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Chapter Eleven

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halloween dance

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Chapter Eleven

When the hour of six came, Elise logged out, and went to get ready.
She re-did her red eyeshadow, only she made it fill her whole eye lid, she put more whiteness on her face and neck, then made sure her hair was in it's right position.
Elise went down to the laundry room and got out her black flats from the drier, then put them on.
The heat and warmth of them made Elise's feet tingle and shake inside.
She went to the fridge and saw the left-overs her mother left. Elise lifted the Ziploc container, and saw the spagehtti inside; the red sauce covered the pasta, and chunks of meat were spread throughout it.
Elise's lips pursed, then put the pasta back, deciding to not take her chances with her mom's left-overs, especially when she was going out.

Elise grabbed her black jacket, then left her dark house and walked over to Joel's.
She rang the doorbell once, and Joel's mother came to the door with a large bowl of candy.
"Happy Halloween!" she said handing Elise candy.
"I'm here to pick up Joel." Elise kindly said. "I'm Elise."
"Oh, your Elise." Mrs. Greybell said. "Come on in, he'll be out shortly."
Elise slowly stepped into their house; it smelled of candy wrappers, caramel apples, and apple cider.
"Joel, hurry up!" Mrs. Greybell shouted up the steps. "Elise is here!"
Elise let go a small giggle, then straightened her face.
"Well, let me see your costume." Mrs. Greybell said.
Elise opened her jacket, revealing her black dress with red trimming.
"Wow! Who are you supposed to be?"
"I'm Helena, from the My Chemical Romance music video Helena." Elise explained. "What's Joel supposed to be?"
"Oh some dead guy or zombie." Mrs. Greybell chuckeled.
A little boy trotted down the stairs in a Power Ranger costume with a plastic pumkin bucket.
"Mom! Let's go!" he shouted from behind his mask.
"Okay, honey." Mrs. Greybell said taking his hand. "Excuse me, I need to take him trick-or-treating. I hope you and Joel have a blast at the dance."
"Oh thank you." Elise said smiling.
"Okay, Drea, you're on candy duty!" Mrs. Greybell said into the living room at Joel's sister, who was on the phone. She waved, telling that she had received the message.
Mrs. Greybell and her son left queitly. Elise saw out the window that the little boy was so excited he was litterly running down the street to the next house.
Joel ran down the steps and took Elise's hand.
"Hey," he said. He gave her a small peck on the cheek, then shouted to Drea he was leaving.

Joel and Elise walked down the street torwards the school; orange and red lights were alluminating from the gym's windows, and the closer they got to the school, the more the music got louder.
"Oh my God, they better play 'This is Halloween' by Panic! At the Disco." Elise said.
"Yeah, that song is like, awesome." Joel chuckeled.
Elise laughed at Joel's stupid accent he made with his reply, then they both entered the school.
"So this is your school?" Joel asked.
"Yep, here, real quick, my classroom is down the hall." Elise said, and led Joel to her classroom. They both looked in the window, then Elise led him to the gym.
The gym was filled with all the students with their dates, a dj, and small tables along the edges of the room.
Over at one of the tables sat Terri and her date, Alan.
"Oh there's Terri!" Elise said, then led Joel over to their table.
"Hey, Elise!" Terri said happily as she stood up. "So this is Joel?"
"Yeah," Elise mumbled, then looked at Alan. He had blond shag hair, a few zits, but not to much. He wore a sexy pirate costume, and had a fake hooped earing on his left ear.
"Let's dance." Terri said, grabbing Alan's hand and leading him to the dance floor as 'The Monster Mash' began to blast through the speakers.
Terri and Alan began to jam and jump up and down.
"Holy crap," Joel said. "they sure do like to dance."
Elise giggled, then rolled her eyes. "What? You don't think you can do that without breaking your neck?" Elise asked.
"Yeah, but I'll save myself the embarrasment." Joel replied.
Elise rolled her eyes, then took a sip of her punch.

Elise and Joel left the gym and began to walk over torwards the front door, they sat out front on the cold cement steps.
The leaves blew in the wind, and the only light was the moonlight and the orange street lights in the distance.
"God it's cold." Elise said putting her hands up to her shoulders to warm herself up.
Joel scooted up next to her and put his jacket around her shoulders.
"Thanks, Joel." Elise said as she looked up at him with a smile.
He smiled back, then lightly kissed her then looked out at the passing trick-or-treaters on the sidewalks.
"They're so cute." Elise giggled referring to the little kids with their almost broken paper bags or pillow cases filled with candy.
"Your school's so cool." Joel commented, then looked around the school grounds.
"Thanks, I just wish it was as wonderful as it sounds." Elise said under her breath, then sniffed through her cold nose.
"What do you mean by that?" Joel asked scooting closer to her and with a curious look in his eyes.
"It's nothing," Elise quickly said, then stood up staring in the distance. Joel stood up next to her, he saw worry in her eyes, then looked torward where she was looking.
Bridget and her possy, including Erin, were approaching from the local gas station. They had smoothies in their hands, and were all in giggling at some joke.
"Let's go back in, Terri and Alan are probably wondering where we are." Elise said grabbing Joel's arm and began to lead him up the steps, but it was to late.
"Well look who it is!" Elise heard Bridget yell above the breeze. "It's little miss goth girl with her 'boyfriend'."
Elise stopped in her tracks, she turned around and faced Bridget's pale face. For Halloween, she was a cheerleader along with her friends.
Joel gave Bridget a small glance in the eyes, then stepped down onto the sidewalk in front of Bridget; up in her face.
"You don't know what you're talking about bitch. Goth is satanism, and if Elise was goth, she'd never smile or laugh." Joel stated. Bridget's face turned pale as the sidewalk, then she pursed her lips. "Oh look, he's sticking up for her." Bridget solemnly said, then rolled her eyes at the both of us. "Come on, girls. Let's blow this." Then they walked off over torwards the other school entrance.
Joel sighed, then turned around to go back into the gym.
I stepped up the step and grabbed ahold of his arm. "Joel," I said looking into his eyes. "thanks. For sticking up for me and stuff. No one ever does that around here. Especially for me."
Joel stepped down to my step, then grabbed my hand. "They shouldn't be saying crap like that, they're just jealous bitches who have no dates and are looking for something to do." Joel said, then smiled.
I giggled at his statement, then lightly kissed him on the cheek. "Come on, let's go back in." I said, then led Joel back into the gym.
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