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2. convince yourself of a lie but in the end you'll realize the truth

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Ashley moore "the prep" gets partnered with brendon Urie "the outcast" for a project in one of her classes.The project is you have to get to know the other person and write a 3 page essay on them. ...

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Author notes:
Thanks so much guys for the awesome reviews.I really appericate you guys for taking time out to read my story. if i dont get atleast 4 reviews i won't continue. So i suggest you READ and REVIEW! i said you'd get sn update today it goes.

Brendon P.O.V

"Well I'll start with the questions" I said entwining my fingers together.

"Okay spit"

"When were you born?"

"June 11 1987"

"Your 17?" my expression was surprised.

"Yeah. Why?" she was looking concerned.

"With those boobs and that nose. You don't look it. My guess would be 45" I laughed.

she got up and punched me on my arm. Then sat back on her bed with her arms crossed.

"Just playing" I said rubbing my arm.

"I've never had plastic surgery in my 17 years of life" she snapped.

"Okay. Don't get all defensive"

"Is that what your friends think of me? Some plastic Barbie doll? Well there's more than glamour and wealth on my part" she was getting very defensive.

"Change your tampon sweetie. I'm not here to judge you"

"Well its too late for that"

"lets lighten up the mood shall we?" he said digging in his backpack. Then walking over to my stereo.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Playing some music. Trust me you'll like it" The smile on my face was sneaky and charming at the same time. I put in a CD and turned it up real loud.

" Hurtful words from my enemies
Of the last 5 years. What's it like to die alone?"

"Turn It down" she hissed.

"Okay okay" I said turning it down. I sat next to her. "How do you like it?" I asked.

"Alright I guess. Nothing I'd listen to"

"I bet you listen to Kelly Clarkson or something like that. Since you been gone" I sang.

She chuckled. "Who sings this?"

"Escape of Fate" I answered.

"Oh" she answered looking away.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Well now I know you like rock. Any other artists your interested in?" she asked.

"Blink 182, Fall out Boy, Third eye blind, Smashing pumpkins.."

"You like all the ancient bands?" she interrupted.

"There not that ancient..I guess" I said unsure of my answer.

She laughed and then that's when our eyes met. Its like everything was going in slow motion. She moved her hair behind her ear and I moved into kiss her. She smiled a bit before I was less then centimeters from her lips. The bedroom door swung open.

"Sweetie I.." her mom stopped in her sentence as she saw us move our heads to look at her. Could we be any more suspicious?

"Mom" Ashley said getting up. "This is my partner for my communicating class. Its some dumb project we have to do"

"So is kissing each other apart of your little project too?" her mom asked giving her the "Your going to get it look".

"Its time for me to head out" I said grabbing my backpack.

"Yeah good idea" she said holding her hands to stop the uncontrollable shaking.

I walked up next to her mom as I held my backpack strap over my shoulder.

"Nice meeting you Mrs. Moore" I said reaching my hand out, but her mom kept her arms crossed. "Okay then..bye Ashley" I said walking out the door and out her house.

"Whew that was close" I said wiping my forehead and looking back at her house one last time.

Ashley P.O.V

I was picking at my food as I sat at the dinner table with my mom and dad.

"So how was school?" my dad asked.

"Like always. Nothings different. Everything stays exactly the same" I hissed.

An awkward silence fell along us.

"Well I had a great day. How about you honey?" my dad was asking my mom.

She looked at me and rolled her eyes. I jumped from my seat.

"Sweetie where are you going?" daddy asked.

"In my room" I said while I was running up the stairs.

I plopped on my bed belly first. I screamed into my pillow and then raised my head back up. I knew exactly why my mom was mad, but it wasn't like we were going out or anything. We just got caught in the moment. My mom is such a drama queen.


I had came from taking my shower I walked in my room and put my dirty clothes in the hamper. I then closed and locked my door. I sat in my computer chair and turned on my computer. I waited for it to load up and when it did I clicked on the internet explore button. I went to my liveJournal and signed in.

Today I think was the beginning of a new discovery. The journey will be interesting, a little rocky but we'll get through it.

-I'm smarter than you think

I signed out and turned off my computer. As I was about to get into bed I saw my stereo was still on. I pressed play and that song he played when he was here turned on. I smiled to myself and turned off my room light. I turned the stereo volume up to 8 and laid in my bed. It was the song that helped me drift off to sleep.

Brendon P.O.V

"Explain again why you ditched us?" Spencer asked.

