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4.When were together its like 2 little kids eating PB and J

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Ashley moore "the prep" gets partnered with brendon Urie "the outcast" for a project in one of her classes.The project is you have to get to know the other person and write a 3 page essay on them. ...

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Thank you so much guys for giving me such awesome reviews! Like last time I promised for the next chap to be long and guess what? This one is so long. I hope not too long, but hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed the others.Like always I need at least 4 reviews to continue.
So I suggest READ & REVIEW!

Brendon P.O.V

I ran in the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I couldn't believe I had an erection in front of her. That was so embarrassing and for her to laugh I was surprised. I'd think she'd more or less freak out. I didn't want to but I had to some way get it down and you know where that leads.

Ashley P.O.V

I sat on his bed and right now I'm feeling really bad. I think I should actually leave. I grabbed my purse and when I opened his door he was standing right there.

"I'm so sorry" I pleaded. "I know how embarrassing that could be and I was very immature about it. I have to go" I said about out walk out but he stood in front of me.

"Its okay. I'm a guy and those things happen and how you reacted was better than I imagined I guess" He laughed.

The seriousness on my face faded as I saw a smile play along his lips. "So do you want to actually get serious and do our project?" he smiled.

"Yeah" I sneered as we went back in his room. We sat on his bed and I just had to crack one more joke "Now I just have to know. What's the name of that friend of yours" I smiled. He blushed.

Brendon P.O.V

"Bye" I stood inside my door frame and waved out to her and she waved back from her car. She then drove off and I closed my door. My mom was standing right in my way as I was on the way to my room.

"Brendon I don't like her" she said shaking her head.

"Mom she's cool"

"No she's snobby and thinks the world revolves around her"

"Mom chill..." she interrupted me.

"No Brendon, she must think you need charity. I know people like that and they think highly of there self I don't want you hanging with her anymore"

"But mom were not even hanging out. She's just my partner for this English project" I argued.

"Well after this project I don't want you talking to her. I don't want her over here no more and That's it. Okay?"

"Yes ma'am" I said lowering my head. My mom then walked off to her room and I walked to mines.

Ashley P.O.V

I was sitting at my computer chair and I had logged onto my live journal.


I think I'm gaining a great friend by now. When were together its like our backgrounds, the roles we play at school disappear. I can seriously act my true self around him. Even though there was a interesting thing that happened to him but me none the less we got through it and threw it behind us. I can't wait to see him tomorrow.


I logged out and turned off my computer. I went downstairs to put away my glass in the sink and as I came back from upstairs I passed by my moms room and I heard Brendons name so I stopped to listen on there door.

"I don't want her around him" my mom said raising her voice.

"sweetie there just kids doing a project" my dad replied.

"You may look at it like that but he's going to take advantage of my baby and she deserves better then that. She can't be hanging out with someone like him"

"Honey before you know it the project will be over and there will be no more him. Just calm down"

"No you calm down. I'm calm" she said with angry growing in each word she growled.

"Alright. Goodnight" my dad said turning off his bed lamp.

"Goodnight" she huffed turning off her bed lamp.

I took my ear from off the door and went to my room.

"I can't want until I get my graduation gift" Becky squealed.

"I just can't wait until I don't have to go to school anymore" I huffed.

"I bet its because being popular is such hard work" Amber sighed.

"No it isn't. were naturally like that" Becky corrected her.

"Oh yeah" Amber yelped.

"Okay josh is coming. Don't say anything about me hanging out with Brendon" I whispered.

"Okay" the girls whispered in unison.

"Hey baby" I said wrapping my arms around his waist.

He leaned me against the lockers as he gave me a tender kiss.

"So how are you?" he asked with the biggest smile on his face.

"Fine" I said.

"She's been hanging out with that weird kid lately" Becky blurted out.

"His name is Brendon Urie" Amber added

"uh what? He seemed confused.

"No baby its some stupid thingy I have to do with him" I forced a smile on my face.

"He hasn't been trying to get funny with you? Because if he is..." I interrupted him.

"No were just doing this project thingy together and that's it" I laughed.

