

"Well what are friends for" she smiled.

"Kayla dear aren't going to introduce us to your new friend" Spencer said taking a seat next to Kayla.

"I thought we were better than that" Jon said as if he was getting emotional.

Brendon and Ryan sat next to me.

"Oh she's not new" Kayla smiled.

"Ashley?" Brendon asked standing up.

"It's a D.R.I.P" Ryan said.

"Yeah its me" I said with a nervous smile.

"Don't think because you dye your hair black you can be like one of us" Ryan hissed.

"I like it" Brendon said.

"It looks really good on you" Jon added.

"Yeah you actually look better with black than blonde" Spencer said.

"What are you guys doing?" Ryan asked.

"Talking to the new and improved Ashley" Brendon said putting his arm around me.

"But she's a D.R.I.P" Ryan hissed.

"Technically she doesn't hang with them. So she's not..or do you still hang with them?" Spencer asked.

"No I don't hang with them or go out with the jock"

"You racked up some cool points" Jon said giving me a High five.

"I can't believe you guys" Ryan said.

"Ryan give it up. Ashley isn't a bad person and I would know" Brendon suggested.

"All in favor for Ashley hanging out with us. Raise your hand" Spencer called. Everyone raised there hand except Ryan.

"Just give it up" Brendon suggested.

"Okay" Ryan growled raising his hand.

"Its final. Ashley your no longer a drip" Brendon smiled.

After school

Me, Kayla and the 4 boys were all at Spencer's house.

The boy were all practicing for there band. I've heard him sing before but Brendon is such a good singer. I didn't realize how much potential he had.

"Ryan looks so good" Kayla whispered in my ear.

"I promise I'll talk to him for you" I whispered back.

"I love you" she said hugging me.

"I love you too" I replied.

I looked and saw Brendon staring at me. He gave me a smile as he continued singing.


"Brendon before I go I have to ask you something?"


"Well Kayla likes Ryan and I was wondering could you talk to him about it. For me please?"

"For you. I will" he smiled.

"Good. I have to go. See you tomorrow" I said jumping in my car.


Brendon P.O.V

"Dude Ashley is cool" Spencer said nudging me.

"Way better then I imagined" Jon added.

"I'm glad you guys like her" I smiled.

"Well I guess she's alright" Ryan huffed.

"Now this may sound weird but I think Kayla has the hot's for you" I suggested.

"No way" Ryan argued.

"Yes way. I saw how she was looking at you yesterday"

"Dude dating your best friends ex is off limits"

"Ryan she's my ex and if I'm okay with you dating her, then go ahead. I won't shun you or anything"

"You two would look good together" Spencer added.

"Yeah plus Brendon likes Ashley" Jon agreed.

"Me and Ashley are friends" I said.

"You couldn't tell when you two are together" Jon said.

"Dude me and Ashley were just really close and I wouldn't want to ruin our relationship with dating" I insisted.

"Yeah ok" Jon huffed.

What if I did like her more then a friend? I think I do like her more then a friend!

Sunday day before project

Ashley P.O.V


Its Saturday night and the projects been going good. I can't believe how well Brendons friends excepted me. Now me and Brendon have been inseparable since. School has changed so much. I dropped the cheerleading team. Amber is now the most popular girl in school and goes out with josh. When they pass me in the halls they call me geek or loser and I just give them a smile. Kayla is such a good friend and we've gotten so close. I love that girl as if she was my sister. Seeing I've never had one. I've been hanging out with Brendon all this week and tomorrow will finally be the day we read our essays. I'm so excited to see what he wrote about me.

My typing stopped as I heard something hit my window. Sounded as though a pebble hit it. I opened my window and a pebble hit me in the face.

"Ouch" I whispered. I looked down and it was Brendon.

"Ashley I need to talk to you" he whispered but loud enough so I could here.

"I'll be down" I said giving him a smile and then shutting my window.


We were walking along the streets of my neighborhood. This felt awkward because there was little conversation seeing we usually talk up a storm.

"Sorry about the pebble" he apologized.

"Its okay. It just hurts a little" I chuckled rubbing on my nose.

"Ashley I need to ask you something" he said rather shyly.

"Okay spit" I said digging my hands further in my pockets.

"I wanted to know...would you...can damn it do you want to go out with?" he finally blurted out.

I stopped in my tracks. I knew this would be coming up but not so soon. I was tripped over with emotion. I didn't know this could be so hard to answer. I knew what was going to come out my mouth would be damaging but I couldn't stop the words as they started to flow off my tongue.

