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Chapter Nine

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this is halloween....

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Chapter Nine

Halloween to everyone was the day you dress up and get paid for it with candy, for Elise it was a living dream.
Elise lived for Halloween, and wished it was everyday.
This year, she was going to be Helena from My Chemical Romance's video for Helena.
Elise's dress was black with red trimming, and was a little below her knees. She wore black ballet flats, her hair pulled back into a clip, and bright red eyeshadow and eyeliner.
"Hurry up, Elise!" Mrs. Anderson shouted from the living room. "I want to get your picture."
Elise rolled her eyes, then she looked back into her mirror and made sure her eyeshadow was right.
Then she grabbed her coat and bag and left.
She walked down the hall to the stairs and walked down them to the living room.
"Oh, Elise. You look so adorable!" Mrs. Anderson complimented as she took a picture of Elise.
"I'm supposed to be dead not adorable." Elise mumbled under her breath, then followed her mom out to the front.
Mrs. Anderson took a few pictures of Elise by the small tree, then let Elise go to school.
Elise walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop, seeing Joel sitting on the bench.
Elise approached the bench and sat down next to Joel.
"Awesome costume, Elise." Joel commented.
"Thanks, I'm Helena." Elise said, then looked at Joel's costume. He had on grey ragged pants, a ripped up shirt, and had a fake knife on the side of his head with fake blood coming out.
"Do you go trick or treating?" Elise asked.
Joel shook his head, "Not really, unless my friends are." he chuckeled.
"Well, tonight at my school is this Halloween dance, you wanna go?" Elise asked.
"Sure." Joel answered, then stood up as his bus pulled up. "Well, see you tonight." Then got onto the bus.
Once the bus pulled away, Elise smiled, then waited for the next bus.

Elise was walking down the sidewalk to her school, when once again, she saw Bridget and her possy by the front steps.
The giggles and laughter grew louder as Elise approached, until she finally reached the stone steps.
"Excuse me," Elise politely said, asking Bridget to step aside so she could get through.
Bridget just looked at Elise with an evil stare. "So, you did decide to follow Satan?" she asked.
Elise felt her stomach drop, then just lifted her head lightly. "No, it's Helena from My Chemical Romance." Elise stated, then pushed through Bridget, and into the school.

The first bell rang, and Elise walked into her classroom.
Sister Mary sat at her desk in her usual nun outfit, and she had a small pumpkin pin on her chest for Halloween.
"Good morning, Sister Mary." Elise kindly said as she sat down at her desk, in the front.
"Well good morning, Elise." Sister Mary said looking up from her papers. "What are you supposed to be?"
"I'm Helena, from the band My Chemical Romance's music video for Helena." Elise explained as she pulled out her folder and pencil.
The other girls began to come in, all dressed in their costume. Terri sat down behind Elise, dressed as Layla from Flyleaf's video for Fully Alive.
"Love your costume, Elise." Terri whispered in Elise's ear.
Elise turned around and smiled, "Thanks."

When it was time for recess, Elise sat at one of the tables in the courtyard watching the others talk and compliment each others costumes.
Terri walked over to Elise and sat down. "Hey," she said. This time Erin wasn't with her. "what's up?"
"Not much, just thinking about life." Elise answered.
"Cool." Terri said, then looked down at her dress.
"Your dress is maji saikou." Elise complimented.
"What's that?" Terri asked.
Elise chuckeled. "It's japanese for fucking awesome."
"Oh," Terri said, then giggled. "awesome!"
Elise and Terri sat there in awkward silence, then Terri looked over at Elise. "Hey, you wanna go over to the swings?" Terri asked. "To just hang."
Elise thought for a moment, then stood up. "Sure." she answered, then followed Terri over to the swings.
When they reached the swings, there were two girls sitting swinging slowly. They looked up and saw Elise and Terri getting on a swing, they left immidietly.
"Hey, are you going to the dance?" Terri asked, digging her feet into the sand.
"Yeah, I'm bringing Joel." Elise answered, then smiled.
"Awesome! I can't wait, I'm going with Alan from Saint Luke's." Terri explained. "Met him on MySpace, he's totally hott and nice." "Coolness," Elise said, then looked over at the other girls on the playground. They were all staring at her and Terri.
Elise saw in the distance Erin beginning to walk over torwards her and Terri.
When she approached, she had a small grin on her face as she looked at Elise, then looked over at Terri, furious.
"What the hell are you doing with her?" Erin asked placing her hands on her hips.
"We're hanging out." Terri calmly said.
Elise stood up furiously, and stepped up to Erin's face.
"You got a problem with it? Because it just so happens that she controls her own mind, not you." Elise said bravely.
Erin's face went blank, then lifted her chin and pursed her lips. "But still, she's my friend, not yours." Erin strongly said. "Besides, don't you have some wrists to slit or poems to write?"
Elise's face went blank, and she stood there.
Erin chuckeled, then turned around to go back to her friends, until Elise lost it, and ran over to her and jumped onto her, pushing her to the ground.
Elise began to punch her hard in the back as Erin tried to fight her off.
"What the hell is wrong with you bitch?" Erin shouted as Terri attempted to pull Elise off of Erin.
All the other girls began to notice the fight, and began to pile over to the scene.

"So ladies, can you explain what happened?" Sister Mary asked as she gave them both a glaring and mean look from her desk.
"Sister Mary, she attacked me!" Erin claimed.
Elise rolled her eyes, then crossed her arms.
"Elise? Can you explain why?" Sister Mary asked.
"Well, she started to say that Terri was her friend, then started to tell me that I was worthless and that I slit my wrists!" Elise claimed innocently.
"Well, Erin, is this true?" Sister Mary asked looking over at Erin. "Well, yeah, but..." she began, then dropped her voice. "Terri's my friend!"
"Miss. Collins, maybe you need to see that we are all God's children, and Terri can have more than one friend. And, Elise does not slit her wrists." Sister Mary stated, then stood up from her desk. "If I hear another word about this, or you both start another fight, you both will be expelled from the Halloween dance tonight." Sister Mary led the two girls to the door, then told them to go back to class.

Elise sat in Music class taking notes on the Baroque Period of music as the other girls whispered among themselves about her fight with Erin.
"Now, next week, I will bring in some cds of some of the artists from the Baroque Period, and I want you to bring in your favorite cd, we'll all listen to a song, and see how that developed from the music in the Baroque Period." Mr. Nickelson said. " Also, we'll look into what genre the song or band is. All depending on the style of it all."
Elise's face curved to a small smile and excitement, she couldn't wait to bring in one of her cds.
Elise raised her hand slowly, and waited for Bridget to finish her question.
"Yes, Elise?" Mr. Nickelson asked.
"So, we can bring in any cd we want?" Elise asked. The other girls giggled.
"Yes, Elise." Mr. Nicekson answered. "But, I will not tolerate any language or bad content."
"Okay." Elise said as she nodded her head, then continued writing down her notes.
Terri tapped her on the shoulder, and handed her a folded peice of notebook paper.
Elise unfolded it, expecting the worst.
But it was different, something kind for the first time in a long time.

What cd should I bring??? my chemical romance or fall out boy?

Elise chuckeled, then replied:

Fall Out Boy for sure!!! I'm bringing Evanescence, im thinking of playing bring me to life, u?

ya, ur right, fall out boy it is! lol, wat about 'hum hallelujia'?

Sounds cool to me besides, has nothing like "friction in your keans" or "crawling into bed with me" lol
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