"Alright, will since today I don't have football practice and I know you don't have cheerleading practice, how about we hang out?" he asked.

"Yeah sure I can pencil you in" I said.

"Well I'll be going by your house this evening" he said.

"Alright" I said with a flirtatious smile.

"Okay bye" he pecked my lips and left.

When he was clear out of sight. I turned and looked at the girls with the most evilest expression.

"What?" they said in unison.

"I told you to do one thing and you just couldn't. You loud mouth bitches" Angry could be identified in my tone.

"Sorry" Amber whined.

"it just slipped" Becky added.

"Yeah ok" I said walking off.

I had walked into the bathroom to check my make-up. A girl came out of one of the stalls. I smiled at her as she glanced at me for a moment.

"You know I don't think your bitch" The girl said not looking up at me.

"Thanks..I guess" I said applying some eyeliner.

"Your different and I can tell you've changed" she said.

"What makes you say that?" I smiled putting my make-up away.

"Because you didn't hesitate when Ms. Fuller assigned you with Brendon Urie" She had finally looking up and shaking her hands on the opposite side of herself.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because we have the class together"

"really? What your name?" I said surprised.

"I'm the one partnered with your friend Becky"

"Oh your Kayla Ann Stewart"

"Yeah and to clear the record I'm not lesbian" she laughed. I chuckled with her.

"Oh. I didn't think so"

"Well I'm actually bi. If that makes difference" she laughed.

"It does. I know at least you like guys too"

"See you are different. Your other friends wouldn't stop and talk to me" she smiled.

"Yeah I just put up a valley act in front of them. You know how it goes"

"Yeah I do"

"So do you talk to Brendon?"

"We use to go out, but were friends now"

"Oh yeah"

"Yep. I know he can be annoying at times and since you two are going out.." I interrupted her.

"No were not going out" I blushed.

"But you two like each other right?"

"No..yes..well I don't know how he feels but yeah I do like him" I said giving in.

"Its okay. I know how you feel" she began to pat my back.

"I'm afraid he doesn't like me because he thinks I'm a snob or something" I sighed.

"Trust me if you has got to know you like I have within the 5minutes. He's actually in love"

I laughed.

"He's really good guy and I'm pretty sure you've already noticed that" she smiled.

"Yeah I have. You don't know how many times we've gotten so close to kissing" I chuckled.

"Really?" she smiled.

"Hey this might sound weird coming from me but I really like your style and I'm so tired of mines" I said looking through the mirror and examining myself.

"Well you know what. How about this Saturday you come by my house and I'll see what I can do"

"Oh my god. That'd be great, just give me your address"

I whipped out my cell phone and as she gave me your address I typed it in my phone along with her number.

"If I told you something would you keep it a secret?"

"Yeah sure" I answered.

"Well you know the boys he always hang around?"

"Yeah..well I've never talked to them but I've seen them"

"Well the skinniest one group is the one I really like"

"Really? What's his name?"

"Ryan, well his first name is George and his middle name is Ryan and he prefers to be called by his middle name"

"Oh okay" I smiled.

"I needed to get that off my chest" she sighed.

"Well we could talk about this more on Saturday but for now I have to get to class"

"Me too" she agreed.

Brendon P.O.V

"So when is this project over?" Ryan asked.

"After this up coming week" I answered

"I really wish you could ditch the blonde Barbie for 1 day" Spencer huffed.

"Guys I need to graduate before I get anywhere near to success of being a rock star"

"Yeah I guess so" Jon agreed.

"I wish my mom would drive more then 2 miles per hour" Spencer whined

"Yeah so I could go raid your fridge already" Ryan said throwing his arms in the air.

I looked at my friends that sat along the curb by me. I then looked out into the parking lot and saw Ashley walking to her car

"Hey guys I got to go, My rides here" I said getting up.

"Well lucky you" the guys sighed.

I laughed and ran after her. As I reached her she was already in her car.

"Miss me" I said pushing my lips out.

"if only you knew" she replied throwing her head back. "Jump in" she said starting the ignition.

"Okay" I opened the door and got into the passenger seat.

she then drove off.

"So where do you want to go?" she asked.

