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3.You weren't quite invited to this affair..not so soon anywayz

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"If I teach me, what would you do for me" he asked with a devilish grin. "This" I said leaning in to give him a smooch.

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Brendon P.O.V

"Okay this is my crib" I said as if Ashley was a camera man from the hit show on MTV "Cribs". she chuckled throwing her head down and then raising it back up.

I opened my door and being a gentlemen I am, I let her go in first then I closed the door behind me.

"Yeah excuse the chaos that maybe going on coming from my brother and sisters" I said.

"Its okay" she smiled.

"Well lets go to my room. Lets hope we get there alive" I joked. Ashley blushed.

We were in front of my bedroom door when my sister came out of her room that was besides mine.

"Brendon.." she stopped in her sentence when she saw Ashley.

"Um..yeah we have to go" I said trying to rush in my room.

"No. Don't go without introducing your friend" she said walking up to Ashley.

"But we have this project to do" I argued.

"Ashley?" she questioned.

Ashley P.O.V

"Yeah that's me" I smiled.

"Remember me. I use to go to school with you" she smiled.

"Oh you did" I blushed. "Were we friends because I don't remember you?" I asked.

"No you tripped me when I had my tray in my hand in the cafeteria" she said pissed.
"Sorry" I sighed.

"Yeah I think you're a stupid rich bimbo plastic Barbie doll wannabe valley girl bitch" she yelled.

"Thanks" I said nervously.

"Back off" Brendon said defending me.

"Yeah your bitch" a little girl said coming up and stepping on my foot.

"Ouch" I said grabbing my foot.

"Jennifer get Elizabeth" Brendon whined. His sister then picked the little girl. "Does her mom know your teaching her those words?"

"Well she wouldn't have to repeat them from me if you didn't bring girls like her around" she said marching off to her room.

"Come on" Brendon said opening his door.

Brendon P.O.V

Ashley sat on my bed and began to rub on her foot.

"I'm so sorry" I said taking a seat next to her.

"I guess I deserved it" she sighed.

"No you didn't. I'm pretty sure when you did that to my sister you had to feel bad"

"I did, But I can't really show emotion in front of my friends for anybody who's not in our clique" she informed. "I really didn't mean it" she held her head down.

"Its okay" I said putting my arm around her.

"Thanks" she said looking up at me.

"Your welcome" I replied.

"So is that your only sister?" she asked.

I moved my arm from around her and laid it on my lap.

"No I have an older brother and older sister and the one you just saw. Plus I'm the youngest"

"So you have 2 sisters and 1 brother and you're the youngest" she repeated.

"Pretty much" I replied.

"You play Guitar?"

"And bass" I said getting up to get my instrument.

"Planning to be a rock star?" she smiled.

"Well I do have a band"

"Cool, let me hear something" I could see the anticipation in her eyes.

"Well you probably wouldn't like it" I blushed.

"I guess you won't know till you try" she smiled seductively.

"Okay" I said putting the strap around my shoulder and then I began to play with the strings.

"Anytime now?" she said sitting on my bed.

I smiled sheepishly. "his is one of our songs that's not fully finished its called "Nails for breakfast tacks for snacks"

"Yay!" she yelled clapping her hands.

I smiled and began to play. "Watch your mouth. Oh oh oh because Your speech is slurred enough, that you just might swallow your tongue. I'm sure you want, want to give up the ghost with a little more poise then that or was it god who chokes in these situations. Running late oh no he called. Ohhh was it god who chokes in these situations. Running late oh no he called" I sang and I made that my stopping point.

"That was so good. You're a great singer" she clapped.

"Thank you" I chuckled bowing. She then raised from my bed and stood in front of me.

"I want to learn" she smiled.

"Oh you do" I said standing at a posture as if was already a rock star.

"Yes I would" she blushed.

Ashley P.O.V

"If I teach me, what would you do for me" he asked with a devilish grin.

"This" I said leaning in to give him a smooch. As we were less then 2 inches away I snatched off his glasses.

"What?" he seemed confused.

I started to mess up his hair. Hold on. I said going and digging in my purse.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"You'll see" I said applying a light coat of eyeliner under his eyes. "That's rock star" I smiled backing away.

He looked in the mirror and began examining himself. I stood behind him. "Cool" he said with the most goofiest smile.

"Your goofy looking braces are a slight bit attractive if you ask me" I blurted out.

He turned around and smiled. "Now where are those guitar lessons?" I asked crossing my arms and swinging my golden blonde hair back flirty like.

Brendon P.O.V

This girl wants me to just have an erection.

"Well lets start by doing this" I pulled the strap from over my head and put it around Ashley. She started plucking at random strings.

"Now teach me" she was overly excited. I turned her to the mirror and I stood behind her. I leaned against her and wrapped my hands around her waist so I could get to the guitar strings. I started to place her fingers on different strings letting her play notes.

" This is cool" she said bending her neck over where my face near. I licked my lips as I was attempted to lay kisses along her neck.

Ashley P.O.V

Yeah I saw the boy squirm over me. So what. He knows he wants this.

"You should teach lessons like this more often. Chicks dig the guitars" I said biting my lower lip.

"That's why I'm in band" Brendon said making me laugh.

"This would make a great picture" I turned my head so we could be face to face.

"Yeah it would" he said as if he was going to kiss me but he slid his lips by my ear and whispered. "but I bet you'd break the camera lenses".

I pushed him away and took the guitar off of me and laid it against the wall where it was.

"Nice to ruin the moment" I said sarcastically.

"No I think your breathe did the job" he laughed.

"Yeah right" I said tackling on the bed. I sat over him each of my legs beside his sides. I started it tickle him. All of a sudden I felt something poking me. I looked down and he had this bulge in his pants. I jumped up and fell on the floor laughing

"What's funny" he seemed curious to what made me fall out in fits of laughter.

" pants" I said gasping for air seeing as I couldn't stop laughing.

A surprised expression shown on his face as he saw his own little friend sticking up.

"I guess it wanted to say hi" I said making myself laugh harder. He then jumped off the bed and ran out his room. I sat up and quickly stopped laughing. I didn't think to how embarrassing that could be. To get an unexpected erection in front of a girl. I put some of my hair behind my ear and stood up. I was feeling really bad about now.


teenage boys with erections? Hot steamy moments between these two? Srry to cut the chapter so short but i just really wanted to stop there and plus i needed to update.Hope you liked the chap. Next one should be longer. I promise, but it may take awhile becuz I'm going into perfection mode. Like always if i don't get least 4 reviews. no story:) so i suggest READ & REVIEW!
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