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Chapter Eight

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elise visits the counsiler

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Chapter Eight

On Monday morning in second period English, Elise sat in the middle of the classroom, instead of the back She felt someone tap on her shoulder, she turned around to face Mandy. She handed her a folded note, then turned her attention back to Sister Mary. Elise opened the note slowly, then read it.

We know about your attempt and your love affair!

Elise read the note over and over, until it remained permanetly in her mind.
When the bell rang, Elise stood up furiously with her books and left the room.
She stomped down the hall with her arms crossed and marched down the carpet steps to the first floor. Elise ignored the staring faces beside her as she passed. Then she entered the councilor's office for the very first time.
Elise approached the desk. "May I speak with you?" she mumbled. The woman behind the desk took off her reading glasses, then looked up at her. "Of course, sweetie. Sit down and I'll be with you in a moment." she said pointing her hand to the two couches in the middle of the room.
Elise walked over to one of the couches, sat down, and waited for the woman to join her.

"So Elise, you've been having trouble handeling all the notes or evil remarks you've been receiving?" she asked.
Elise nodded, "Yeah, it's been going on since I came here, really. I just feel really useless or weak when I'm here. And when I'm home or with my new friend I feel..." Elise began, then she took a deep breath, " a normal person with a personallity." The woman nodded. "Well Elise, everyone has a personallity. Wheather they know it or not." the woman advised. Elise nodded in agreement, then pulled out the note Mandy had handed to her.
"I got this in English class." Elise said as she handed the note over. The woman took it from her and read it. She looked up, confused.
"Well, what was your attempt?" she asked. Elise thought for a moment, then asked "Promise you won't tell?" The woman nodded, waiting for the answer. "Well, I've been getting all these notes saying that I'm possessed, emo, and that I cut my wrists when I dont!" Elise claimed. "And it's been going on since I came here, which was last year. Last Thursday afternoon, someone wrote on the courtyard wall 'Elise Anderson burns in hell', and I lost it. My mom took me home, she went to work, and I got tired of it all. So I burned all the notes and drawings that I had gotten, then got on my bike and rode to the old bridge on the other side of town. And I attempted to kill myself, but it didn't work. I was rescued by my neighbor, who then took me to his dance at his school that Friday night."
The woman was wide-eyed by now, and was suprised that an average fifteen year old girl, with good grades, and (according to her records) had good singing and drawing talent.
"I see." the woman said. "Well, what I would do is to either one, ignore the notes instead of reading them, or two, go to whoever's sending these notes and ask her to stop it and tell her that what she's saying is not true." the woman advised, then sent Elise back to class.

For the rest of the day, Elise thought about the note that she had received. How did they find out? No one was there when Joel rescued her, and how could they know about her and Joel in the pool room? No one was there either.
That day at lunch, Terri didn't join Elise.
Elise ate her lunch while she scrolled through a list of songs on her paper.
Finally, she found a song that would be perfect. Elise stood up, gathered her things, then walked out to the hall.
She walked over to a pay-phone, payed the toll, then dialed Joel's cell phone. "Hey, this is Joel. Start talking after the beep." Joel's recorded voice said, then a small beep. "Hey Joel, it's Elise. Listen you know how we were talking about entering the talent show at my school? Well I think I found the perfect song for it. Anyway, call me back at my house later. Bye." Elise said, then hung up.

Later that day, Elise walked down the street to her house, Joel was outside skating as usual.
Elise waved to him, then went into her house. The darkness of her house sometimes frightened her, especially when the air conditioning was on. It always reminded her of in the movie The Sixth Sense when Haley Joel Osment was in the dark and the temperature dropped because of the spirits presence.
Elise went to her room and changed into jeans, Converse shoes, and a black tee. She Grabbed her messenger bag, then left to go over to Joel's.
Elise walked down the driveway and across the street torwards Joel.
"Hey." she said lightly to him as she approached him. Joel stopped and looked at her. "Hey," he replyed as he grabbed his skateboard from the cement ground. "I got your message."
"Cool, I came over to show you it, if you want to." Elise suggested. Joel nodded, "Yeah that's fine. Come on in." Joel led Elise into his house. His home had a warm atmosphere and smelled of pumkin pie.
Joel led Elise up a set of stairs, and down a hallway. A girl about two years older than both of them walked out of her room. She saw them, and her face dropped.
"Who the hell is this?" she asked. "A friend." Joel answered, then continued down the hall with Elise.
When they reached Joel's room, Joel shut the door behind them and turned on the light. "Who was that?" Elise asked as she set her bag down on the floor. "My sister, Carrie. Don't worry about her. She just hates visitors." Joel chuckeled, then picked up his accoustic guitar.
Elise pulled out the sheet music and handed it to Joel. He overlooked it, then nodded in approval. "Sounds good, you wanna start practicing?" Joel asked.
Elise froze, "Yeah, sure." she said, then cleared her throat.
"Don't be nervous, it's just a song." Joel assured, then began the first stroke on the guitar.
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