"I already told you. I had to go play bingo with my grandmother"

"Um..she die last year" Ryan informed me.

"She did?" I said pondering what he said.

"How can you forget when your grandmother dies?" Jon laughed.

"Well remind me when my grandpa dies" I joked.

"Not funny. Now back to my question?" Spencer was getting irritated.

"And what was it again?" I asked.

"Can you stop being such a smartass" Ryan hissed.

"Well I like his smartass ways" Jon laughed

"Not helping" Spencer warned Jon.

"Okay okay. I had to go over my partners house to do a stupid project" I said taking an bite of my apple.

"I know what project your talking about" Jon said winking and nudging me.

"Not that kind of project" I said.

"Well I guess its more important than our band practice" Ryan murmured.

Ashley P.O.V

"Dude I know it was like torture to be partnered with Brendon urie" Becky laughed.

"More like social suicide" Amber said clapping hands with Becky.

"Actual it isn't" I said looking at Brendon's table.

"Uh squeeze me?" Amber hissed.

"I's dreadful and horrifying" I stuttered.

"That's what I thought" Amber replied.

"Hey guy's I'll be right back" I said getting the CD out my purse.

"Where are you going?" Becky asked

"I'll be back" I said walking away.

Brendon P.O.V

"Don't be haten Spence because I can beat you at guitar hero" I bragged.

"Yeah yeah right" he mumbled.

A shadow was laying over me and I heard someone clear there throat. I looked in front of me and I saw Ashley standing there.

"You left your CD at my house yesterday's o I thought I could bring it back" she smiled.

"Thanks" I said grabbing he disc.

"Bye" she said waving at my friends.

She then walked off.

"Hold up. You left a CD at Ashley's house?" Jon asked.

"Well she's my partner for the project"

"So you ditched us for her?" Ryan hissed.

"Guys its strictly school. When this dumb projects over I'll never talk to her again" I snapped.

"Good. Because you had me worried there" Ryan said relieved.

"Yeah I almost had myself" I whispered as I looked over at Ashley's table.

Ashley P.O.V

I had sat back at my table.

"Earth to Ashley. Why in the hell did you go over there?" Amber asked.

"To give him back his CD" I answered.

"But why did you have his CD" beck asked.

"Because he came over my house..guys it's strictly school. Nothing more" I said taking a sip of my soda.

"Better be, because josh would freak" Amber said.

"Yeah I know" I whispered looking at Brendon's table.


"Give me an S" I hollered. My cheer group behind me mocked the letter. "S" they replied.

"Give me an P, I, R, I, T. What's the spell? SPIRIT" "One, two ready go. We have sprit! we have sprit! yes we do. We have sprit, so can you!" me and my girls cheered.

We heard someone clapping in the stands. It was Brendon.

"Bravo my prep" he yelled to me. "I have sprit you have sprit lets all wave our sprit fingers" he cheered.

"Get the hell out here you creep" Becky yelled.

"Such big words for the blonde girl" Brendon Joked.

"I'll handle this. Amber you take lead" I said walking up the bleachers. I grabbed Brendon's arm and dragged him until we were out of sight and under the bleachers.

"What the hell where you thinking" I griped.
"I was saving you form the cheerleading zombies" he laughed.

"Nice" I said hitting him in his arm.

"Don't do that. It turns me on" he said brushing against me.

"Disgusting" I said pushing him away.

"What got into you?" he asked.

"You. Do you know how embarrassing that was?" I hissed.

"Well how do you think I felt when you gave me my CD in front of my friends?"

"That wasn't even close to embarrassing to what you just did in front of my friends" I screeched at him.

"Yeah I concur" He shrugged.

"So what do you want anyways?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Well I was wondering do you want to go continue the whole question thing at my house?"

"Okay sure but I'll be right back" I answered running off. I was back at the practicing field. I grabbed my bag and the team all looked at me.

"Guys I have to go. My mo,. But amber you take charge and I'll see you later" I said rushing my words.

"Okay then" Becky and amber were looking at me suspiciously.

I ran back under the bleachers. Brendon Urie was leaning against one of the poles.

"Ready!" I said.

"Okay" he said preppy.

"Do you just have to torture me for being a prep?" I said kicking him in his butt.

"Yes I do" he said kicking me back.

"Ouch" I screamed rubbing my butt.

"You know you like it ruff" he said rolling his tongue.

"Oh really?" I sneered.

"Yeah really" he replied with confidence.

I bit my lip and looked down. I couldn't believe he could make me blush.
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