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Chapter Seven

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elise has a dream

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Chapter Seven
Elise and Joel walked down the street, hand in hand.
The water from the pool dripped down their bodies and fell to the cement sidewalks. Joel had put his jacket around Elise's body to warm her. Elise held in her hand her damp choker necklace.
"Oh my God it's cold!" Elise shivered. "Yeah, tell me about it." Joel replied.
Finally, they reached Elise's house. They walked up to the lit front porch. "I had an awesome time, Joel." Elise said looking into his almost hidden eyes. "Me too." Joel replied.
Right before Elise turned around to open her door, Joel grabbed her arm, and pulled her into a soft kiss.
Then, Joel pulled away, told her goodnight, then walked down the pathway to his house.

That night, Elise fell into a deep sleep.
She saw herself in a feild of flowers, she knelt down to touch them, but they felt fake, like paper.
It was just like the line from Evanescence's song Imaginary. Elise smiled, knowing that she'd see the goddess of imaginary light if this was like the song.
She walked ahead through the feild and over by a tree that seemed to be dark, and out of place from all the flowers.
Elise felt her feet touch the rich soil of the terrain.
She reached the tree, she looked around it to the other side of the tree, where Joel stood in a medevial outfit.
Elise looked down at her outfit, she wore a bleach white, silk v-neck dress and had long sleeves.
She looked up at Joel, he had a smirk on his face. Elise smiled back at him, then leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back, then she pulled back slowly and looked into his eyes.
All of a sudden, a huge crack formed in the ground, revealing a bright red light and heat.
Elise quickly stepped back with Joel, and out of the crack came a dark figure. It reached the ground, and slowly drifted torward Elise. The figure had on a red and black gown, black wings, shoulder legnth black hair, and it was barefoot.
As it got closer, the wind grew stronger and stronger.
Finally, Elise realized that the figure was her.
She approached her, and lifted her head and faced herself.
The ghostly Elise tilted her head to the side and opened her mouth wide and made a long, croaky and moaning sound. Then, right out of nowhere, the ghost's mouth began to relese dark red blood. It curved down the side of the ghost's mouth, then flowed down the neck, and onto the collar bone.
Elise felt a chill run down her spine, then turned around to face Joel. His eyes were now bright yellow, and he bared his teeth, which were now fangs. He bent down and bit into her neck, then all of a sudden, Elise woke up.
Elise wiped her forehead, which was dripping in cold sweat.
She had deap breaths, then got out of bed quickly and ran to the bathroom. When she reached it, she opened the toilet seat, and vomitted. She felt as if her guts were coming up her throat, and out her mouth.
When she finished, she flushed the toilet, then washed her face and hands.
Elise opened the door and went back to her room. When she saw her alarm clock, it was only two in the morning, but she wasn't tired. Elise sighed, then went over to her desk and pulled out her sketchpad and pencils. She flipped through the previous pages that she had done. They were all drawings of her past nightmares. One of them was a drawing of a fallen angel, another was of a black rose which had blood dripping from it's thorns, and others. Elise began to draw the shape of the ghost in her nightmare. Soon after the face was in shape, she added the straight black hair and began the eyes.

Once Elise put on the finishing touches of the bottom of the dress, she looked up at the clock. 3:45 A.M.
Elise yawned, then finished the shadow from behind the ghost. She placed the pad and pencil on her bedside table, turned out the light, and went to sleep.
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