"its your car" I huffed

"Well you're my guest" she replied

"Well your driving"

"I give up" she huffed.

"Me too"

"Oh but I am hungry though" she said

"Alright I say lets get something to eat"

She then whipped out her phone. "I so agree" she said turning into the nearest fast-food restaurant parkinglot. "Be quiet" she shushed me. "yeah mom I'm at this fast-food restaurant and...yeah..its close by our house...its called burger hut..okay yeah..alright bye" she hung up her phone.

"I'm a vegetarian" I blurted out.

"Well how about you suck it up and grow some balls" she said getting out of her car.

"If you say so" I said rushing out her car.

We were now in the restaurant and went up to the counter to order.

"I'm not very hungry but I'll just get me a shake" I said.

"Yeah I'll just get a salad" she replied.

"Dude are you serious? I know your hungry and you don't have to play miss skinny USA around me. Get what you won't and I promise I won't judge you"

"Your right" she sneered.

Ashley P.O.V

"I think I order everything on the menu" I said.

"Yeah but I think you forgot something" he said.

"Oh my god what?" I said jumping up.

"Just joking" he reassured me.

"Oh gawd" I said wiping my forehead.

"You know I like women with big appetites" a smile played along his lips.

"Well in that case" she said picking up one of her fries and taking an over exaggerated bite out of it.
"Nice" I laughed.


After eating my 2 chicken sandwiches 2 order of fires. I was full, but I had a lot more to go.

"I'm so full" I huffed.

"But you still have more to eat" I suggested.

"I know" she said looking disgusted.

"I would help you finish it but you ordered meat and I don't do meat"

"Oh you don't. You couldn't have fooled me"

"You pervert" he laughed.

"Well I like my's meat" I smiled at how perverted it sounded.

"I bet you do" he smiled.

I laughed as I was opening my small package of ketchup to put on my last order of fries. When I squeezed the package it flew over to Brendons face.

"I'm so sorry" I laughed so hard.

He took his hand and wiped it off his face and shaking it off his hand.

"Yeah you will be" he said picking up my shake and dumping it on my head.
"No you didn't" I said moving my hair out my face.

"I think I did" he said taking his finger and wiping some off my face and then licking it off. "Strawberry my favorite" he laughed.

I then picked up my burger and threw it at his face.

"The poor animal" he said pulling the piece of meat off his face.

"Ha ha" I laughed sarcastically.

By now the whole restaurants attention was on us.

"FOOD FIGHT" Brendon yelled. We just got food and started throwing it at each other and the rest of the customers remained seating just looking at us.

"GET OUT" one of the mangers called running up to us.

"Okay" I said.

"Were leaving" Brendon said as we were both headed to the door.

"I'm so sorry" I apologized.

"Get out" he screamed.

"Its already getting dark" I said as we walked outside.

"Yeah it is" We heard a voice say. We both looked at my car and josh was leanign on it.

"Baby what are you doing here?' I asked walking up to him.

"Your mom told me you were here. I waited and waited for you at your house"

"But why?" I asked.

"Remember we were suppose to meet this evening" he huffed.

"Oh. I lost track of time" I said.

"You stood me up for him" he said walking up to Brendon.

"Baby its not what you think" I said getting in between them.

He then pushed me out the way and grabbed Brendon by the front of his shirt.

"Your going to get it" he said throwing his fist back.

"JOSH LET HIM GO" I screamed.

The boys both looked at me.

"Your defending him?" he asked.

"Josh I can't do this"

"You choose him over me?" He yelled.

"Josh its over" I said.

"What?" he asked letting Brendon go and walking up to me.

"its over" I said walking over to Brendon.

"Well fuck you too, you ugly tramp" he said getting in his car and driving off.

"I'm sorry" Brendon apologized.

"Its not your fault" I said walking up to my car. "Plus I rather hang too with you then being with him any day" I smiled.

"Well thank you" he said jumping in my car.

"Your welcome" I said.

We both got in the car.

"Your so pretty doll face and I can't help but to stare in your eyes" he said with this Brooklyn accent.

I laughed. " You sure know how to break tension"

"Only for you" he smiled.

God I like this kid.
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