"I'm sorry Brendon but no. I mean were really good friends and I want to keep it like that. You're a great guy but I don't see you like that" I finished

An intense look was formed on his face and it looked as if his eyes were watering.

"its okay" he said walking off. I felt his words hit me but I'm pretty sure my words hit him harder.

I guess I was too afraid to admit I liked him and I was in denial. I see us as friends but I know we could be more then that. What was I thinking?

The day of the project

Brendon P.O.V

I sat in the back of the room and didn't once budge to look at Ashley. To tell you the truth I was pisst. I expected her to say yes and she let me down. I just needed time to heal from the rejection. That's it.

Ashley P.O.V

I was sitting by Brendon and it bothered me he wasn't speaking to me. I didn't want our friendship to end over this. I couldn't believe this. So I wrote a note and threw it on his desk.

"Brendon" I whispered. He didn't even budge to look at me.

I sat back in my seat. Then that's when I saw him push the note off his desk. I can't believe how he was acting!


Everyone had read there essays except me and Brendon.

"Class I was saving the best for last. I want for Ashley to come in front of the classroom with her essay.

As I walked up to the front of the classroom I heard Ashley and Becky talking about me.

"Look who it is. The poser" amber said.

Becky laughed.

"Go Ashley" Kayla cheered for me.

I smiled at her and looked at Brendon who was laying his head down.

"My essay's about Brendon Urie. He's only 18 yrs old but has the biggest heart in the world. He's a great musician and friend. There is never a dull moment with him and that's what I liked best about hanging out with him. His best quality is to make anyone smile after any sad situation or moment. He's even in a band and has a lot of potential. He can play guitar, bass, acoustic and the voice I heard just a few days ago was just as close to an angels. Behind his shield he might put up sometimes he's a great guy and I couldn't understand who could reject him for anything?.." I stopped reading and read over the last sentence I read. "Who could reject him for anything?" and that's exactly what I did last night.

I took a gulp and looked up to see Brendon who had lifted his head back up. All I could hear was my heart beat. My eyes began to water. It felt like everything went in slow motion as I looked at Kayla. She encouraged me to keep going. I smiled as a tear left my face.

"Mrs. Moore is everything okay?" the teacher asked. Everything had went back to normal.

"Yes" I said wiping my eyes. The room remained dead quiet as I began reading my essay where I had left off.

Brendon P.O.V

I had lifted my head as she began to read her essay.

"My essay's about Brendon Urie. He's only 18 yrs old but has the biggest heart in the world. He's a great musician and friend. There is never a dull moment with him and that's what I liked best about hanging out with him. His best quality is to make anyone smile after any sad situation or moment. He's even in a band and has a lot of potential. He can play guitar, bass, acoustic and the voice I heard just a few days ago was just as close to an angels. Behind his shield he might put up sometimes he's a great guy and I couldn't understand who could reject for anything?.." She had stopped in her sentence.

I saw her glance at me as her eyes began to water up. It was like she froze up and I wanted to so bad start randomly cheering her on but she hurt me and I wish she could feel how I felt when she said no last night. She doesn't like me and I knew it. I'm just so dumb to think someone would actually like me. She had continued reading. That's my girls. Inside I was smiling my heart out.


"I'd also like to thank Mrs. Fuller because with out her and this little project I wouldn't have made such a great friend like yours truly Brendon Urie" She looked up from her paper and the class began clapping.

"That was so excellent Mrs. Moore" the teacher commended her.

Ashley replied with a smile and a nod. Then she went to her seat and looked forward. This time she wasn't budging to look at me.

"Okay Brendon I'd like for you to come on up" the teacher said. I grabbed my essay and went to the front of the classroom.

"I got partnered with the school's most popular prep. She's captain of the cheerleading team, president of our student body and in charge of almost all the functions we've had this year. Now you guys might know her as Ashley Moore. This all mighty power over all of us, but I got to know Ashley Moore like we should of known her in the beginning. Behind the mask of a rich power girl there's this sweet hearted lamb, With the edge of a lion. Hanging out with her was by far the most best days of my life this year. She's the kind of girl you meet once in a lifetime so you take advantage of the time you have with her. You spend every waking minute just to learn more then you've already learned. When Mrs. Fuller said I was going to be partnered with her I thought I was going to have this snob girl who has to have everything her way or no way, but I was wrong. Oh boy was I wrong....."

Ashley P.O.V

I was listening to what he had wrote about me. Here I was thinking after the other night he had changed his essay and wrote anything or everything bad about me. It seems as he reads his essay as if he was talking to me. I've never had anyone write anything so nice about me and the boy I thought more as a friend would be the one to do that. What was I thinking? I like Brendon. I like Brendon. Me Ashley Moore. No me Ashley carry Moore was in love with Brendon Urie, I love him.

