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Chapter Ten

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an unexpected guest

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Chapter Ten

Elise walked down the sidewalk with Terri.
"Hey, I'm sorry I attacked Erin." Elise appologized. "If you guys stop being friends you can totally blame it on me."
"Oh, it's okay." Terri gestured. "Besides, I think Erin already knows that we're not really friends."
When they reached the end of the block, Terri had to turn the next corner to her house, and Elise went straight over to the bus stop.
Elise got onto the metro bus, paid the toll, and went to one of the empty seats in the middle of the bus; people staring at her as she passed.
She sat down next to the window, and watched the houses and passing cars go by as the bus pulled forward down the street.
For the next few blocks, Elise thought about the dance tonight, would everyone be in costume or just be going to get out of taking their little brothers or sisters trick-or-treating?
When the bus stopped in front of the next bus stop, a few more people got on.
One of them was a guy about sixteen, dressed as Gerard Way.
Elise's eye caught his glance, their eyes met, and he sat down next to her.
"What's up, Helena?" he asked jokingly.
"You like My Chemical Romance?" Elise asked. Then realised how stupid of a question that was.
"No, I just saw this dude named Gerard Way on the internet and thought it'd be an awesome Halloween costume." he said joking. Elise giggled, then looked out the window.
"Name's Pete." he said.
"Elise," she said, then leaned forward and crossed her arms, leaning on her knees.
"So, what are you doing for Halloween?" Pete asked.
"Going to a dance." Elise answered shortly.
"Awesomeness." Pete said, then pulled out his iPod video and turned it on. "Wanna?"
Elise looked down at the black iPod, and nodded.
Pete handed her one of the ear peices, she placed it in her ear, then he clicked on "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance.
"Teenagers scare the livin' shit out of me!" Elise and Pete whispered as they sang along with the song.
The bus pulled up to the a bus stop, and Elise handed him the ear peice. "This is my stop," she said. "I'll see you around.
"Wait!" he said. Elise turned around to face him. "What's your number?"
Elise froze, then was dumbfounded. "Here," she said, pulling out a paper and pen, wrote down her number, then handed it to him. "happy Halloween!"

Once Elise reached her house, her mother's note was waiting for her on the kitchen table.

Elise, won't get home till 11:00. I want you home by ten, and don't pack up on candy! Oh, and if you get hungry, there's left over spagetti and veggies in the fridge.
xoxo, Mom

Elise rolled her eyes, then went to her room.
She tossed her backpack on her bed, then sat down on her bed. She pulled off her ballet flats, which were not dusty. Elise went to the bathroom and washed off her makeup, then took her ballet flats and put them in the washer.
during her three hours of freedom until it was time to get ready, Elise decided to get on her laptop.
She signed onto her IM, but she only had her cousin in New York, who was not on.
"Dammit." Elise whispered to herself, then opened the internet and went to YouTube to entertain herself. (Yes, YouTube can entertain you for up to three hours at a time!)

Around four, Elise was so tired of YouTube, she couldn't see straight. So, she opened Microsoft Word and began typing random thoughts and song lyrics.

*The lies of the angels will bleed me to death..
*Will I be safe from dawn to morning's light?
*There's no need to tell anyone, they only hold us down
*Save me from the nothing I've become..
*So long, and goodnight
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