"I was right this time to partner you guys together. Your essays were exceptional wonderfully good" the teacher said.

The bell had rang and Brendon grabbed his stuff and walked out the room. I was still daydreaming but I broke out of it as I realized Kayla tapped on my shoulder.

"Yeah" I said breaking out of my gaze"

"The bell rung" she said.

"Brendon" I whispered.

Then I jumped out my seat and began running down the hall. I had to find Brendon and tell him how much I liked him. No I how much I loved him. I was about to run out the school's front doors when Ryan stood in front of me.

"Stay away from him" he warned.

"Ryan I don't know what you have against me but that boy who's your friend. I love him and I want to be with him no matter if you like it or not" tears began to trickle down my face. "I love him and I want everyone to understand that" I cried. Ryan then looked down as he moved out my way.

"Thanks so much" I called to him as I ran out the doors. It was actually raining but I didn't really care. I looked over the parking lot and I saw he was about to cross the street but I yelled out.

"BRENDON STOP. BRENDON STOP" I screamed. I saw he turned around to see who was calling him. I raced towards him. I was running so fast and I didn't have a car in the world. Finally I was about 3feet away form him when I stopped and my chest was rising up and down because of how much I had to run.

"Yes. Brendon my answer is yes" I smiled trying to get my breathe.

"But you said no. Do you think you can come back up making this dramatic scene and change your answer. If you liked me you would of said yes on the spot. Ashley we can be friends I'm cool with that" he said starting to walk.

"Brendon just hear me out" I said with heavy breathes. He didn't turn around and he stood where he was. "Now when I said no yesterday it was because I was in denial that I liked you. I thought it wouldn't work out but after reading your essay and I realized it could. I opened my eyes to see we can be together. I wan to be together. Brendon I changed for you.." he interrupted me.

He turned around and moved a little bit closer. "You change your look and I'm suppose to like you better. I liked you before you dyed your hair and started to hang with my friends. Ashley Ryan was right about you"

"No he wasn't and you and I both know that" I said.

"Then now what Ashley. What do you want me to do? Ashley we won't never work out were too opposite and I know you don't like me like how I like you" he said starting to walk.

"BRENDON CAN"T YOU SEE I LIKE YOU. NO BRENDON URIE I LOVE YOU. I wouldn't stand in the rain saying this if I didn't love you" I screamed.

He stood once again.

"I'll scream it to the world if I have to" I then began to turn in a circle with my hands in the air. "I LOVE BRENDON URIE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS! I DON'T CARE IF RYAN DOESN'T LIKE IT. I DON'T CARE IF MY PARENTS HATE IT. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY YOU. I LOVE YOU BRENDON URIE" as I finished screaming that lighting struck with a roll of thunder. I turned to face him and he looked at me.

"I love you Brendon" I cried. Rain began to hit our faces even harder. I fell to my knees and began crying. "I love you" I whispered. Just then I heard a screech behind me. I heard a car door slam and It was my mom. I looked behind me and I felt someone lifting me up.

"Get up" she yelled. She then threw me in the car and slammed the door.

"Stay away from my daughter or I will call the police. You fucking prick" my mom yelled at him. Brendon gave her a look and walked off. My mom jumped in the car.

"Drive" she told my dad.

"No mommy no. I love him" I cried harder kicking the door.

"Ashley get a grip" she said checking herself out in a mirror.

"but mommy I love him. I really love him" I whispered bring my knees up to my eyes.

My mom dragged me out the car and when we got inside the house she pushed me inside. My dad closed the door behind us.

"What were you doing on your knees outside?" my mom asked getting in my face.

"Mom I love him" I smiled.

She then slapped me and I fell to the ground. "Get over your self. I WILL NOT ALLOW NO DAUGHTER OF MINE TO SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT SUCH A PERSON LIKE HIM" she screamed.


"So you want him?" she asked.

"YES" I screamed.

"Okay you can. I want you out of my house by today. Pack your things and get the hell out my house you fucking whore" she said with the most calm voice.

"Okay I will" I said wiping under my eyes.

"Pumpkin call me" my father whispered as I left out the door. I nodded my head as tears began to roll down my cheek.


I stood in front of Kayla's door. When she opened the door it was the most widest smile but it faded as she noticed I had been crying.

"Kayla I need someone to talk to" I said with a calm voice because I was drained from all the yelling and crying.
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